Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BNP Attack - Largest cyber attack in history

The British National Party site was first attacked on Saturday night, at one point dealing with 28 million hits, but we managed to block out the traffic which was emanating from Eastern Europe and Russia.

The size of the renewed assault is unparalleled and there is no doubt that whoever has organised this has had to pay out a serious amount of money to the criminal underworld.

On Friday the servers of
Clear Channel, part of a huge conglomerate that provides billboard advertising to the BNP, suffered a similar attack. Their IT professionals tracked the criminal activity back to a notorious "anti-fascist" organisation openly aligned to the Labour Party and supported by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. This organisation was protesting at the decision by Clear Channel to allow the BNP to display advertising in support of our European Election Campaign.

As a consequence of the criminal actions against Clear Channel we understand that their legal team is currently in the process of issuing writs against the perpetrators which as well as civil actions will involve the possibility of potential criminal charges including racketeering.

The attack on the BNP website is an indication of the increasing desperation of our opponents, who, unable to defeat us in democratic debate, would rather just have us closed down. BUT THEY WILL NEVER WEAKEN OUR RESOLVE TO WIN BACK OUR COUNTRY!

The rising popularity of the BNP’s website (just before the attack started, the site’s web rankings had broken through the 20,000 most popular site in the world mark, and 1.600 in the UK) was obviously simply too much for the alliance of Communists, Tories, Labour, Lib-Dem and UKIP old parties to bear, hence the decision to try and close it down by illegal means.

Our website is now back online thanks to the legendary efforts of our cyber team, led by BNP Webmaster
Simon Bennett. However, this entirely new and unexpected criminal attack on our hugely popular website has alerted us to new dangers that must be neutralised IMMEDIATELY.

Our website is still under massive attack and keeping it online is causing enormous strain on the time and resources of our internet department. It could crash again at any moment.


We have been forced to hire a Cyber Defence expert who is skilled in prevention of the kinds of internet attacks we have just experienced. On top of this, we also need to invest in additional hardware and servers. We MUST pay for these critical items immediately in order to prevent our website being taken offline again, and for this we need YOUR HELP.

We simply cannot afford to pay for these additional items because every penny we possess is allocated to the Euro Election Campaign.

If you want to see the BNP website safe and secure we need your help immediately - we cannot waste any more time. We have priced up the cost of hiring a Cyber Defence expert and also the extra servers and hardware: we need

> > Help us fight back against the Marxist cyber criminals! Click here to donate now! > >

The choice is very simple and I hate to be blunt: either everyone reading this digs deep and makes a donation that will help to get to
£5,000 very quickly or our website will no doubt be taken down again by the cyber criminals. Considering we have, at the moment, around 200,000 hits per week on our website this will be a huge waste of valuable enquiries - imagine how many people won't be able to get in touch when our broadcasts are aired on TV tomorrow! That's what is at stake!!

I have personally donated
£250 to this appeal to set things in motion, stand with me now, we cannot allow our countries enemies to do this again! Please send your most generous gift immediately.

Nick Griffin
Chairman, British National Party

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Katzenjammer said...

That's interesting, the BNP website's server gets hit by a mega-worm. Amazing what these Nigerian 419 scammers dream up. Makes a break from the usual fake lottery wins and billionaires needing bank accounts to park their stash in.