Friday, May 22, 2009

Affirmative Action and the Demise of the Working Elite

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This next article came by way of a comment, and is an issue we have discussed a few times, albeit not recently and yet it is always present. The topic is worthy of comments. How does the ANC expect to build a nation without skills? In my opinion this isn't just about correcting an imbalance. This is part of the revolution. The ANC will only be satisfied once economic power has also been removed from white hands.

Affirmative Action is VITAL but I feel dreadfully despondent with regard to the lack of opportunity in this country of ours because requirements for employment are forcing outstanding talent out of South Africa. I am in the recruitment industry and would like to cite just two current examples of many that I could give you: A 24-year old who completed his Masters Degree in Commerce CUM LAUDE (2008), who has shown great leadership in terms of activity on committees, extensive involvement in sports, who is wonderfully engaging, well organised and comes highly recommended. He has been actively searching for an entry level position since late 2008 with no luck. He is now going to the East to teach English! His applications are rejected for one reason only – he is a White South African.

The other candidate, a well-experienced senior-level Manager who heads up a division in one of SA’s leading companies, is highly qualified in terms of Tertiary Education, and has exceptionally strong experience. The doors should swing open wide for this 30-or-so year old candidate but they barely open a crack based on one criteria alone – she is a White South African.Talent is talent and, together with exceptional experience, is vital to the growth and development of our country & its businesses. Yes, Affirmative Action is an essential tool in our country, but the application of Affirmative Action has been taken too far and we are now harming ourselves irrevocably! We seem to have reached the point where talent is considered virtually worthless. I would appreciate hearing other points of view or getting some comment?

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Anonymous said...

AA may have worked on the basis that if there are two equal candidates then hire the black guy, but there is the assumption that all white employers are racist. Therefore a quota system was imposed. On top of that the toady white employers, are only too quick to sell out there own kind to please the Pharaoh. For the record, I disagree with AA.

Joe King said...

I have only two questions when it comes to AA. Lets us say that you need to fly somewhere in a private single engine plane. Would you knowingly fly with a pilot who has been pushed through the ranks and gained a license because of the colour of his skin? We all know what happened to the Nigerian pilot.

“Four flight schools refused to issue Nigerian pilot Blessing Adaghara's private pilot license, saying he was not competent enough.” AA gone wrong! Well in this case only three people died. We have a whole nation at risk with AA. Good idea, but once again abused to the n’th degree , the African way.

Secondly, when politicians, their families or the ruling elite get sick, why don’t they use a state hospital? Scared of the butchers no doubt. AA is not the problem, the abuse of AA is a problem.


AA and similar roads to mediocraty will be widened the more the results become evident. We have now 6 or 7 more ministries since Zuma and his commies are overlording us. If it does not work - throw more fools at the problem. Half of them to try to make it work - the other half to cover up the sad results.
See the bright side : Australia /the USA / Canada etc.
are gaining trained and able people. When I visit my SA friends in Australia I am always amazed how big the SAFAS communities are.