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Is Jacob Zuma flying by the seat of his pants?

Uh oh. It's beginning to unravel already. The Great Age of ZUMA is finding that, like his counterpart in the US, The One, making promises on the campaign trail is easy. Having to turn those promises into reality which include making really tough and unpopular choices is another matter. Notice how the Left in the US has gone quiet. Where are the anti-war demonstrators? Where are the protests against Gitmo? Obama is not scaling back the wars. Obama is - is not - is - is not - closing Gitmo. (...?...) Obama stopped - then re-started - the military tribunals. Yes, he will close Gitmo. No, he won't. Yes, he will. No, he won't. Aarrgh, make up your mind! This is the narcissistic prick that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buzzing New Yorkers for a whole afternoon so he could get a pic of Scare Force One over the Statue of Liberty - and then refuses to release one pic in deference to the feelings of the people who had the crap frightened out of them. Hey buddy, heard of photoshopping?

This is a guy that hasn't so much as run a hotdog stand but was entrusted by the American people to guide the world's largest and most complicated economy out of the deepest recession in 80 years.
Americans, what were you thinking?! This guy is such a bumbling amateur that everything including press talks HAVE to be scripted. Have you heard him speak without a teleprompter? He makes GW Bush look intelligent. And imagine what would've happened if it had been GW Bush um-ing and er-ing like a retard. The press would have torn into him. Obama is so pathetic he has inspired a new word: obamateurism.

He's finding tough decisions don't make you popular. GW had to make tough and very unpopular decisions (in addition to some really dumb decisions) but at least he did keep Americans safe. Obama is now looking more like GW Lite. Hopenchange my ass.
Americans, what were you thinking?

Our version of Obama is Zuma and South Africans, I must ask you the same question;
what the fu*k were you thinking?!

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On Sunday, Jacob Zuma announced a new “hotline” which the public would be able to use to give him feedback on the performance of his administration. Except for one thing: There was no hotline.

Attempts by our staff to obtain the number for Monday morning’s newspaper bore no fruit. Apparently the line is yet to be set up.

This could mean one of two things: Zuma is flying by the seat of his pants and making up stuff as he goes along or he is announcing things that are yet to be finalised.

Either way, it’s not good communication practice. This line should have been set up with staff in place to deal with incoming calls before it was announced.

Another example: Zuma’s dramatically expanded Cabinet appears to have been the result of last minute horse-trading. Our political staff obtained a list the day before Zuma met the ANC’s National Executive Committee which had fewer ministers. After the meeting, the ministerial line up had been reshuffled, new portfolios had been created and fresh names had been added.

This suggests that these changes were made on the fly in the executive meeting with the small matter of the cost of expanding cabinet not having been discussed by the treasury.

Billions of rands in public spending were added to government’s bill to satisfy last minute pork barrelling within the ruling party.

Then there is the question of policy. Big promises were made about “improving the quality of jobs” on the election campaign trail with little heed to what would happen when public sector unions demanded fulfilment of this promise. The tax industry was assuaged with a “halting” of the bus transport system — also on the eve of the election — with no mind paid to how this would play in post-election negotiations.

From The Times

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Anonymous said...

heck this out! Can someone post this to the website???

Antoinette Pienaar, Beeld

Johannesburg - A South African radiologist who worked for the State for several years and at one stage was professor of radiology at Medunsa, is in trouble in Canada, where there are questions about his ability to correctly read scans.

Dr Darius Tsatsi, 52, was suspended from the Yorkton Centre for District Health Services in Saskatchewan after it was apparently established at a peer evaluation that his readings of scans differed from other radiologists, and that he had perhaps made diagnostic errors.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskathewan said in a statement that it had reviewed 103 scans that Tsatsi had done last year. Their interpretation of the scans differed from his on too many occasions.

Diagnostic errors

The amount of times where diagnostic errors could have "disastrous" consequences for patients was "worryingly" high, said the college. There were at least five cases where patients were at risk, it was reported from Canada.

A committee was appointed to hold a hearing to establish whether Tsatsi's skills are satisfactory.

The result was that Tsatsi's privileges at the Yorkton Centre had been suspended since May 14 pending the outcome of the investigation.

Tsatsi's interpretation of at least 70 000 scans since 2004 would also be reviewed.

A toll-free number has been set up for worried patients.

According to the college, shortcomings in Tsatsi's skills had been detected during a routine check of his work in 2006. There was concern over his ability to spot abnormalities on scans.

The college's council suspected that Tsatsi perhaps did not have "sufficient skills and knowledge" to do his work, and wanted to subject him then already to a "competency hearing".

Refresher course

Tsatsi undertook via his lawyer to do refresher courses and managed to avoid the hearing, it is alleged.

He completed a refresher course at the McMaster University, but the college was still not satisfied and 103 scans were re-evaluated.

It would appear that Tsatsi moved to Canada in 2004. He qualified as a radiologist at the University of Cape Town in 1976, says his Facebook profile.

Beeld has also established that early in 2004, he was the head of radiology at Dr George Mukhari Hospital in Ga-Rankuwa, as well as a professor at Medunsa.

Tsatsi was on the editorial committee of the South African Radiology Journal and worked at a private hospital in Mafikeng.

Bertha Scheepers of the Health Professions Council for South Africa said they had no records of any complaints against Tsatsi.

A local health authority in Canada said the qualifications and testimonials with which Tsatsi had arrived in the country were "impeccable".

- Beeld,,2-7-1442_2522687,00.html

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:00, we already did, a few days ago. Click here. Thanks btw ;)

Anonymous said...

One would think it makes us all look bad, but fortunately Canadians hear/see/speak no evil, so they see this as an "isolated" incident, which has nothing to do with race or IQ of course.