Friday, May 22, 2009

Move along, no racist crime here, the victim was white.

I am waiting with bated breath for the outrage from the mainstream media over this heinous example of black on white racist hate crime. Any minute now. . .3-2-..

PS: Being the kinda guy that I am, allow me to insert the text that The Star conveniently neglected to include - unlike its prior reporting following the incidents involving the [abominable*] OFS white students pissing in food or the [awful*] black spectator getting abused by drunken white rugby fans - occasions when the paper deemed it worthy to announce loudly, repeatedly, the races of the perpetrators and the victims. Oh what outrage was had by all! Note: In neither incident was anyone harmed but, here now however is a cold-blooded racist hate crime and yet, gosh golly, The Star has suddenly become squeamish about mentioning the races of the victims and perpetrators. There's a lesson here for you folks - and lots of letter writing to the editor of The Star. This double standard MUST END!

* effing pissed off sarcastic

Cop denies beating man to death

A [BLACK] Nigel police constable is facing a charge of murder in the Pretoria High Court after a [WHITE] suspect was allegedly beaten to death in the holding cells of the police station shortly after he had been arrested.

[ALLEGED BLACK MURDERER] Constable Kyonya Josias Kgotle, 30, earlier in the Circuit Court in Delmas pleaded not guilty to beating [WHITE VICTIM] Christopher van Rensburg to death on September 27 2005.

The trial has now been moved to the Pretoria High Court.

A certain
[BLACK] Constable Vilakazi, who was allegedly also responsible for the death of the [WHITE] detainee, committed suicide shortly after Van Rensburg's body was discovered in a pool of blood in the holding cell.

[WHITE VICTIM] Van Rensburg, along with a [BLACK VICTIM] David Nkosi, was arrested in the early hours of the morning and taken to the Nigel Police Station, where [WHITE VICTIM] Van Rensburg was assaulted. He died of trauma to the brain.

[BLACK VICTIM] Nkosi, a security guard, testified that he was waiting for his girlfriend that night and that a [WHITE] man, whose name he did not know, but who later turned out to be [THE WHITE VICTIM] Van Rensburg, was standing nearby, chatting to him. Nkosi said [BLACK] officers patrolling the area spotted them and started to chase them. They were arrested and taken to the police station. Nkosi said they were questioned in the charge office, where they were accused of drinking in public.

[BLACK VICTIM] Nkosi explained that he was not drinking, but he was instead hit in the face by one of the [BLACK] policemen.

The court was told that
[WHITE VICTIM] Van Rensburg asked the cop why he hit Nkosi, but he too was assaulted.

According to Nkosi a fight broke out between the
[BLACK] police and [WHITE VICTIM] Van Rensburg. A traffic cop who was present tried to separate them.

He and Van Rensburg were handcuffed and taken to separate holding cells.

[BLACK VICTIM] Nkosi said he could hear the [BLACK] police assaulting [WHITE VICTIM] Van Rensburg and the [WHITE] man was screaming. Nkosi said he also shouted for help, but nobody came to help.

There, fixed it.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet that white guy was totally pissed and called the cops kaffirs.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:49, and..? Are you saying that merits death?


Have stopped long time ago to waste my money on "news" papers.

Joe King said...

There were no traces of alcahol in his blood - according to the autopsy, so no he was not drunk, can't confirm or deny wether he called the K4's.Read criminal cops pt2.

Tim Johnston said...

he probably did call them kaffirs. Yes. maybe he was pissed, and arrogant. Does it matter how abusive he was? all people who get arrested are fairly abusive! Cops are supposed to be able to take it and be professional. Be afraid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with viking, you just have to watch the UK shows where guys get arrested and abuse the cops, but no one lifts a finger. How can you expect the natives to have any sympathy for the people who oppressed them for 40 years, their is too much hatred in SA between black and white and it will NEVER EVER change!!!

Anonymous said...

@WhiteAdder, I too gave up on paying for newspapers many years ago.

The main theme here is very evident. Black police will provoke, abuse and harass white victims. If such provocation or abuse leads to you uttering the word kaffir, then two things happen, they are "justified" in being so outraged they can kill you, and then they claim hate speech as their defence.

Joe King said...

Anon 1:37 - this type of police brutallity does not only occur between black and white, black on black violence is also quite brutal. But the PC word for black tribal racism, is xenophobia. blacks that have grown up with whites are far less threatened by the "evil" white man than their bush baby counterparts. Admittedly, these reports of blacks been brutalised by the SAPS are also kept out of the MSM, because SA is afterall in MSM's eyes, la-la land. The truth be told, the the police force is infested with feral cops. Ask any Mozambican or black foreigner to SA who has been detained in a SA jail. It is not a walk in the park for them. So in short stop reverting to the 40 year crap about racism as an excuse for every thing that is wrong with SA. The SA white man has become the modern day Jesus that world wants to crusify so that we can die for your sins. MSM has become the Pontius Pilate. Your fore fathers used to flock to side shows in Europe to see a live bushman. You come from an inherently racist society. And as an armchair critic, I know this will mean nothing to you, but it is 2009. Do not beleive everything you see on TV, including the well disciplined British Police Force. Were they not the ones who shot a suspected suicide bomber, or did they not push some old man down - who subsequently died at the G8(under correction) summit. This "evil" white man was KILLED BECAUSE HE CAME TO THE DEFENSE OF A BLACK MAN. GETTIT! So much for you statement about hatred. stick to TV.

Katzenjammer said...

Moral of the story: don't get pissed on street corners or into drunken fights with policemen. Anywhere.

Exzanian said...

Doberman - Did you realise that ILUVSAbut has been quoted on the BBC?

Anonymous said...

@ Vince R, yep, we are oft quoted on CNN and BBC. Since inception actually. The first time was in May 08 by CNN during the xeno riots and they carried three quotes from yours truly in an article. I still have the link somewhere.

Anonymous said...

They have a similar show on Aus TV where cameras follow coppers on the beat and the amount of shit these cops have to tolerate, mostly from drunks, is unbelievable. And yet they keep their cool and professionalism. They get spat on, hit, abused, and they still handle it calmly.

The best advice in SA handling our baboons is simply to shut up, do what they want and work towards getting yourself out of the situation. You are not dealing with people on the same level of intelligence so provoking them in any way is like taking a banana away from a chimp, it won't be happy. Keep your demeanour, and get yourself away from the situation. Live to fight another day.

Tim Johnston said...

I've found the level of hatred black South Africans have for whites is quite low, mostly because they know they need us to feed them and give them some sort of livelihood. Having said that, I have only experienced a very small geographical area and am aware that my knowledge is limited. This is in stark comparison to the hatred they have for Zimbabweans and other Africans.
During the xenophobic violence, the actual harmful and destructive immigrants, i.e. the NIGERIANS were sadly left largely untouched - and yet they were the first to group together, get lawyers and claim against the government..

Anonymous said...

@Viking. Reminds me of a dog. No matter how well you train him, if you leave him in the lounge, with biltong on the coffee table, eventually he gives in and eats it. It is the same with many blacks, they may not hate the whites, but the combination of low IQ and opportunity leads to horrific violence, which they justify as being brought on by Apartheid when in actuality it was probably an impulse crime.

FishEagle said...

“I've found the level of hatred black South Africans have for whites is quite low, mostly because they know they need us to feed them and give them some sort of livelihood”

Viking, I get very frustrated with the blacks. My experience with blacks has been that their pride outweighs their sense. The fact that the main stream media has crucified any good that the whites have contributed to SA doesn’t make it any easier to gain the trust of the blacks, despite the willingness of whites to venture into an African democracy 15 years ago.

It is true that the extent of their racism is dependent on geographic location. I’ve experienced the worst black on white racism in the Wild Coast region, which is very rural and whites are few and far between. Even some liberal Rhodes students complained about the blacks’ racism from that part of the world. Rhodes University is known for its liberalism.

Tim Johnston said...

@VI, FishEagle
You do remind me of the time I drove through Langa, nr Cape Town. I got a lot of hostile glances, as i was in "their" area. I didn't stick around to ask the locals their opinions...

Tim Johnston said...

lol re: the dog/biltong ref!
reminds me of the guys who wander my street looking over the fence for stuff to steal..