Saturday, May 23, 2009

Divided Prom

The old adage, you can take a horse to water comes into play here. You can try to force multiculturalism on people but they will always gravitate towards their own culture or race. It is natural. You will always have more in common with people of similar backgrounds. The white and black students from a school in Montgomery County in the US hold separate prom nights - by choice. It is a private prom function so the school has nothing to do with it. The three white kids interviewed are happy with the arrangement but not the blacks. Knowing the NY Times, they would have looked for the angle that made the whites seem racist. Would it not have been prudent to take a poll among all the participants to see whether the parties were happy with the arrangement? And even if they are not, whose business is it for anyone to interfere?

What the paper "found" was that the three white kids interviewed were happy with the arrangement but the blacks.. eish, they is sad, well, at least the sole TWO blacks kids interviewed. That about says it all re: the state of modern journalism. This prom night mirrors the real world where you choose whom you want to hang out with - unlike schools.

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Unknown said...

This shows nothing...only that black people seem to be having a hell of a party.

Anonymous said...

"This shows nothing...only that black people seem to be having a hell of a party."

On the contrary:
1. It shows that it's OK for segregation to be practiced in the US of A, BUT not in the R of SA!
2. If you consider a bunch of 18 yr olds almost having sex on the dance floor being "a hell of a party" then good for you, BUT it is below my moral mores!
3. It shows the obesity amongst Negro People in the US, which is a massive drain on the public health service!

Think and OBSERVE before making a stupid comment, Neo!

Katzenjammer said...

The whites look bloody awful. Guys with white ties and black suits. Girls wearing nasty cheap dresses. The blacks aren't "almost having sex on the dance floor". But I bet those white trash girls put out afterwards.