Friday, April 24, 2009

To the ANC, from expats with no love

See? I told you. We expats have your back. As you saw previously, fellow contributor HoDD flipped JZ the bird but it is safe to say that us expats collectively flipped the ANC an ostrich - up its broad nose. As I said on the day, if the count had taken place on April 15th, the ANC would have lost by a landslide.

So, to fugly bitch Duarte (ugh..shudder..yuk), to Zuma and the ANC, from all us expats, it's a great big
F-U-C-K Y-O-U and we'll see you in 2014 in bigger numbers!

PS: Is it just me or did the collective IQ of the ANC regime just drop 50 points? Oh wait, Zuma..Malema..Duarte...

Johannesburg - "It shows you who leaves the country: all the right-wingers," ANC spokesperson Jessie Duarte said after the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Thursday announced the results of South Africans who voted abroad.(y'see, anybody who doesn't like the ANC is now not only traitors, counter-revolutionaries but now also automatically "right-wingers". Yeesh..)

The opposition parties got the most of the 9 857 votes. A total of 7 581 voted for the DA, 918 voted for Cope, 270 voted for the FF+, 184 voted for the ACDP and 136 voted for the ID.

The ANC received 673 votes from South Africans overseas. (Ha ha ha ha !!!!!)

Duarte's views came after government this week praised South Africans overseas for their patriotism and interest.

Themba Maseko, the chief government spokesperson, said the optimism with which people voted in especially London, heartened government and showed that South Africans gained knowledge overseas, which they later would apply back home.

Meanwhile, it also came to light that between 500 and 600 overseas votes had gone missing as the relevant embassy(ies) did not follow the necessary procedures.

A spokesperson for the IEC on Thursday evening confirmed that there had been problems with some of the overseas votes, but said that they would only be able to release more details on Friday.

Hat tip: D.R.

6 Opinion(s):

FreeThinker said...

This bitch is so damn thick, she makes two pieces of 2" x 4" look like a Cray Supercomputer...

Dachshund said...

Still can't drive, incompetent, corrupt and ugly as a barrel of burst arseholes.

Para Bellum said...

@ Dachs...

Agreed. She is definitely a two or three bagger.

All I want to know is: "Where on Gods green earth do the ANC dig this level of mentality from?"

Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

Anonymous said...

The AWB should start recruiting all those Black, Colored, and Indian right wingers in London.

Exzanian said...

According to this obese running dog bitch EVERYONE that is not 100%ANC is a counter revolutionery and racist. It's good that ex-pats smeared their arses on the ANC, and even better considering the results in the Cape Province.

Anonymous said...

"ugly as a barrel of burst arseholes" LOL!! Keep the descriptions of this (whatever it is) fugliness coming. @ Para, not even 3 bags would do, bud. A case of Red Bull and 100 viagra couldn't do it for me.