Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get ready for World Mandela Day!

Yep, celebrate the life and times of the world's favourite terrorist. This is a sign that the world has gone bonkers. Maybe we should remind the world who and what they will be "celebrating". Can they say Church Street Massacre?

Gordon Brown has backed calls for the creation of an official Mandela Day to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation and the 46664 campaign - named after the number given to Mr Mandela in prison - are calling on people around the world to support the proposal.

The organisations hope the day, which would be held on Mr Mandela’s birthday on July 18, will inspire people to change the world around them.

Proposals for Mandela Day have been launched as the campaigner’s homeland marks Freedom Day, an annual celebration of South Africa’s first non-racial democratic elections, which were held in 1994.

Mr Brown said:

“As South Africa marks Freedom Day, I think of how so much is owed to Nelson Mandela - the most inspiring leader of our generation. That is why I welcome the call for a Mandela Day on July 18. This is an excellent opportunity to recognise that every individual has the power to change the world for the better. There is no-one more deserving than Madiba of this honour.”

A statement issued on Mr Mandela’s behalf said:

“We would be honoured if such a day can serve to bring together people around the world to fight poverty and promote peace and reconciliation.”

Other high-profile figures such as former US President Bill Clinton have also given their backing to the campaign.

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Exzanian said...

The best thing about leaving Azania is that you no longer have to pretend to swallow all that transformation kak and celebrate every stupid little holiday like Freedom day etc. And of course, it is fantastic to be a freethinker when it comes to Jesus Mandela, and not swoon with the rest of the sheeple at every mention of his name (or pretend to). Even more amazing, I am not even a racist, I kind of like Madiba, he grew on me over the years. But he is just a frail, human being with feet of clay, like many leaders across the world. A man with PLENTY of faults, so why should we worship him? He also steps into his underpants one leg at a time, just like me.
So without misconstruing this one little bit, and spare me the racist accusations anyone reading this: Give us a Mother Theresa day, give us a Ghandi day, give us a Dalai Lama day, hell, give us a TUTU day even...But not a fricken MANDELA day. I cannot stomach the thought. I will not support a Mandela day, it's a shit idea...

Tim Johnston said...

Could they not have the decency to let him die first??

I don't get it. As much admiration as I had for the guy, it's not like he actually did that much. I mean, he did not go to prison for his beliefs - he was sent down for his actions.

Joe King said...

The BIG question everybody is afraid to ask. Do you think the prison number with two fours encompassing 666 is a coincidence? Is Mandella the devil in disguise?