Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Four senior cops behind bars

The only thing that stands between us and total anarchy (some would argue we are there already) are these people and that's a scary prospect. If the public cannot trust the police, what then?

The solution to police corruption and inefficiency is akin to a root canal (and as painful). Start from scratch. Clean out the bad rubbish. Disband the police if need be. Allow communities via secret vote to set up police monitoring committees (voluntary of course) that are elected for say, two years. Give them the power to require that local police stations/ units report to them. Give them the power to set targets, dismiss non performing officers / commanders and appoint others better suited. Ban affirmative action in the police. It is a life and death issue for both the community and police members and only the best should serve. It is no place for ideology. This improves transparency, gives communities control over their safety and restores faith in the police. After all, if the police fail, you are to blame. If you think this is unworkable, observe how well-managed many secured estates operate where the residents have direct input.

Four senior police officers have been arrested on drug trafficking charges, as the fallout from last week’s record drug bust at OR Tambo International Airport continues to rock South Africa.

Police seized 565kg of the drug ephedrine, worth R170 million, while performing a routine check of an inbound flight from Pakistan on March 17.

By late yesterday the head of the Krugersdorp Organised Crime Unit and four of his subordinates – totalling one police superintendent and three captains – were behind bars. They are due to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on racketeering and fraud charges today. More arrests are expected soon.

The officers allegedly removed some of the drug consignments seized at the airport from the crime scene and resold these to drug lords, National Crime Intelligence spokesman Senior Superintendent Tummi Golding said.

It was not clear whether they formed part of the same syndicate that attempted to smuggle the narcotics into SA, or if they were merely being opportunistic.

Crime intelligence in Pretoria had been keeping close tabs on the men since at least 2007, and the sting forms part of an ongoing investigation. “It appears that they are part of a larger syndicate operating in Gauteng,” said Snr Supt Golding.

Police will investigate whether this formed part of a national drug-trafficking syndicate.

Police investigators are working closely with their counterparts overseas to identify possible links between the OR Tambo haul and the arrest of 57 in a Brazilian drug bust only a week earlier which included airport staff, police officials and airline crew members.

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Anonymous said...

While they are at it they should clean out the Edenvale police station as well. That place is totally vrot with corruption.

Anonymous said...

How do you get that in a uniform?