Thursday, April 02, 2009

Press Release - BGOASA

Gun Licence Renewal Deadline a Fiasco.

Our Association feels that is entirely regrettable that Government has decided to proceed with the intimidation of licensed firearm ownersvia the prohibitive and totally discriminatory Firearms Control Act.

We view the Act as primarily designed to disarm the low-income wage earner who has little money or spare time to jump through the hurdles government has decide to erect against law-abiding people being enabled to defend themselves from violent criminals.

BGOASA has for years attempted to engage with government on thismatter. BGOASA has held several marches in protest but government has continually snubbed its nose at millions of firearm owners instead of negotiating in good faith.We feel that Government has treated all black firearm owners with contempt by -for example CFR Director Bothma ignoring court orders to issue licences to many legitimate applicants.

Government has also ignored;

* Our constant requests for a fair and just hearing and consultation over this law.

* 2000 representations on the law; the vast majority requested it be scrapped.

* a petition of 380,000 signatures against the legislation,hand-delivered to Parliament..

* Every reputable international and local study indicating that this gun control travesty ultimately presents a dire threat to public safety. In our opinion, Government has;

* To provide factual proof of its claims of reducing criminal guns and reducing violent crime.

* To inform the public and firearm owners they are -as prescribed inthe Act- entitled to compensation.

* Unconstitutionally not paid any compensation whatsoever for a single firearm of the 600,000 surrendered thus far.

*Deliberately misled the public as to their constitutional Rights under the Act.

* Purposefully intimidated the public and exposed them to the dangers of increasing violent crime through its disarmament campaign.

* Forced firearm owners to be unjustly made to feel like criminals as well as treated as such.

Recent events have made it blatantly obvious that the Central Firearm Registry has been entirely unprepared since 2005 to issue the potential 63,000 license applicants renewals per month.

BGOASA has stated that its members cannot and therefore will not comply with this law until black gun owners have been consulted and the law is changed where changes are needed. When TAXI driver refuse to obey the law and demand to speak to government because they were not consulted the ANC comes running to listen.

When firearm owners refuse to obey the law the ANC hides behind the blanket of the SAPS who regularly threaten to imprison everyone.Thus, our Association feels that perhaps the ANC Government should have included in its election manifesto their intent to render law-abiding citizens defenceless in the face of our beloved country' severe-worsening crime situation.

Be it known that as Chairman, unless compensation is offered, shall myself not be either re-licencing or surrendering my firearm, others must come to their own decision but always bear in mind that when years ago, once we started burning our pass-books, the Law was eventually changed, in my heart I truly believe we can achieve this again.

In common cause to all our Brothers and Sisters-in-arms, Abios Khoele
National Chairperson
Black Gunowners of South Africa

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