Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another ANC success story

SABC 'wasting millions'

More comrades raiding the cookie jar while the country is in recession, Unemployment is through the roof and these ANC fat cats are spending taxpayer’s money as if it is a bottomless pit

- Millions of rands have been set aside by the SABC for the upgrading of its building's foyer and the acquisition of luxury cars, while workers don't even have proper broadcasting equipment.

And this while there are no funds to pay contractors, or for an agreed salary increase for employees.

In the midst of the SABC's financial woes, the media workers union Bemawu and the r
ecently established television industry emergency coalition (TVIEC) are threatening to hold marches or to refuse to hand over broadcast material.

A senior TV news employee, who's been with the SABC for years, said on Monday that employees are particularly unhappy about the fact that "huge a
mounts of money are still being spent on luxury cars, and millions on the upgrading of the foyer". Meanwhile, essential broadcasting equipment is "in a poor condition and deteriorating quickly".

"The things which really matter are being left behind," he said. Protest marches The TVIEC said on Monday that members are considering their legal options. They plan to have protest marches in Johannesburg and Cape Town on June 4. TVIEC members say they represent about 80% of local TV content.

Among other things, they demand payment of arrears, and they will ask for a new, temporary SABC management group which must restore faith in the public broadcaster.
The expectation is that about 1 000 people will take part in the two marches.

"There is the possibility that broadcasting material will be withheld from the SABC," says the TVIEC.

This cou
ld mean that certain radio and TV programmes will no longer be broadcast as planned. The TVIEC - which consists of role players in the broadcasting industry, such as production companies, soap stars and technicians - was formed as a result of the SABC's financial mess and its impact on employees.

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Joe King said...

Let it die. They thought they could but they can't. Why the bail out? The ANC can do without this tool, that could be infiltrated by the "turd" force and used against them. Johhnic + MNET must be happy. Buy shares now! They will take the remainder of the "good guys" and the rest can go to hell. All part of the plan. Everyday we crawl one step further towards the Utopia of Zimboobwe.

As a recent commentator in defensive of low IQ's so aptly stated. You cannot tell a man who knows how to heard cows how to run a business. And you cannot tell a man who runs a business how to herd cows. He said it, not me!