Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hamas Tactics in the Gaza Strip

Here’s a very good video presentation created by the IDF, showing the tactics used in the Gaza Strip by the terror gang Hamas.

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Real charming bunch

Death sentence for selling land

Hebron - West Bank - A Palestinian court on Tuesday sentenced to death by hanging a man convicted of selling land in the occupied West Bank to Israelis.

A court in the West Bank town of Hebron sentenced Anwat Breghit, 59, to death by hanging after finding him guilty of treason and of "selling Palestinian land to Israelis".

According to the indictment, Breghit sold property belonging to his village of Beit Omar near Hebron to Israelis from the nearby Jewish settlement of Karmei Tzur.

The sentence still requires the approval of president Mahmud Abbas in order to be carried out.

Dozens of Palestinians have been sentenced to death since 2000 over charges of collaboration with the Israeli authorities. Only two people have seen their sentences carried out, but many others were summarily executed over similar suspicions.