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Criminal Cops Pt2.

The American hippie movement in the sixties, had numerous slogans with regards to the “pigs” as the police were referred to. One slogan that constantly springs to mind, which has become a mantra for the SAPS, and has become painfully true for the South African citizen.

“Support you local police – beat yourself up!”

Every time these uniformed thugs get prosecuted, the state gets sued and the tax paying population forks the bill. Thuggery has become the norm in the SAPS. Unfortunately all the good police staff have either left or been forced or is that “farced out.”

Bad apple syndrome has taken hold. There are very few genuine hard work community serving police left in the police farce. These men and women are a dying breed. Whistle blowers in the police farce have even been murdered, by their own colleagues but that is a whole chapter on it’s own.

In the same vain as previous posts, here are some additional shockers that demonstrate the total disregard for law and order as practiced by the South African Police Services.

Take note of the barbarous manner in which they treat women and children. South African crime is a matter of “when” and not “if” it happens to you. Residents of this once wonderful country can be rest assured that crime will affect them sooner or later.

You can only hope (and pray) that you will get off lightly when it does occur. Me thinks that these monkeys in the SAPS have taken the meaning “Set a thief to catch a thief “a touch to literally.
If you see the police in SA, go the other way or take out your wallet and pay.


The upset family of ten-year-old Afrikaans girl Sami-Jo Pietersen-Swart said she was arrested and bundled into a van by ten 'verbally-abusive", armed policemen who wore bulletproof vests and showed up at 2.30am on Friday at their middle-class home.

The allegedly heavy-handed arrest of mother Angela, carried out in the middle-class suburb of Glen-Vista, a southern region of Johannesburg in South Africa, now is under investigation by the SA Police Directorate.

There is very good reason for concern: it has been reported many times in the past by human rights organisations that police arrived at private homes and arrested the females of the family, who then were taken to townships, gang-raped and even killed. The victims were of all races.

There is growing concern in South African security circles about the growing evidence of feral behaviour among the underpaid South African police officers.

2.30 am arrest of a young mom by ten armed cops on a minor fraud charge:

The terrified Sami-Jo was roughly bundled into the van with her mother by ten South African cops - despite the fact that her father and brother were home at the time. Brother Kirk Pietersen, 24, told the Afrikaans daily Beeld that the police were 'verbally abusive. "My little sister was so scared, she wouldn't let go of my mother. It's then that they put both of them in the back of the van. It wasn't necessary for ten armed policemen to come in the middle of the night to arrest my mother.

When I asked them about it, they said 'it wasn't my business'.'

Family followed the police van

Leon Swart, Pietersen-Swart's husband, says he followed the police van to Rosettenville police station, where the distraught father had to plead with the police to give Sami-Jo back to him, which they eventually did.

His daughter had been in the back of the van for about half an hour by that time. He saw police then transfer his wife another police car before speeding off to Soweto's Mondeor police station, where she was kept in a cell until 8am and charged. Pietersen said the police had driven with his wife to Soweto first to 'arrest someone else'.

However he followed the van, and this had never happened,' he said. "It was very traumatic," said Pietersen-Swart. My daughter and I didn't stop screaming. I struggled to breathe." Sami-Jo now is being treated for respiratory problems at the Linksfield Park clinic. Police spokeswoman Lorraine van Emmerik said the accusations were serious and were being investigated. see

The alarm bells about increasingly feral behaviour by the South African Police Service were already rung back in November 2008 by the the Transvaal Agricultural Union - which represents the majority of Afrikaans-speaking commercial farmers of South Africa.

They warned ANC-president Jacob Zuma (and now da boss) during a personal interview of a 'seriously-deteriorating security situation' , saying that it was clear that 'Afrikaners can no longer trust the police.' see

There are numerous horror stories of this feral behaviour by armed groups of uniformed South African police officers, the TAU warned Zuma.

For instance, on 14 September 2008, the mother of Christopher van Rensburg, 33 of Nigel -- who was beaten to death by cops in September 2005 in the cells - was awarded $39,000 in compensation.

The Pretoria High Court ruled that Van Rensburg, 33 had been falsely arrested in Nigel in September 2005 with another man in trumped-up 'drunkenness' charges and was beaten to death by cops in the local police cells. Van Rensburg was murdered while trying to stop these cops from beating up his friend.

Forensic examinations determined that Van Rensburg had been sober, as had been his friend. see

Afrikaners chased by police chopper and arrested on false charges

On September 25 2008, a small group of Free State Afrikaners was traveling back from shopping in Bloemfontein -- Frans van Sitters, 53, son Jean, 16 and his friend Michelle Cloete, 15 -- suddenly found themselves being chased by a police helicopter on the road between Brandfort and Theunissen.

In a strange incident the Afrikaner man and the two children with him were hunted down by police chopper, and brutally arrested by a large group of armed cops. The boy was assaulted and allegedly threatened that they 'would kick in his rib-cage' -- and then the family was taken back to Bloemfontein, accused of a non-existent murder of an unknown black woman.

Apparently Van Sitters, while driving home from Bloemfontein, had stopped to buy second-hand window-frames from a destitute man along the road. This was in turn reported to local police by two children who claimed the "Boer (equvillent insult to kaffir when used in a derogatory sense) had bought stolen goods' according to the police, and had then reported their license number.

This report then was linked to the accidental death of a maid back in Bloemfontein. This woman -- whom the Van Sitters hadn't ever met in their lives -- had fallen against a washing machine, hitting her nose, and her nose-bone had penetrated into her brain and she'd died.

However the local cops who showed up at the scene of this freak-accident linked the report they'd just received about Van Sitters buying window frames; claimed the woman was killed in an 'armed robbery' -- and all hell broke lose.

Armed police were dispatched by helicopter, and the hapless family arrested. It took police superintendent Susan Moseki hours to sort out the mess while the terrified Afrikaners were dumped in a police cell and the children roughly questioned.

After their release, nobody has ever apologised, nobody explained what had happened, and none of the arresting police officers were ever charged for false arrest and abusive behaviour towards children. see

On 29 June 2008, Afrikaner airline pilot Attie van Schalkwyk, was robbed at gunpoint by two uniformed police officers from the Pretoria-West police station who were armed with a R5 military-assault rifle.The pilot had been pulled over by these armed, uniformed policemen while driving home from Johannesburg airport at 10pm.

They pointed a R5 military (the same make of police machine gun used in cash in transit heists) assault rifle at him, accused him of 'drunken driving', said he was arrested -- and then forced him at gunpoint to withdraw large amounts of cash at two cash points nearby -- which they then took for themselves.

They took no breathaliser- nor blood-tests of the 'arrested' pilot - who managed to escape and ran for his life, jumping out at a stop-sign near the black township of Atteridgeville he was being driven to at breakneck speed.

Van Schalkwyk feared that he would be killed there – or dumped in a police cell and gang-raped. A passerby helped the pilot alert his wife, who contact his attorney Wilhelm Mundt ,who fetched him from Atteridgeville and rushed him to a private hospital for blood-tests within the two hour maximum legal limit from the date of his ‘arrest- -- and which proved that he had been sober at the time. He could have lost his pilot's licence if he hadn't done this.

The two unnamed police officers who had robbed him at gunpoint have never been charged. The Van Schalkwyk family have launched formal robbery charges at the Hartbeespoort police station and the Police Inspectorate.

Van Schalkwyk said that he fears for his life now -- "I believe the Pretoria-West cops and their comrades would not hesitate to take revenge". see

On 12 February 2009, the Pretoria High Court ordered the country's Safety and Security Minister and five police officers to pay $38,000 in damages for manhandling a Pretoria family after a rugby game. Pretoria High Court Judge Bill Prinsloo ruled the SA Police Service liable to pay damages to Pretoria North businessman David Pieterse, his wife Susan and sons David and Jason Pieterse for insulting, assaulting, unlawfully arresting and detaining as well as maliciously prosecuting them.

The incident was sparked when an unknown man punched Jason during an argument after a rugby game at Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria in 2005. Jason then lost consciousness. His brother David got hold of the attacker and handed him over to a policeman, who instead let the assailant go.

When David Pieterse junior questioned the policeman’s conduct, several other policemen joined in and started swearing at him and assaulting him before throwing him in a police van. When his father tried to intervene, he too was assaulted and arrested. Police also grossly insulted his mother Susan, threatened to arrest her, and a policewoman kicked her on the leg.

Father and son were further abused at the police office and were forced to spend a night in a filthy, smelly cell.

Threatened to take the white family for 'sorting out' in black township

The Afrikaners feared for their lives, as police threatened to take the (white) family to the high-crime (black )townships of Soshanguve and Atteridgeville to be “sorted out”.

The court found that the family then was also falsely charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, and that they had been forced to appear in court several times before being acquitted, the judgment summary noted.

Police were 'like wild animals'

David sen. burst into tears in court when he testified how police had descended on him, allegedly acting “like wild animals” and started assaulting him for no reason and how helpless he felt when he could not protect his son.
Judge Prinsloo rejected claims by the police that the family 'had been aggressive'; that David jun. tried to escape and that David sen. had 'assaulted members of the police, including a policewoman,' and tried to forcibly free is son.

The judge said in his summary that the police witnesses had been 'vague, inconsequent and their versions absurd, ridiculous and unlikely.' The court pointed out that a freelance photographer’s photos of the incident, submitted as evidence, clearly showed the Afrikaner dad surrounded by a large group of policemen who were all much bigger than him."

It was highly unlikely that he would have been the aggressor," the court pointed out. Prinsloo concluded that the police had neglected their duties and had arrested and prosecuted father and son to disguise their own misconduct. "If they had done their job, Jason would probably have been able to sue his attacker for the injuries he sustained," the judge added.

He awarded both David senior and junior $13,500 in damages each; Mrs Pieterse $5,000 and Jason $6,000. The SA Police Service also was ordered to pay their legal costs. see also see See

You Boer'

Daniel Maluleke of Beeld newspaper wrote on February 13 2009 that seven uniformed men had attacked 64-year-old Afrikaner resident Conraad Coertze outside his Groenkloof, Pretoria home. During this 7am assault, the old man was told: "We wish you would bleed to death, you Boer'.

Coertze was ambushed by the men -- dressed in South African Police Service uniforms -- at the security gate of his smallholding while he was unlocking it for the arrival of the gardener. They forced him into the homestead, hogtied him with wire, and started kicking and beating him.

'Then one carved open my right leg with a knife, and kicked me in the groin and on the left knee. Then he said 'we wish you would bleed to death, you Boer'.

The gardener was also assaulted - and then the gardener's mother, Mr Coertze's housekeeper Anna Matsimbi, arrived at the house and immediately rushed off to find help, walking two blocks to ask neighbours to contact the police. Police said they 'did not know whether these uniformed men had been cops.' No-one was arrested. see '

All white dogs in South Africa will be killed'

On January 8, 2009, Afrikaans journalist Tom de Wet, writing in the Volksblad daily, reported from Odendaalsrus in the Free State province of a clearly racist incident in which elderly Afrikaner farmer Gert van Vuuren, 68, a former local police reservist for many years, was cursed as a "white dog" by police officers, and told that "all white dogs in South Africa will be killed".

For months, Volksblad had already been reporting numerous complaints from the entire Afrikaans community there about the poor service they got from the local police, and the brutal behaviour these cops showed towards Afrikaners whenever they tried to report violent crimes.

Van Vuuren's son had taken the journalist with him when he went to visit the new police station commissioner, Senior Superintendent M B Mbongo, to discuss what had happened to his father, Gert van Vuuren, 68, on his farm on Saturday, accompanied by a journalist of Volksblad.

Van Vuuren junior said three police officers had arrived on their farm Hilton in a police vehicle at about 14:00 the Saturday before-- telling his father that they were there to bring the R100 which a former farm labourer owed him. Van Vuuren senior was astonished by this exceedingly strange gesture, especially when one of policemen then asked why Gert 'would take money from a poor man', and yelled at him that he was 'a racist'.

Their elderly mother was also cursed by these police - who Van Vuuren ordered off his farm at once, realising that the police officers, whom he’d never met before, had arrived there just to taunt the Afrikaner family. They then pulled out their guns and cursed him again, calling him 'a white dog' before leaving - but after he left, they returned again, terrorising and cursing his parents and his sisters.

Alerted by his family, Van Vuuren junior rushed to the homestead. He blocked off the farm road with his vehicle, started writing down the feral police officers' names while trying to call the police station in town and the emergency 10111 number without any luck.

He wanted to file a complaint against the policemen. However while he was on the phone, the blocked police team called in reinforcements.

A huge contingent of eight police vehicles and sixteen armed cops then showed up to confront this one unarmed farmer standing there with a pen and paper. Eventually after much yelling and posturing, the entire police contingent left. Police told him to 'lay a complaint with the police station commander, even if he was involved.'

No charges have ever been placed against these feral cops.

So "Yeah, who do you turn to?"

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Allow me to introduce you to some of my very good friends: Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson, Judge Colt, Herr Glock, Herr Steyr and Herr Manlicher.

It would seem the best course of action would be to take out the trash yourself. Find a REAL friend, some-one you have known all your life who will help you move the garbage.

As they say: "Friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies!"

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Joe, an excellent summation of some of recent, prominent abuses by our police farce.