Thursday, May 28, 2009

Egyptians: Modern and Ancient

Forget the poor English you will see in the vid, you get the gist anyway but she makes a very good case to say that modern Egyptians are, surprise, surprise, descendants of ancient Egyptians, not sub-Saharan blacks.

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Anonymous said...

Never for one second thought otherwise. If all the Celts were originally from North Africa and the evidence shows the Med joining the Atlantic through the Senegal River, it becomes obvious that North Africa was "white".

Long before a few very wealthy anti-white western bankers got their hands on Hollywood and the Western Press and Publishing Houses, it was always known that Negroes came ONLY from Central Africa, with Numidians (ancestors of today's Bantu) from the Great Lakes Region, and Maurs from the Southern Banks of the "old Med." aka Sahara Desert!
Khoisan inhabited today's Tanzania and Northern Mozambique (ie. East Africa) while no-one actually knows the origin of the Khoikhoi, save to say they were a more recent people who inhabited today's Northern Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

Of course, with the "climatic equator" running through North Africa, rather than zero deg. lat., most of Southern Africa was under ice just ten thousand years ago.

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Anonymous said...

"Negroes came ONLY from Central Africa"

True Anon 8h01: In fact Negroes and Pygmy Negroes inhabited different areas. The taller Negroes inhabited the Central West African Floodplains while the much shorter Pygmy Negroes inhabited the dense forests of todays Congo and Northern Angola.

Anonymous said...

I imagine Egyptians do not describe themselves as being African. I am sure they are careful to make the distinction.

Tim Johnston said...

why would the Celts have come from North Africa?
what is the evidence for this?