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Is this what happened to liberals?

Doberman wrote earlier, posing the question: Whatever Happened to the Liberals?

Cheryl from New Jersey, a contributing author of The Right Perspective, wrote this article about how that piece of scum Perez Hilton spew his hatred towards Carrie Prejean, Miss California at the Miss USA pageant, after she answered his loaded question about gay marriages at the pageant where Perez was a judge.  Carrie said she thought it was good that people have a choice today regarding their preferences, but she was brought up and believed that marriage should be between a man and woman.  She clearly states this was her belief.  You can watch the disgusting remarks of that idiot Perez here:

This is how Miss Prejean responded:


Here follows the brilliant article from Cheryl: Miss not Ms

miss_california_carrie_prejean_publicity_shotShe was looking to become Miss USA, not Ms. USA, and definitely not Mrs. USA.  She’s not married, has no years of being married, hasn’t gotten to a 10th anniversary of marriage, a silver 25th anniversary of marriage, nor a golden 50th anniversary of marriage.  She’s no expert on marriage.  She’s trying to look beautiful so that she can win a beauty contest.  It’s not an ugly contest.  If they had to give out awards and money for being ugly they would run out of money before they gave out all of the awards.  The idea behind a beauty contest is money: oh, if only I could buy that color eye make-up I would attract attention; oh, if only I could lose enough weight so I could go around in that bathing suit; oh, if only I could get that hair style some man would notice me; oh, if only I had beautiful clothes like that…. on and on….

Beauty is for sale; it’s purchasable, you can buy it.  They have beauty contests because beautiful women attract attention.  They fill up a convention centers with people who are ready to look at beautiful women for hours on end.

Did I mention the earrings?  Did you see those earrings?  Those earrings must have been so heavy pulling down on the earlobes; if you tilt too far forward you could lose your balance and fall flat on your face.  I’ve noticed they put beautiful jewelry on beautiful women.  It’s called advertising and it’s a big business.

donald-trump-picture-1Donald Trump owns this production.  The Miss USA pageant is his.  He should have hired judges who like looking at and can properly judge beautiful women.  A beauty contest is not a political contest.  Being politically correct is not an objective of a beauty contest.  Bringing up divisive topics for questions and answers is only going to stir up trouble.  A beauty contest needs judges who first of all like beautiful women.  If the judges don’t like beautiful women, they shouldn’t be judges.  If you don’t like steak, don’t become a food critic.  Donald Trump should have gotten a different judge.  The judge had his own agenda.  The judge looked to get the headlines.  The judge went into a descriptive commentary about what he would have done if Miss California had won.  These items do not belong at a beauty contest.  When other scandalous behavior has arisen because of beauty contests, either the winner had to step down, or personnel changes had to take effect.  Donald Trump needs to get judges who like beautiful women; find those women attractive; can rate their charm and grace; and can assign a numerical rating as to their beauty.

miss_california_carrie_prejean_winsPolitical decisions are not going to be made by Miss USA.  She is not going to influence voting patterns across the nation.  She is not going to determine the final outcome on solar power.  She’s looking to win a contest, collect her money and go around looking pretty.  And what’s wrong with that?

Miss USA needs to be wholesome; needs to represent American Values like Apple Pie and Mom.  There is a certain sense of morality, youthfulness and innocence that needs to be projected.  Deviation from that ideal has no place at a beauty contest.

And where are the COWs?  The Coalition of Women.  The ones who have gone around saying they want equality; they want their own identity; they want women in the forefront.  They have been promoting that women should speak up.   Women should speak their mind.  So why is it when Miss California spoke her mind no COWs came forward to defend her?  Could it be that they have a political agenda contrary to Miss California?  Miss California is out there all alone, and the women who should be defending her seem to be nowhere to be seen.  COWs out to pasture.

anita-bryantYears ago a beauty contestant runner-up, a Miss Oklahoma in the Miss America contest, Anita Bryant, had become a spokesperson for Florida oranges.  When she was married and had a family, she successfully advertised Florida orange juice.  When she spoke out against the gay community, they didn’t let up on her until she was ruined financially, she lost her contract to advertise orange juice, and she became divorced.  That was a vicious assault.  Now years later, beauty contestants are still targets.  Anita Bryant had pointed out that in order to create a family, in order to have a baby, two parents are needed, a man and a woman, a husband and a wife, a father and a mother.  The way Anita Bryant had worded it, she said something to the effect that she knew of Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

That’s the American Way; that’s the Norman Rockwell image; that’s the way it has always been.  And I don’t know how they can possibly make it any different.  The beauty contestants don’t get all dressed up to attract other beauty contestants.  Where are the COWs who are devoted mothers?  The COWs would allow their children to be taken from them?  The COWs say normanrockwellnothing.  To them their children are secondary.  It’s okay with society; it’s okay with the courts; it’s okay with the states - the definition of family is changed.  The excuse is that the new millennium represents modern times.  Get with it.  This is the dawning of a new age.  Oh, NO.  Family is Man, Woman, Child.  Women still bring children into this world.  Children are not manufactured off an assembly line.  The liberated woman cannot give her child over to another woman as a replacement; no mother can be replaced.  There is only one biological mother.

In life there are problems.  In marriage there are problems.  Work at fixing up the problems.  Work on that.  Don’t say go a new way.  Take the issue; take the problem, work on it and fix it.  You find a problem with marriage - fix it.

And a young woman who speaks up and defends religion should be commended.  Marriage is man, woman, child.  That’s the way it’s always been.  That’s the way it will always be.  And that can never be changed.  And who would ever want to change it.

Miss California, America is with you.  You are the American ideal.  Continue to speak out.  Continue with how you were raised.  A good life is your future.  You are a blessing.

Miss California, all the best of luck to you.


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Kini said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, not sure if that went through.
Thanks for that wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

Very good post. I have no beef with gays except if they try and shove their shit on to me. As they are doing here. This is bullshit theatrics. Marriage was, is and will always be between a man and a woman. Finito. End of story. No amount of bullshit will change that. Now, I have no issue with gays hooking up, playing pretend 'marriage' etc, what goes on behind closed doors is their business but I draw the line when they try and convince us that their condition, a mental condition, is normal. If that is how society sees it, and if what they have now is all that society is prepared to tolerate, they must deal with it. They've come a long way and the prudent course of action for them is to take it easy. Change and acceptance will come eventually. But force feed it and people will rebel and it will all come undone.

Dachshund said...

What is a gay guy doing at a Miss USA competition in the first place, unless he's a backstage hairdresser or a make-up artist? The guy's probably got Aids, grouchy as hell from anti retro-virals.

How many gay successful marriages are there anyway? Gays don't stay married because there's no point to it. Gay guys want to scew around without responsibility. When they get old, nobody, but nobody, wants them around, except bitchy old fag hags.

I wouldn't go to lunch with him, Miss Prejean. He night just throw acid in your face.

Anonymous said...

Will Donald Trump puh-leez do something about that hideous comb over onto his face? Hasn't that sweet gay guy got a boyfriend who can arrange something? On the other hand, the way HIS face reminds me of a collage of burst arseholes ... maybe not.