Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jacob Zuma plans R84m party

I'll admit to being one of Jacob Zuma's biggest sceptics because I judge people by what they do rather than by what they say. In Zuma's case, his record speaks for itself. And in that case, he is not to be trusted. Most leaders should start with a zero score and then move from there. I gave Mbeki a zero and he finished minus a fucking lot. Zuma is not at zero. He starts with a deficit and until he earns kudos by DOING something worthy of praise, he remains a dolt in my book.

Besides the rape charge, the flip-flopping on Zimbabwe, the hundreds of corruption charges he managed to arm-wrestle away you must not forget he was second-in-command of the ANC's 'intelligence' unit stationed outside the country that even Amnesty International fingered for gross human rights abuses. This is the man's record.

This is the faulty individual that has been elected to guard Africa's biggest money chest. He has the keys to the petty cash. Lots of it. This is also the man we taxpayers forked out R1 million a month in VIP protection when he was outside government, a private citizen, like you and me. At no time did he stop and think, "Hey, maybe that money could be better spent on the poor I portend to represent". But no, the man is either shit stupid or selfish or both (we'll see which as time goes by) and I believe he will be easily led. He has too many skeletons in his closet that will come to haunt him. Too many favours owed. Too many deep dark secrets. Too many debts to repay. Beginning with the Shaik brothers. Oh by the way, expect a pardon any day and a miraculous recovery from Schabir Shaik. Hallelujah!

In the meantime, while South Africa goes into deficit, while millions starve and live in squalor, while 43% remain unemployed, Africa's next "Big Man" is going to spend another R84 million of your money on an inauguration party. Some more minus points in my book.

Jacob Zuma will spend AUD$12 million to celebrate his inauguration as President of South Africa, where the financial downturn is expected to drive unemployment to 43 per cent.

As crashing commodity prices cripple his country, Mr Zuma has invited kings and presidents to be among 4000 people at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on May 9.

Opposition leader Helen Zille vowed yesterday that she would watch Mr Zuma's African National Congress party "like a hawk" for signs of corruption and complacency after last week's election win.

"My message to him would be that South African voters are voting more and more on the basis of issues and not blind loyalty (to the ANC)," she said. "This is the ANC's last chance to rely on the loyalty vote, because weare becoming a mature democracy."

As Ms Zille prepares for the first sitting of the new parliament, another leading white woman in South African politics will be a happy spectator.

Perth-born Suzanne Vos, known as the "White Zulu", has lost her seat after 15 years as an MP for the Zulu-based Inkatha Freedom Party.

But she has few regrets. "I'm free at last," said Ms Vos, 63.

The former journalist for West Australian Newspapers entered parliament in the 1994 "freedom" election that overturned apartheid rule and installed Nelson Mandela in power as the first black president.

"It's been an extraordinary time. It has been fantastic," she said. "But now it's time to move on to do other things. There's work to be done on the rape crisis and many gender-related issues as well as drugs and gangsterism."

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Dachshund said...

Sorry if I sound pedantic, but $12 million = R1,07 million at the current dollar/rand exchange rate. For a moment there I thought the rand had bounced back fantastically to R7 to the $.

Yes, it's gross, disgusting and all part of the Big African Man syndrome. Not a good sign of things to come.

Dachshund said...

Have you seen this outrageous story yet? The ANCYL are telling Snuki Zikalala he can't have ANY job in the media anymore. What will these louts do if he chooses to stay in the media? Necklace him?

The African National Congress Youth League has urged ousted SABC news head Snuki Zikalala to steer clear of another job in the media.

"The ANCYL says good riddance to Snuki Zikalala and wishes him the best on whatever career path he pursues, hoping it will not be in the media," said the league in a statement.

On Tuesday, the SABC board announced that Zikalala, who was the head of news and current affairs, would not have his contract renewed at the end of the month.

Journalist Phil Molefe would take over from Zikalala in an acting capacity from May 1 whilst a replacement was sought.

ANCYL spokesperson Floyd Shivambu said with the departure of Zikalala, the SABC had a chance to reinstate its "credibility" as a public broadcaster.

"Whatever can be said and done, it is an objective reality that Snuki Zikalala was managing news along partisan and factional lines."

Shivambu said the league supported news that was broadcast and spread in a fair and equitable fashion, "not what Snuki Zikalala was doing".

He said the SABC should now "uproot" remaining "biased and factional" reporters, "who continue to distort news in favour of specific political parties". [In other words, in favour of any political party other than the ANC.]


Anonymous said...

Sorry should read A$12 million (Aussie dollars). Yeah, R7 to the US$, we wish..;)

Thorum said...

This story is outrageous. It tends to underlind the perilous situation in South Africa. Sad and scary. I invite you to share your thoughts, views and good conversation at a forum I belong to called "The Apricity". You will find like-minded people there and a few SA's too. ( Keep up the good work you do. Your blog is well done and an inspiration!! Cheers for now friend and comrade!! Thorum

Anonymous said...

Who gives a stuff about Snuki Zikalala. He fell out of favour for being too pro-Thabo Mbeki. When Zuma falls out of favour, the next SABC stooge will be kicked out for being too pro-Zuma. The SABC has all the credibility of the Baviaans Municipality's financial statements.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a page from Bob Moo Garbage does politics.

Anonymous said...

So, while I did not vote for Zuma, he is still my president, elected by the people no matter what gets said. As a person who has been intimately involved with the Inauguration, i can say that in general there has been no excess. R84 sounds like a lot, and probably is, but firstly pales in comparison to most other world leaders, and secondly, if you take into consideration that 15 years ago R50 was spent on Mandela's Inauguration, taking into consideration inflation is not that bad. I would prefer hungry people to be fed as i am sure most people would have, but extravagant it was not

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your viewpoint, I do. However, in these hard times a little fiscal discretion would have been prudent. People are losing their jobs, going hungry by the millions and every penny (as I'm sure you do appreciate) counts. I figure it would have been symbolic if Zuma had said, it's a new era, let's put aside the money, let's do this in parliament, have a big reception afterwards and keep it small. We are not a wealthy country. R84 million would have built almost 3000 RDP houses. When one puts it that way, then R84 mil sounds like a lot, doesn't it? We would have put 3000 families in homes as opposed to wasting it in one afternoon on one man and a bunch of puffed off foreign dignitaries.