Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ballito businessman Christo Viljoen robbed after Loftus rugby game

Just a taste of what it will be like for 350,000 foreign football fans at the FIFA WC2010 in South Africa?

Viljoen Christo robbery victim Pretoria rugby game May 26 2009By Adriana Stuijt

Pretoria-born businessman Christo Viljoen, 57, who had fled from the city’s crime to Ballito at the KwaZulu-Natal coast two years ago, travelled back to his beloved home town to cheer on the Blue Bulls in the Super14 semifinal rugby tournament at the Loftus Versfeld stadium.

The Afrikaner had left Pretoria two years ago after two cars were hijacked within just one year, deciding to move to the coast 'to get away from the crime'.

But this week, he was happy to be back in town to watch rugby with his family, who live near the Loftus Versfeld rugby grounds.

On Saturday after the game, just as he was walking back to his girlfriend's home near the stadium, he was attacked -- across from the Afrikaans High Boys School, past the Dutch Reformed Church.

The man who stood in front of him demanded his cellphone. "I told him very courteously in the English language exactly what he could do. I'm six foot, he was shorter, stockier',” said Viljoen.

"He grabbed me and hit me right in the face with a brick he picked up from the pavement. The next moment, I didn't know where I was any more.”

When he woke up, it was two hours later, and a school guard was standing over him. Next, the metro police stopped by but left again after he gave them his girl friend's telephone number asking them to phone her. Shortly thereafter, his family showed up and ordered an ambulance which took him to the nearest hospital for treatment. His attacker took his bank cards, ID-book and cellphone.

"This is so unnecessary. This is my country. Can't I walk in the streets anywhere any more? This is not what a person wants.'

But he's not deterred: he's going back to Loftus to watch the rugby on Saturday. Beeld

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Bad idea to have a walk about if you are not armed. It also seems that the six foot Christo overestimated his defensive abilities. Not a smart move in the new RSA !

Joe King said...

Six foot tall and bullet proof. If it weren't for bad luck, this guy would not have any luck at all. Two hijackings - a brick in the face. "Hey Christo - leave the crooks alone!"

FanonPoqoChimurenga said...

I do not understand why the metro police simply stopped by and left. Why would they not call for ambulance themselves?

Anonymous said...

@BC. Indeed.

Anonymous said...

"your country?" wake up white man, it is no longer yours, it belongs to the blacks. Next time they will not just take your personal belongings, but your life, or that of your children. Get the fuck outta niggaland