Thursday, May 28, 2009

Police's answer to crime? CCTV

Good news tourists! CCTV cameras will record you being robbed. This clip is from CNN. Observe four clueless white female backpackers merrily wandering through a busy taxi rank in downtown Joburg. Then listen to Wayne Minnaar metro police spokesdoos tell how crime has dramatically decreased in areas where cameras have been fitted - yay - but he neglects to say it has dramatically increased in other areas. We're back to the old crime balloon analogy, squeeze it on one side, it bulges elsewhere but the balloon volume remains the same. But hey, look on the bright side, tourists who get attacked by Joburg's other wild life can now obtain footage to share with their friends and family back home. That's if they survive the encounter. Now picture this scene thousand-fold when soccer tourists descend on our cities to, er, savour the flavour of Africa. Scary.

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