Friday, April 24, 2009

Probe cops for intimidation: DA

The DA has laid charges against five North West police officers who allegedly intimidated the DA's deputy chairperson in the North West.

Party leader Chris Hattingh said on Friday that deputy chairperson Shangy Mbekwa was intimidated and held hostage in Moretele village for five hours on election day.

"Mr Mbekwa was visiting polling stations in the area, bringing food to DA volunteers when the police officers confronted him about his vehicle covered with DA stickers," read a statement.

He alleged that a Captain Mahlangu claimed Mbekwa was trying to bribe voters with food to vote for the DA.

"In the process they tore up his notebook, damaged his vehicle and his cellphone, stating that they do not want his vehicle full of stickers of the white man's party there," said Hattingh.

He said Mbekwa tried to explain to them the purpose of his visit.

he officers then allegedly told him they would "show him how they work with people who thought they were clever".

"When Mbekwa tried to phone another police officer to come and assist him, his cellphone was thrown to the ground and it stopped working. He got into his car and tried to leave, but when he tried to pull away Inspector Selepe violently pulled the keys out of the ignition whilst the engine was running."

He said a case of crimen injuria, malicious damage to property and intimidation had been opened against the five police officers.

Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Kebaakae Metsi was not immediately available for comment.

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Anonymous said...

This election, and all the antics that have gone with it, I fear is part of the end game for the white man in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

True anon!