Saturday, May 23, 2009

Greek Riots Over Alleged Koran Mutilation

Athens - Hundreds of Muslims clashed with riot police in central Athens on Friday, who retaliated by spraying tear gas into the crowd - who were protesting over the alleged mutilation of a copy of the Koran by police. (Here we go again, the irrational value we place in symbols)

Roughly 1,500 immigrants, many from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria marched towards the interior ministry and parliament in central Athens, clashing with riot police by throwing rocks and sticks. (Yes, once again it is the third world agitators)

Riot police retaliated by spraying tear gas to disperse the crowd, causing shocked and frightened tourists to run into nearby hotels for cover.

The immigrants
said that during a police check on a cafe late on Thursday in central Athens an officer took a customer's Koran, ripped it apart, threw it on the floor and stomped on it. (Of course, the European had nothing better to do, so he just walked over and provoked the immigrant)

Hundreds of angry immigrants immediately took to the streets near Omonia Square, smashing shop windows and destroying parked cars. (Do these guys just sit around waiting for a fight?)

Police have launched an investigation into the incident. (Yep, a toady politician will come out with an apology)

Muslims, many who cross into the country illegally in an attempt to seek a better life, have complained of police brutality and poor treatment by officials in the past. (Then piss off back to the shit holes that you built. Don't bring your mob justice mentality to the West)

The majority of immigrants live in grim conditions in central Athens, and are not allowed to work and face arrest for minor crimes. (Ah shame, cry me a river)

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