Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guess Who Is ONE Today?

Today I Luv SA celebrates its First Birthday.

Hip hip hooray.

Yes, I know, it doesn't go unnoticed that the blog shares the occasion with the Labour Movement or the Communists.

I Luv SA was started on 1 May 2008, by a self-effacing individual known as Doberman. There were no lofty ideals, other than to inform in a way that was honest, combined with some humour and original artwork.

Initially growth was slow, but now boasts over 300,000 visitors, most of which were acquired in the last 6 months, with an astonishing 3200+ articles having been published. Moreover, I Luv SA is now the highest ranked blog of its kind in South Africa.

Today I Luv SA is maintained by a motley crew of global contributors, which gives it an eclectic feel.

Strangely, I Luv SA set out to tone down the extreme rhetoric found at other sites, yet we have been afflicted with “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. Many critics or pedants, and there are plenty, believe we need to be governed by the same rules of fairness as professional journalists (somewhat of an oxymoron). Quite the contrary. There are many blogs of every persuasion, and we only have an obligation to our audience, which is to dispense truth as we see it.

That being said we acknowledge I Luv SA isn't perfect. We do publish material from time-to-time that is inappropriate, but that is the nature of the beast. We of course strive to remain a blog that is relevant, and trust you will guide us in this endeavour.

Blogging is not easy, and is a time consuming affair, so we thank you for your support. We are all amateurs, have families to support and vocations to pursue. As long as we continue to receive encouragement we will continue with our efforts, despite the many threats to silence us. In fact there are even those with more macabre thoughts of seeing us wiped off the face of the earth. Of course we strongly support our right to freedom of association, thought and speech.

Many people use I Luv SA as an alternative source of news. In addition it is a source of comfort. You will find a uniquely South African perspective, inclusive of humour, language, culture and petty rivalries. So if you form part of the diaspora, and need to feel connected to your roots as you make your transition in your new land, this is where you need to be.

We hope the community takes ownership of the blog and ensures its longevity. So if you are a budding blogger, we look forward to your contributions. Otherwise "many happy returns".

18 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...


Yours is the first blog that I read everyday - keep up the good work!
As an expat we rely on your blog to keep us informed of what all is happening back 'home'!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:48, thank you. It is folks like you that make all the hard work worthwhile. We really appreciate all of you stopping by. Now that the elections are over, we'll be moving our focus to issues on the ground such as crime and service delivery intermingled with the odd splattering of humour and thoughtful opines from different sources, much of which will not find agreement all the time but which may irrigate the thought process and bring about discussion, the more heated the better ;)

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hey Vanilla,

Just thought I'd mention you also share a birthday with the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati, by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt; on 1 May 1776 in Bavaria (which is part of the reasons for the other subsequent anniversary dates, of course; although not mentioned in polite circles! ;-)).


Anonymous said...

Great work guys - the effort is appreciated! I know it can be mind numbing to find stories so thanks again.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:30, absolutely. It is a bugger to find decent articles on a daily basis, not one or three but up to six or ten sometimes. Then find pics... We don't want to just repost News24 stuff, people can do that themselves but we do and add our commentary to initiate debate. But we do try so if you can forgive us a couple of poor articles being posted, we'll try and improve. Suggestions always, always welcome.

Tim Johnston said...

Happy Birthday IluvSA !!!!!

FreeThinker said...

Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

It is wonderful to see how well "I Luv SA" is doing and I think that in itself is an indication of the overall quality of information published here.

FishEagle said...

So eloquently written! Happy Birthday! Hope there will be many more.

Anonymous said...

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ZeroTolerance said...

Happy Blogoversary; we share the same date!
A year and still going strong.
Kudos, absolutely fantastic job over the last year, your blog’s impact has been amazing, It's a pleasure visiting with you every day.
I have read you since before your blog-birth, and you were/are a huge inspiration to me, which is why I now have my little blog in this particular corner of the 'sphere.
Huge congrats on the milestone and your incredible blog achievements, amazing to see how much your blog has grown!
Thanks Doberman and the motley crew, for all the heads up on what’s going on, appreciate everything, really do, thank you, and dont leave us!!!!
Keep writing. We’ll keep reading.

Here's to another great blogging year, Cheers I Luv SA.

Dachshund said...

Congrats. I find your blog very useful to stay tuned into news and opinions other than from The Times.

Joe King said...

Happy birthday - and 308 000 not bad. If you want to get someone back in life, live well and i think ILUVSA lives well. Congrats. am privilaged to be associated with ILUVSA. Great going, i guess we should say, MR. Doberman.

Werner said...

Congrats Dobe, VI & crew!
You guys are doing an amazing job, and this is the site I refer all inquisitive Canadians to...
It is a shame that reports on horrendous crimes reported on the Beeld site in Afrikaans, are not found at the English news24 site - thus the opportunity to inform and educate the rest of the world is often lost.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Okes! What a milestone. I really enjoy this blog, alongside SAS. Sort of keeps a person sane amongst all the k@k going down in sunny RS of A. Keep it up and I look forward to reading these pages until 1 may 2010.

Exzanian said...

Well done guys and keep it rolling! I try to catch as much as I can on the net but always seem to run out of time, so you guys really found the niche, and some great original posts too (more of them please VI and Dobes) Wow, you guys are making this into a great virtual place and building up a responsibility to many ex-pats (and plenty back home too, I think)ILUVSA is a home away from home in a strange new digital age, and I hope you can carry that weight forward. Brilliant! Go for one million hits before end 2009...

FishEagle said...

@ Dobes, thanks!

@ Vince R

“ you guys really found the niche, and some great original posts too (more of them please VI and Dobes) Wow, you guys are making this into a great virtual place and building up a responsibility to many ex-pats (and plenty back home too, I think)ILUVSA is a home away from home in a strange new digital age…”

I couldn’t have said it better. And yes, back home too.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up.

FishEagle said...

Dobes, I have sent you a mail from the internet cafe. I'd appreciate it if you could just confirm that you've received it.