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A Follow Up: Dr Sipho Goes To Canada

A reader has drawn our attention to this case again. There isn't anything new to add yet, other than a timeline of events. Moreover, let me add that this Dr. Tsatsi was a former Radiology Professor at Medunsa. I think he should stop asking for remedial training and blame Apartheid. Although he trained at UCT, he was oppressed by his fellow white students, his basic education was inferior and he had to read his text books by candlelight. I think he is already getting sympathy, because "cry me a river" they are saying "shame" he had to work in a rural setting where he didn't have colleagues to confer with on complicated cases, like a simple arm fracture.


Summer of 2004 -- Dr. L. Darius Tsatsi works as locum in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region.

Fall 2004 -- Tsatsi begins work as locum in Sunrise Health Region.

April 2005 -- Tsatsi employed as full-time radiologist at Sunrise.

Dec. 22, 2005 -- Prince Albert doctor raises concerns about Tsatsi's work during his locum in Prince Albert. This expression of concern prompted college's advisory committee on medical imaging to accelerate its scheduling of Tsatsi for review through its diagnostic imaging quality assurance program.

January 2006 -- College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan's diagnostic imaging quality assurance committee expresses concerns over Tsatsi's practice following review of facility in Yorkton.

March 2006 -- The college appoints a competency committee to review Tsatsi's diagnostic skills and knowledge.
October 2006 -- The competency committee submits its report to the college council and Tsatsi. The report identifies some deficiencies in Tsatsi's diagnostic knowledge and skills involving CT scans. Committee did not identify concerns about his actual reading of images because the margin of error in terms of a clinical difference of opinion in the cases reviewed were generally within the range of what would be regarded as acceptable.

Winter 2006 -- Tsatsi's lawyer requests that he be permitted to voluntarily undergo remedial education rather than proceeding directly to a competency hearing.

January to December 2007 -- Tsatsi takes a number of courses in the United States to upgrade his skills.

January 2008 -- Tsatsi takes a three-month full-time secondment with the radiology department at McMaster University.

Spring 2008 -- College asks for feedback from McMaster faculty regarding Tsatsi remedial education.

June 2008 -- His performance assessment at McMaster combined with information that he failed the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada exams and his previous competency evaluation is presented at the college's council meeting. Council directs a further investigation.

September 2008 -- College council appoints a second competency review committee, which does a random audit of 103 diagnostic imaging cases that were examined and interpreted by Tsatsi between May 28 and Nov. 14, 2008. Significant clinical differences were identified and a recommendation made to college for a historical retrospective review of all of his work.

May 13, 2009 -- College council advises health region of its concerns relating to potential patient safety issues.

May 14, 2009 -- Health Region officials meet with Tsatsi and suspend his hospital privileges. A copy of the report is faxed to the Ministry of Health. Tsatsi also voluntarily agrees not to practise in Saskatchewan until this matter is resolved.

May 15, 2009 -- College notified Ministry of Health. Health Minister Don McMorris apprised of the situation. Regulatory, regional and provincial health officials spend weekend putting together an action plan to re-evaluate 70,000 diagnostic images and contact patients.

By Anne Kyle, The Leader-Post

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MayBEE he should be re-trained as pilot ?

Anonymous said...

"he didn't have colleagues to confer with on complicated cases, like a simple arm fracture" LOL. I like that. Of the 70 000 cases he perused, perhaps a simple bone fracture was the only thing he could diagnose actually. Ah well, he's the Canucks' problem now. Sorry VI..;)

Katzenjammer said...

So whites and Asians needn't worry about not getting into a SA university to get a medical degree. They might as well join the local Boy Scouts. Sorry, that's also been equitised: it's the SA Scout Association. The "boy" part was too hurtfully reminiscent of the apartheid regime. The ages of the scouts are very much like the ANCYL. Unlike the ANCYL, you can meet some hot white babes there that are well over the age of consent.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, that'll teach all the "western" fools to believe the shit produced by Hollywood and "American" TV (all owned by the first Jewish film and TV board) which states that all Doctors and Judges are Negroid but all murderers are Caucasoid and Celtic!

Indeed, let them have all the Negro "Doctors" from SA. We'll be safer without them.