Sunday, March 29, 2009

The First White Pride World Day 21 March 2009

Yesterday, I posted about a White Pride World Day march that took place in Calgary. Here is an account of events told by someone who was present, absent of the sanitised version of the liberal mainstream media.

A semi-belated update on the White Pride March that took place this past Saturday, March 21st. It was overall, a lot of fun, and I was pleased that it garnered so much attention from the media. It was also nice that some of the more prominent members of the Canadian WN movement were present. A big thanks to the organizers of the event who put a lot of time and effort into making it happen. For a more detailed description of what transpired I suggest you read Paul Fromm's article.

The ARA somehow thinks they "won", I'm not entirely sure why -- what exactly was there to win? We had our march -- it wasn't as if it erupted into a full scale battle with one side emerging victorious. Had it, well, I'm glad I was on the side I was, considering the majority of Anti-Whites are 100lb boys who would be home with mommy were it not for the huge police presence.

The ARA cowardly felt the need to launch a variety of projectiles at us; including rocks, glass bottles, metal pieces, water containers, and soup cans. Why poor Anarcho-Communists were throwing away their food is beyond me. Redistribution of wealth, perhaps? The genius' also managed to hit Sun Reporter Rick Bell with a sign -- he ended up writing one of the more unbiased articles, titled "How the forces of diversity, tolerance and non-violence broke my head open".

I also had the pleasure of laying eyes on Bonnie for the first time, whose bears a striking resemblance to a pig. I'd always wondered how someone was willing to pro-create with Jason Devine, suddenly it's all become clear.

Also laughable is the fact that Jason is quoted in the newspaper saying he tried to stop the ARA from being violent. Yeah, I'm sure he was throwing himself in front of the soup cans while begging his comrades to stop hurting the Nazis. He was also on the news bitching about how our tax dollars were being wasted to protect the "evil white supremacists" -- guess what? Had the ARA and other assorted goons not showed up to protest, the police presence wouldn't have been needed.

The ARA also seems to be complaining about so-called "police brutality". I don't know how they expected the police to act, considering the majority of the violence was instigated by the Anti-Whites. I'm convinced they wanted the police to stand there and let a riot ensue. It came pretty damn close as it was.

This all aside, the fact remains that these people were not protesting racism, they were protesting our pride in our heritage.

The majority of media towards the march was negative, and some of it was entirely untrue, such as the article which stated we were waving Nazi flags. We had Celtic Cross flags, and a Red Ensign, neither of which relate to the Third Reich whatsoever. Of course, the media also fails to refer to it as a "White Pride March", instead using slanderous terms such as "neo-Nazi", and "White Supremacist". Considering the bias in the media this doesn't surprise me whatsoever.

A small selection of the many articles regarding March 21st 2009:

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Anonymous said...

I will also point out that I wrote three comments to the Calgary Herald, where, woe betide, I used the word "white". Every single comment went unpublished, in other words they were censored. This, therefore, leaves the impression from the remaining comments that most people were opposed to the protest march. Yet again an example of MSM social engineering.

FishEagle said...

@ Vanilla Ice, I swear we are going back to the times when the earth was flat!!! I would never have guessed, having been pretty naive about politics, until I started participating in blogs on the net. Viva the internet.