Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Irrelevance Of The Mainstream Media

This article refers to the tea party protests in America which the liberal mainstream media (MSM) has ignored and indeed mocked. This attitude by the MSM may just as well apply anywhere in the Western world.

These are protests that draw tens of thousands. Previously, if you put two anti-war protesters within a mile of each other the MSM would be all over it for weeks. But, these are anti-Obama protesters and no one may tread on The One, the liberal media's dear leader. This same MSM contri
ved to ensure Obama was elected by withholding information from the electorate that now is slowly being revealed to Americans, black and white - and the people do not like what they are seeing. It is ironic that the charge against Obama's big government plans are being led by the little guys, the bloggers, the local papers. Hands up those who have seen this on BBC and CNN and if you have, how often?

My point in the first post I ever made is clear: the sanitised and biased liberal mainstream media is failing in its duty to REPORT events, not direct them, to hold governments to account, not choose
them. If they fail in this task, they become irrelevant and they have. Here then is a commentary from a black reporter.

If anything, the past week's coverage has shown us just how irrelevant the mainstream media is, and they know it.

Again, I harken back to the words issued by my first editor in 1989. He told me, "It's the job of the media to report the news, not incite it." Never were words so true after the events surrounding the tea parties.

The media, in their wisdom, wrote the protests off as "rightwing", "racist", hate groups convened for one purpose: display their hate for a black president. The Speaker of the House labeled the protests as a convention funded by rich white businesspersons opposed to paying their share of taxes; ironic given the makeup of Obama's appointees and near misses, and some currently sitting in elected office.

National anchors mocked those in attendance and used the opportunity to throw in inappropriate sexual innuendo, as if Lewinsky's weren't enough to keep our youth vocabulary going strong.

Some of the media elitists were caught making a bad choice in their decision not to cover the tea parties. Remember, the media is supposed to cover what happens, not what they personally hope would go away. Granted, by giving them so much attention, Fox News may have helped incite them, but if we were talking about an anti-Bush protest being organized on the grassroots level, the exalted would have considered this something wonderful.

But again, in their infinite wisdom, the media decides whom is worthy of their valuable coverage and whom is not.

I was contacted by a reporter Friday morning and asked if I would like to be interviewed on the Brown University/Columbus Day controversy. I talked with the very nice reporter for around 20 minutes and thought I made some good points. The reporter's editors removed all of the comments made (in favor of some lame statements that didn't counter the hypocrisy of the Brown students and faculty) in his original draft, and what's left is a perception that spared Brown of the true criticism they deserved.

The coverage (or lack thereof) of the tea parties is a clear case of media guilt by ommission.

As they've been allowed to not just misreport what happened, but in their partisan arrogance, also succeeded in slandering thousands of people who are, in essence, their customers. That arrogance could also be considered stupidity, because did they believe labeling the protesters as racists would make people want to watch their channels? What were they thinkin'?

As this is another of life's hypotheticals, it's something we'll never be able to prove, but if the media had covered the events fairly, there is a chance that people would have been happy their message was delivered and would go on with their lives. By dissing the collective, they've angered thousands, disenfranchised themselves from their dwindling audiences, and encouraged the people to do it again, and again, and again.

The elected class is watching, as their kneejerk reaction was to dismiss a voice of the people they didn't authorize. The media is watching as the people aren't buying into their templates, and planning to continue on despite being called America's worst slurs by the elites.

If there was ever a reason to go against their edicts, the media has given the people the reason. The Democrats must be fearing November 2010, and the media has been rendered helpless to shape the debate to their ideology's liking.

They now know what it's like to have our elected blow us off. The now know what it's like to feel irrelevant. The problem for them is, if the media protests, no one will care.


Lloyd Marcus calls out Garafalo for her racist remark, …HOW DARE YOU!

Ms Garafalo, HOW DARE YOU! Calling hard working, decent American taxpayers ‘racist tea bagging rednecks’ simply because they protest outrageous government spending is evil. Your irresponsible divisive accusation fuels the flames of racial hatred and could inspire violence against whites.

Your arrogance in saying that I suffer from “Stockholm Syndrome” because I am a black man who loves his country and my fellow Americans is beyond measure.

I can not begin to express how offensive it is for me to hear narcissistic superior liberals lecturing me on why I should view myself as a victim and hate white America. You are sick, evil or both.

As a black man, I ask that you please confine your liberal insulting rhetoric on my behalf to your elitist cocktail parties where you pat yourselves on the back for the number of blacks on your guest list.

The American people are good. Obama was elected president, NOT King. We have a right and duty to protest against policies we believe to be wrong for America. Why? Because freedom isn’t free!

Your despicable lies only embolden us patriots to stand tall, united, and strong for America.

Lloyd Marcus,

Songwriter & Vocalist of the “American Tea Party Anthem”.

President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color)

UPDATE: GE chairman confronted about MSNBC bias at shareholders’ meeting

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