Thursday, May 07, 2009

Musings of a wise old gun slinger

By Peter Moss

There is something I would like every firearm owner to sleep on and think really hard about.

The reason why we do not have any strong firearms movements in South Africa is not because we don't have people willing to fight. We have had a number of such people and through all the years we have had leaders willing to stand up and be counted.

The reason is because firearm owners will not support them. Each and every one of those leaders and organisations has fallen by the wayside, not because they were beaten by government but because they were beaten by individuals and organisations promoting an “abide by the Firearms Control Act, and help fix it” attitude.

This is the same as the "head in the sand", “denial” syndrome or any other name you may want to call it. It is the easiest option to take and requires no work at all other than complying with the law and waiting. Something we all do so well and prefer to do.

As of which moment was anything worthwhile declared FREE and did not need to be worked for? Do you think that the ANC just won because it is the ANC? If you do then you need a reality check. If we are not willing to work for and support our rights then it means that we do not want these rights.

The choice is yours. “Do you want those rights or not?” is the only question you need to ask yourself. If the answer is yes, then you had better start working to save them before you lose them.

Is there any doubt in any one's mind that those rights and freedom to own firearms already severely limited will be taken away either soon or in the near future?
(See... Even gun owners think SA is a crap hole with oppressive laws by an oppressive government... -- HODD)

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