Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two die in spaza mob 'revenge'

A man was stoned to death by an angry mob after he and another gunman attacked a spaza shop owner in Lower Crossroads.

In the attack on Monday, the second robber was killed during a shootout with the spaza owner.

Mzwandile Sicholo, the owner of the Come Again spaza shop, is undergoing surgery today to remove three bullets from his body. Sicholo was in a serious condition in GF Jooste Hospital and would be operated on this morning, a hospital spokesman said.

He was shot once in the thigh and twice in the abdomen in the stand-off with the two men, who held a gun to his head at about 7am yesterday as he was unloading crates of bread from a bakery van outside his store.

The two well-dress-ed men ordered him inside the house and told him to open his safe and give them money and his firearm. Sicholo's wife, Funelwa, who was asleep at the time, said her husband had told them that he did not own a gun, but that he would give them the money he had. He had begged them not to kill him.

On his way to the bedroom, he had shown the men where the safe was, then pretended to be searching for the keys. Sicholo had reached down for his gun and fired at the two men, hitting one in the chest. The man had died instantly.

The second man had wrestled with Sicholo for the gun, shooting the store owner in the thigh and twice in the abdomen. Sicholo had then managed to get the gun back and shot the suspect several times. But when the man ran outside, he had collapsed against a gate.

He had then been attacked by an angry group of people who pelted him with stones until he died.

2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

I wish you a speedy recovery Mr. Mzwandile Sicholo. Well done.

Dachshund said...

Black spaza owners are allowed to own guns, but whites aren't. If a white had killed two black robbers it would have been called a racist crime.