Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Life and Times of Neanderthals

The mind boggles. See if you can understand what the Home Affairs investigator is saying (purple text) - without the reporter's interpretation. Good to know your privacy is not assured at Home Affairs now. Don't they know it is illegal to tape someone without their permission or advising them prior?

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Home Affairs wants spy pens

By Louise Flanagan (IOL)

South Africans can now sleep soundly at night - Home Affairs investigators are arming themselves with spy pens.

News of the James Bond approach emerged when a Home Affairs investigator wrote to The Star this week, asking how much "Secret Agent Pen Camcorders" would cost.

The investigator confused the the email address of Verve Magazine with that of the supplier of the pens, after Verve's monthly supplement ran an article in February on "Top gadgets for sleuthing".

The article included a mini-spy camera, cellphone spy software, hidden cameras and key-loggers, but the gadget that caught the attention of
investigators in the National Immigration Branch's Special Investigation Directorate was a pen that writes but can also secretly record video and sound.

"Dear Sir/Madam, can you please provide us with the Cotation of six Secret Agent Pen Camcorder (sic)," wrote the investigator responsible for the directorate's supplies.

His email ended with a slogan:
"There is no in between in life: your pregnant or not pregnant (sic)."

Verve said the pen "contains a pin-hole camera and microphone to secretly record video and sound". It has five hours of recording time, and can be linked to a computer and used as a flashdrive "to carry important files". It costs R630.

The investigator told
The Star he had seen the Verve article.

"It's where our directorate saw this and said: we need this kind of thing," he said. "We are doing special investigations. Sometimes when we go to have a meeting with other people, for an interview, and so on."

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Joe King said...

In his book "Inside Boss" - Bureau of state security - Gordon Winter wrote about the radio transmitter pen that the aprt hate era "spies" carried. They would leave them on the table during a meeting with the "whoever" and then excuse themselves and go to the "john" to record the conversation. I can just imagine one of these modern day James Bond monkey's sitting in front of a suspect trying to record visuals on his pen. Oh well, all is not lost, at least the pen can write and scartch that inaccessible inner ear as required. The price in relation to the pens used by De Klerk and Mandella at the officail signing away of SA (Codesa) were in the region of USD 2500.00, and they were only used once. It is still a very funny country.

Anonymous said...

Wite man's magic...

FreeThinker said...

Do you think they'll try to find the viewfinder at the back of the pen?

Anonymous said...

Cool! where can i buy one?