Saturday, March 21, 2009

'We were promised...'

Dear Editor,

What we wanted and what we got from our last vote.

We were promised:

1.Free education
Parents and caregivers have never paid this much for education. School fees have trebled. Higher school fees and ridiculously larger number of pupils per class, implying less and less individual attention to your child. Both parents need to work to ensure fees are paid.

2. Free water and electricity
Apparently some big wigs at Eskom did mention to the leaders of the New South Africa that a new power station needs to be built or else South Africa is sure to suffer in the near future.

However, the New South Africa's priorities were much too important. Road names needed to be changed for one, let alone the overseas holidays taken on the tax payers money. So unfortunately the promise of free water and cheaper electricity changed to higher rates and higher water bills.

3. Free or cheaper housing
Over the past three years property prices shot up so high that it became impossible for the average person to purchase. For those who did manage to just about qualify to buy, they were hit down when interest rates shot up so high that their entire salaries were going just towards the bond.

4. Cheaper everyday living
Bread is now R9, so let's round that off to R10. Since you now don't have your own home, for whatever reasons listed in point three above, you are back living with your parents.

There's grandma, grandpa, mum, dad, three children. So let's say two loaves are enough for everyone for the day. Lunch is reduced to one slice per person. R600 a month for bread. Meat prices... say no more.

5. Freedom
Our streets have never been more dangerous. In fact you don't even need to go out into the streets, the perpetrators will come to your home.

E-mails recently being circulated are a structured table of which vehicles are hijacked; e-mails on how to make it safely from a mall to your car; e-mails on how to fill up at the garage without being mugged, raped or killed. Crimes are taking new and exciting turns: schools, churches, mosques, offices, medical centres, and even grave yards.

The criminal profession has expanded. The criminal has the freedom to do as he pleases. The criminal has the freedom to mug, rape and shoot you. The criminal has the freedom to take away your most precious belongings. The criminal has the freedom to fair trial and evidence based judgement (if that evidence is ever found at the police station). The criminal has a right to education in prison. The criminal has a right to MNet and internet in prison. The criminal has a right to intercourse with his/her partner whilst in prison.

I am not white, Indian, black or coloured. I am SOUTH AFRICAN. As a South African I reserve the right not just to live in this country but to live happily.

Think before you vote.

A Voter

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