Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dad kills men after rape

I have often wondered how I would react if my daughter was raped and I can honestly not tell you but it probably wouldn't be very different from this father's reaction. The man went absolutely postal. I don't understand why he would want to shoot his police colleagues, probably frustration at the lack of progress, but he did nail the alleged rapist.


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A Kwazulu-Natal father, whose three year old had been raped, went on a killing spree on Friday when he allegedly shot three fellow police officers at a children’s rights function.

One of them died on the scene in Ulundi, the second victim died in hospital and the third was in a serious condition at Nkonjeni hospital.

After allegedly shooting his colleagues, Constable Judia Ntuli, 30, then drove to Gqokamandla High School where he allegedly shot dead Busani Vilikazi, 13. Vilakazi was standing trial for Ntuli’s daughter’s rape.

After this killing, Ntuli went home and shot himself in the head. He is in a serious but stable condition.

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