Friday, March 27, 2009

SA Gun owners won't take a bullet

Here is a little summin' if you wanna keep up to date with the impending jackbooting of SA gun owners by the jackboots themselves.

By Heinz de Boer

The South African Gun Owners' Association (Saga) is threatening legal action against the SAPS amid threats that thousands of firearm owners could be arrested come July 1.

Saga spokesperson and legal adviser Martin Hood said the association was poised to interdict the SAPS after threats from the head of the Central Firearms Registry (CFR), Director Jaco Bothma, that gun owners who had not applied for relicensing by the final July deadline face arrest and confiscation of their guns.

Of particular concern to Hood are plans by police to prosecute owners who have not applied for renewal after having sold their guns to a third party who had not yet been granted a licence. Gun owners who have applied to have their firearms deactivated before the deadline and have, therefore, not applied for renewal, could also fall foul of the law.

Hood said there had been a major breakdown in trust between the police and gun owners.

According to him, the Firearms Control Act stipulates that firearm owners can either relicense, sell, deactivate or hand in their guns to police for destruction before the deadline. Owners could, therefore, not be held responsible for police taking up to two years to issue licences, or a year to authorise firearm deactivation.

"Saga and other associations are taking legal opinion with the intent of interdicting the police from doing anything unlawful. We are certainly looking to vent our frustration at the way firearm owners have been treated by police. We are getting ready to square up to them," Hood said.

"These issues are not new, and now, right at the deadline, we are being told people will have their guns taken away and prosecuted. When we tried to address these issues previously we were ignored," he said.

His concerns have been shared by the KZN Hunting and Conservation Association (KZNHCA), who said it was unfair of police to criminalise gun owners who were complying with the law.

"If I sell a firearm to a man, he applies for a licence and it takes the CFR two years to issue it, why should I be made into a criminal. The perception has always been that the original license is valid until a decision is made on the license application," said KZNHCA chief executive officer Adri Kitshoff.

Concerns have also been raised over regulations that will compel gun owners who have not applied for licence renewal to hand in their guns for storage at police stations by July 1.

Provincial CFR head Senior Superintendent P Govender said all old licences would become invalid from July 1, and firearm owners were expected to apply for relicensing by deadlines. Asked about threats to arrest and prosecute owners that had not applied, but instead sold or applied for deactivation, Govender said he was waiting for a national directive before taking action.

5 Opinion(s):

Joe King said...

Trust and police in the same sentance? I'll say it again - IF GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS!!!!

Anonymous said...

those handing in their guns to the police PLEASE remember to bend the barrel ever so slightly. Imagine someones suprise when the gun explodes in their faces ha-ha can't wait to hand mine in!!

MidnightMarauder said...

Why hand in your gun at all?

All this hype on the news is just scare mongering. The cops can't even catch real criminals, how are they going to "round up" all the illegal gun owners and prosecute them? The courts can't even cope with the normal criminal load as it is.

We all know that 99% of the police are ANC thugs and are simply doing their bidding. They are a disgrace to the uniform and the profession!

He of difficult days said...

What? You cops want me hand in my ammo too?

(HODD meekly hands in his ammo that he reloaded himself with 15 x times the maximum permissable amount of gunpowder, loaded in weakened cases)


Can the cops and crooks spell Ka-BOOM!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Para Bellum said...

This is sad... Just another signpost along the way to the marxist shithole this country is going to end up in. Look north my friends, you can see how it all ends.

There is no logic to this law, and the fact they require 'motivation' makes it easy to refuse applications. Remember when you renew in a few years, you need to provide proof of use...

So join a club, and get regular range time. Keep a log book and have it stamped and/or signed by the range officer or club owner/chairman with the details of the shoot/competition etc.

Record any and all 'gun related' activities, such as reloading, case prep etc. (ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!!).

Get hunting certificates from every farmer who will let you shoot on his property plus good conduct reports from the same saying how safe and how expert you are.

If you 'look' at your gun, put it in the log book.

More importantly, layer your home security with hard to breach perimeters, outside beams, eyes, or cameras, and good burglar guards on the windows etc.

@ HODD... Great Idea, just use the 'right' powder to ensure the required effect. Grinding it a lot finer will ensure a steeper pressure curve giving you a better chance of 'success'. Please use wood or copper mortar and pestle ONLY. You don't want to lose a finger or three. A braised lump between two of the grooves quite close to the chamber will also add some excitement to the 'new' owner.

With some creative thinking there are many things you can do to a weapon earmarked for destruction to make sure it will NEVER work correctly if it does not get destroyed.

@ MidnightMarauder... Do not underestimate the desire of the Marxists to see you defenseless. Anyone with an existing license can be found. If you have moved and NOT notified your local FCO you can be looking at spending some quality time with Sipho and the Holnaaiers.

Make other plans, and keep off the radar!!!

Vis Sic Pacem, Para Bellum!