Sunday, May 24, 2009

Giant security group says South Africa too dangerous

"..South Africa was the most dangerous country in the world to work in -- ahead of Iraq and Afghanistan.."

* CEO says major soccer event is not organised well enough
* Says South Africa is most difficult market in the world
* Company to focus on ports, oil and aviation sectors

From The Guardian (UK)

London (Reuters) - G4S, the world's biggest security firm, will not work at next summer's soccer World Cup in South Africa due to concerns over the tournament's organisation, the group's chief executive told Reuters.

"We are not going to be involved because we don't think the security is going to be that good -- they are not that well organised yet," Nick Buckles said in an interview.

He said that for G4S, South Africa was the most dangerous country in the world to work in -- ahead of Iraq and Afghanistan --
with around two staff fatalities every month.

"South Africa ... is a tough, tough place to do business. The whole society is different from anywhere else in the world. We do what we can in terms of protecting the crew, but they get attacked by 16, 17 people at a time sometimes," he said.

He said the situation was compounded by customers looking for the cheapest option for security, rather than the best service, but he did expect things to improve. "People don't really think security is that key and it should be. It will get better ... It's about us educating the market," he said.

South Africa suffers from one of the world's highest crime rates, with around 50 people murdered every day.

G4S has nearly 600,000 staff in over 100 countries. Its most vulnerable business in South Africa is the protection and transportation of cash, although it protects a wide range of products and industries.

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Anonymous said...

No, Nick, your crew must be provoking our peepals who suffered too much under apathide... You must be racist. Our peepals can take their own money...

Anonymous said...

Better info than ANY SAPS or Western Mass Media Stats!
Thankyou Securicor! M&G Editor must've neglected to read this article.

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