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Dark days ahead for Africa as South Africa regresses

From the Scotland On Sunday

Africa is a continent sinking, relentlessly and irreversibly, into the Stone Age.

It is not polite to say so, of course: such talk has been denounced by bien-pensants wishful thinkers for many years. We live in a society conditioned to accept that "progress" is an axiom, therefore it must be occurring, however much the evidence suggests the contrary.

A more reliable axiom holds that South Africa is the bread basket of the continent; today, it is fast becoming a basket case. The future of the continent, since the end of colonialism, has always hinged on South Africa. Stability there might have reversed much of the chaos and decay further north. For years, the outcome has hung in the balance. Over the past 12 months the pendulum has decisively swung towards disintegration. South Africa is now set to become the second Zimbabwe.

Superficially, the situation still does not appear entirely negative. The country has a patina of modernity, imparted by the large modern cities that are its legacy from the past. South Africa has a sophisticated financial sector, though markets are determinedly in denial over the economic programme being concocted by the ruling ANC. Compared to fourth world states such as Equatorial Guinea, there is an illusion of economic competence.

The underlying reality is more sombre. The unemployment rate is 23%, inflation stands at around 12%, manufacturing – which accounts for 16% of the economy – fell by 6.9% in the third quarter of 2008. There is a brain drain that is haemorrhaging educated personnel from the country: every year South Africa loses a quarter of its graduates. Immigration is composed of desperate refugees from Zimbabwe and other unskilled incomers.

Life expectancy is 49 years. This is largely due to the HIV/Aids crisis, with 18.1% of the population infected. There are 5.7 million South Africans suffering from HIV or Aids, with 500,000 new infections every year. The UN-sponsored panacea of the condom is killing huge numbers of Africans. When Pope Benedict XVI pointed this out he was pilloried by western liberals. The fact is that people practising pre-marital chastity and post-marital fidelity cannot contract Aids.

The UN claims a 90% protection rate for condoms. The 10% difference among populations of many millions is liberalism's African genocide. The statistics speak for themselves. In Burundi, which is 62% Catholic, the Aids rate is 2%; in Angola, 38% Catholic, it is 2.1%. In South Africa, which is 7.1% Catholic, the rate is 18.1%.

The principal motor of South Africa's decline is political. Last week the ANC government banned the Dalai Lama from attending a peace conference to be held in South Africa next year. This reflects the ANC's links with China. Yet only 6.6% of South Africa's exports go to China, so the bond is linked to aid and ideology.

The ANC began its existence as a communist front organisation and today it has returned to its roots. Its secretary general, Gwede Mantashe, was also chairman of the South African Communist Party.

The ANC manifesto for the April 22 general election is extravagantly Marxist. It would abolish school fees for the 60% of pupils currently paying for education, introduce a family allowance of £15 a month for everybody up to age 18 at a cost of £3bn, implement universal free health insurance, "create" five million new jobs. A fraction of that programme would increase marginal rates of income tax from 40% to 66%. There would not be a graduate left in the country.

The communists drew up this national suicide note, with the acquiescence of the ANC leader, Jacob Zuma. South Africa already has one of the biggest current account deficits in the world. This is a blueprint for economic meltdown, in a country where 40% already receive state handouts.

Like a bird of ill omen, Winnie Mandela, who supported "necklacing" of political opponents, has returned to the political arena. She is number five on the ANC list, which guarantees her a cabinet post.

The ANC is consciously following in the footsteps of Robert Mugabe. Last year, South Africa used its non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council to block tougher sanctions against Zimbabwe. Now, despite having an opinion poll lead of 45% to 7% over its nearest rivals, the ANC is employing widespread violence and intimidation in the election campaign. It is even fielding "war veterans" who are far too young to have participated in the anti-apartheid struggle – exactly on the Zanu-PF model in Zimbabwe.

If Mugabe's Zimbabwe is the template for the bread basket of Africa – as it clearly is – then dire consequences can be expected for the entire continent.

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Anonymous said...

Lets see if they can eat freedom

Exzanian said...

Please take note in the coming weeks and months how the West will avert their gaze. Reality denial second to none is coming our way. But every morsel of good news will be picked up and fawned over and held up to the bright light of hypocrisy, starting with the world cup. They are so desperate to make that work that they can hardly fail. And then...
Oops sorry, I've got to be sick now....

Anonymous said...

100% correct Vince. Acording to the BBC,CNN FOX,SKY etc,everything is hunky dory in the rainbow nation.

Anonymous said...

"This is a blueprint for economic meltdown, in a country where 40% already receive state handouts."

Although I can't predict the time frame, a meltdown is assured. Yes, many of you will point to the strengthening Rand and say "Look it is a vote of confidence." Hey, whatever, if you still believe that then I'll pray for you.

Finally, for those of us living outside of South Africa, we get a daily reminder that the world doesn't give a fuck. Nobody will even notice bad governance in SA, it is expected.

The events of late have made me throw my hands in the air and shout "To hell with it." It is unbelievable how stupid sub-Saharan blacks are, and how weak willed and pathetic the remaining whites can be.

I find myself almost wanting to fast forward to a future time, to sit back and gloat at the suffering that will befall South Africa.

Anonymous said...

It may seem the Rand is strengthening. That is not the case, the dollar is losing ground against every currency in the world, but this ZUMA booitjie will have an effect on the rand keep watching.Who in their right mind will invest in this Marxist ANC after today?

Got to agree VI, the people who still believe in a future in South Africa, should rather stay there.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if by "Africa" you mean "Negro/Central Africa" I should point out that their huts never had walls and roofs, but were rather a continued wall-roof commonly known as a bee-hive hut!

Anonymous said...

We have to look closely at the China - South African relationship S

Scorpion said...

To Vanilla Ice re:
" weak willed and pathetic the remaining whites can be."

I have asked Doberman (or anyone who can answer) before and I ask again - what can the white man do? Seriously now, what do you suggest? By far the majority of white South Africans have nowhere else to go. To say 'leave' is to address maybe 5% of the white population.

White South Africans are in the thick of things no matter what happens. But what do you suggest we do? Open war? Breaking, burning and looting, like blacks do, just to vent frustration?
That is the African way, you know that. And what will violence do but 'justify' the ANC's oppression against whites?

What can be done apart from casting a vote against the ANC on April 22nd?

Anonymous said...

@ Scorpion..Form groups, withhold taxes and rates, hold street rallies, street protests, boycott products, boycott companies involved in BEE and AA, pester foreign media with the truth about South Africa, the list goes on...

Ok, some might say, withhold taxes and rates and they go after us. Yes they will, but then you comply at the last moment. Keep doing it. They can't sue everybody. Slow the flow of money.

STOP playing the "game". This is a power game and we are losing. As long as we go along meekly, nothing will change. Make the country ungovernable - peacefully - by using the ONLY thing we whites still possess - MONEY. And money is the real power.

Whites control the economy. We control services. Stop employing domestic help. Stop feeding your money into their pockets. We can affect everything if we stood together. For example, when the took away the Bok logo, we could have boycotted the games and stopped watching the matches on TV. But no, like meek little sheep we took it up the rear.

The wheels will come off if whites stopped the flow of money. THAT's what we can do.

FishEagle said...

Scorpion, we need to make the world aware of the problems of a democracy, using our own experiences in SA as an example. The internet allows everybody living in SA to reach people across the globe.

Target the awareness campaign at countries with well developed democracies. These are the people that are going to take things to the next step. The next great big step in our civilization is certainly not going to happen in Africa. Although you will have to propose a solution to the problems that you have encountered in SA. I firmly believe that these countries are heading towards the meritocracy. Propose that they replace the democracy with a meritocracy. The rest of the world will follow, including South Africa.

America and Europe is being flooded with immigrants that are multiplying at a greater rate than the whites. Whites may have allowed it to happen because a meritocracy will protect their achievements.

Afrikaners in SA have not stood together for their Volkstaat because they don’t know where the rest of the world is heading. The majority are just waiting for better days, while complaining about globalization or blaming the Jews.

Meanwhile, we can use globalization to our advantage. And stay alive, out of jail, out of hospitals and earn your daily bread.

FishEagle said...

Touche, Dobes

Anonymous said...

@FishEagle. I am starting to enjoy your reasoning more and more. Lawd knows there are a lot of crackpots floating about. I wholeheartedly endorse both your and Dobes' views. We South Africans could be making a lot more noise. Instead we will rather keep quiet, like the Jews in the holocaust, and politely be herded to extinction.