Monday, April 27, 2009

White People Are Beautiful Too

This was written by a Chinese blogger, DearRicky. He makes valid points however, I would have liked the heading to just read "White People Are Beautiful". There should be no need to add that while other races are 'beautiful' in their own way, no other race is as beautiful as Caucasians. On the average, Caucasians in general are the best looking of all the races (why would other races copy white styles and dress therefore?) and anyone who can't see it needs to have their eyes checked. No political correctness will be found on this blog. Still, the gentlemen must be commended for a good piece of writing in which he highlights how liberal Hollywood's bias against whites continues to go unchallenged. We can and must counter it, done simply by not watching shows that portray whites negatively and also writing to the producers and telling them why their racism is unacceptable. The power is in your hands.

Several weeks ago when I was watching an episode of my favourite show, “The Big Bang Theory,” I noticed yet another racist attack towards lighter skinned people in the land of television. The Indian character goes on to say to the Jewish,

“You fail to take into account that even mute, I am foreign and exotic, while you on the other hand are frail and pasty.”


On another episode, there was a conversation between a white woman and man:

Penny: “So um, Dave, how do you know Leonard?”

Dave: “I’m a physicist.”

Penny: “(Laughs) No you’re not!”

Dave: “Why is that so surprising?”

Penny: “Uh, well, it’s just that the physicists I know are indoors(y) and pale.”

Pale. Pasty.

I hate those words. It bothers me how the Caucasian race is associated with weakness and a lack of charisma, but it’s not just television. Racism in the media can only exist when racism occurs in real life. I have personally witnessed it on several occasions, including the time when someone said to me,

“Black (and Asian) women are more beautiful than white.”


Another black woman even had the audacity to blast the entire Caucasian race for hating blacks. She went so far as to say that I was also white.

Excuse me? Do I look white? Are you blind?

I’m Chinese!!!

Apparently, she is blind because according to her, all Asians look the same. Yet if anyone made such a statement towards the black community, can we say outrage?

Am I the only one who’s disturbed by the fact that Caucasians are constantly victimized as the defaulted racist offenders, even while they are attacked the most?

As an international majority, these offences fail to leave me amused. They are tasteless and ignorant, but yet again, such attempts at humour continue to be swept under the rug because the media has rendered racism against Caucasians to be socially acceptable…

It’s unacceptable.

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Anonymous said...

I think all races throw racial taunts towards each other...It's happens everywhere, to every single race, not just white people...there is no point in singling out one race. It's wrong, but we as human society still do it..that's the reality of situation.

Anonymous said...

If you walk around Hong Kong as a white person and you aren't bad looking, Chinese people only admire you. Even if you aren't that hot to look at, they will usually say something nice, like, "You have a very kind face."

They don't react at all that way to black people. No way. They point at them and stare at them in amazement, as if they were gorillas let out on the loose.

Anonymous said...

Correct. It is a well-known fact, not something the Chinese shy away from stating openly, that they regard blacks as sub-human. Isn't it strange how no-one tackles the Chinese people for this thinking? Yet imagine if whites expressed this opinion openly. I guess whites are held to a higher standard. Stand by for a great post later today about white guilt: white pride.