Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr Sipho goes to Canada

You know where this is going, right? Get this. Somehow Sipho from South Africa gets accepted by the Canucks to practise in their country. Eish, ehm heppy, the Canucks are heppy, they have diversity. Big pats on the back all round, everybody's feeling warm and fuzzy. Howevah, in 2006 a competency review finds Sipho has "some deficiencies in his diagnostic skills". Ding dong, hear the bells...allo anybody there?

Still, he is allowed to continue. In 2007 he undertakes "remedial training" [read: try and re-train the doos from scratch]. Nothing doing Canucks, take it from us, you can't fix stupid and Sipho knows stupid. The bells get louder but still Sipho is allowed to continue.

So last year, again, he fails another review and only then are real concerns raised "relating to his skills in interpreting diagnostic images". In other words, theys fink he dont know shit wot he is doin' as Ali G would say. Finally! Ding fucking DONG people!! But it is still...70 000 interpretations later. Mayhem ensues, the kind of chaos one gets when you let a turd loose in a public swimming pool. And call me cynical an' all but do I detect the hand of political correctness here? Did no one say anything earlier because he was blek?!

Yorkton radiologist suspended as work is reviewed

Regina, Canada -- The provincial Ministry of Health has ordered a review of more than 70,000 diagnostic images that were interpreted by a Yorkton radiologist whose competency is being questioned.

The Sunrise Health Region suspended Dr. L. Darius Tsatsi's hospital privileges last Thursday pending further investigation and a competency hearing by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan relating to his skills in interpreting diagnostic images.

During a quality assurance review last fall the college examined 103 random diagnostic cases interpreted by Tsatsi between May 28 to Nov. 14, 2008 and concluded there were significant clinical differences of opinion in his interpretation of those images. Those cases have been referred to a radiology group in Regina for re-evaluation.

On Wednesday Health Minister Don McMorris voiced his concerns explaining the need for expediency in reviewing all of Tsatsi's files.

"Patient safety is priority No. 1 and that is why the files that this doctor has looked at over the last number of years will be reviewed again,'' McMorris said.

He explained because of the volume of images to be reviewed the ministry is looking for help from other provincial jurisdictions. The independent review is expected to take up to six weeks.

"We are going to be reviewing all of his files and notifying anybody that we feel may need some follow-up," said McMorris, who suggested lives could be at risk from a misinterpretation of a diagnostic tests.

Originally from South Africa, Tsatsi worked in Prince Albert Parkland from June to August 2004 before moving to Sunrise. While in Yorkton he also interpreted diagnostic films sent to him by the Swift Current hospital's radiology department.

College Associate Registrar Bryan Salte said a 2006 competency review identified Tsatsi had some deficiencies in his diagnostic skills. In 2007 he undertook remedial training and spent three months in 2008 working at McMaster University's radiology department.

His performance assessment at McMaster combined with information that he had failed the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada exams and his previous competency evaluation went to the college's council meeting in June 2008, Salte said.

"The council concluded that it had sufficient information to direct a further investigation. That investigation resulted in the appointment of a competency committee in November 2008 which generated the May 2009 report (to the region),'' Salte said.

Concerns about his actual reading of diagnostic images were not raised until this last review, he added.

Sunrise's chief executive officer Joe Kirwan said the college notified the region last Wednesday about potential diagnostic misinterpretations. Affected patients and their doctors are being notified.

"The family physician or the referring physician will determine his or her patient's care plan based on a wide variety of testing, and that includes diagnostic imaging. If the interpretation does not reflect the actual condition of the patient that will change the care plan the care provider designs ...,'' Kirwan said, noting, however, not all exams completed by Tsatsi were of concern.

"We cannot and do not know the answer to that until we have an independent group of radiologists review all of these films.''

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Anonymous said...

Ja, and in the process Sipho smears all of us South Africans. These Kana"doos"e don't believe the IQ stuff, so it has to be our education right? Why don't they test for competency BEFORE recruiting him and then granting him residency? Like Dobes says, it is sometimes the equivalent to bashing your head against the wall.

Anonymous said...

By the way, like the picture. It could be my brother.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the process to get into Canada but the Aussies have people doing backflips, jumping loops and spinning on their noses upside down while naked just to verify their qualifications. It took me months to clear mine - thru a separate Federal govt department.

And once inside the country, to practise you then need to convert your knowledge (takes years) so there is more acrobat work to be done - before they let you loose on the population. I wonder how much Dr Darius had to go through to get into Canada and start wekking.

PS: Yeah VI, the pic does look a lot like your brother eh?

Anonymous said...

Dobes, same here. You have to get your credentials verified, then you have to write umpteen exams ad infinitum, then be treated and spoken to like a retard. Their recruitment drives of course don't tell you any of this. So it really peeves me when Sipho fails, since it is then used as evidence that we Turd World'ers should rather drive taxi's.