Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Forgotten Victims of Black Racism

The White people of Zimbabwe have been virtually entirely ethnically cleansed from the lands. Only a few remain. This is their story.

Like the thousands of White farmers murdered in South Africa, the world's media and governments are not concerned with their plight because the victims are White and the perpetrators are Black.

Where are the anti-racists? Where are the protests against racism?

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Admin said...

I am very impressed with your blog.
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Anonymous said...

An excellent series of videos. Political Science 101 (African style). This is rampant racism at its most vulgar. Africa, you are starting to "reap what you have sowed".

Anonymous said...

As I said - let the blacks die of hunger. They deserve it!


A warning to Whites in South Africa. If you think that our Blacks have learned anything from this desaster you are in for a surprise. Sad thing is that most Whites have learned nothing either.

Anonymous said...

Good post on first class good blog chaps. Is it just me or have your comments taken a nose dive?

I read SA Sucks too. It seems Uhuru Guru's recent return is adversely affecting I Luv SA traffic.

You are no longer linking to one another. Another blogger bitch fight going on behind the scenes? Do tell.

Anonymous said...

Should this headline not read:
"The forgotten victims of Black Racists"?
No offence but "black racism" sounds like it's something other than the norm - ie. the norm of "racism" would then have to be one in which "blacks" are the victims! In my 40 yrs experience on this planet THIS is NOT the norm. Indeed, I have witnessed far more Black Racists than I have racists in other ethnicities... hence my question.

Many thanks,
Common Sense

Katzenjammer said...

@Anon 1:12: Psychotic rantings are only appealing to other psychotics.