Sunday, March 29, 2009

Et tu Trevor?

By Pierre de Vos

Trevor Manuel, who just loves to defend the corrupt arms deal, is at it again. Last night Manuel told a packed gathering at the University of Cape Town that saying anything against the Dalai Lama was in “many quarters equivalent to trying to shoot Bambi”, but the question was, who is he? According to Business Day:

“Is he just the spiritual leader of the Buddhists in Tibet or is he the one who on March 28 1959 established the government of Tibet in exile in the same way Taiwan was established to counter the legality of a single China?” Manuel asked. … “The reason why the Dalai Lama wants to be here is to make a big global political statement about the secession of Tibet from China. He wants to do it on the free soil of SA,” Manuel said.

This is terrible! I am shocked! I am chastised! If only I knew that the Dalai Lama opposed the annexation of his country by the Chinese, and the vicious oppression of Tibetans and their language and religion. If only I knew the Dalai Lama had the bloody cheek to launch a struggle to have his country restored to its people and that he - gasp! - established a government in exile after the annexation of Tibet by China, I would never have supported his visit to South Africa and would never have criticised the government for refusing him a visa.

If only I knew that the Dalai Lama was going to abuse the freedom of speech we have enshrined in our constitution to criticise the illegal annexation of his country by those freedom loving, human rights supporting, Chinese, I would never have mouthed off about the government decision.

After all, who wants to support a man who resists the annexation of his country? If we went down that road, we would have had to support Churchill in the second world war and this would have made Hitler very angry, for God sake! Surely anyone with a moral compass can now see how dangerous it would have been to allow that so called “peaceful” terrorist on our shores. He is for freedom and against tyranny and if we allowed him here it might actually give the natives ideas and we cannot have that, can we?

Really, South Africans just do not understand how precious our freedom of expression is, so they want to abuse it and want to allow a man of the cloth to talk about counter-revolutionary ideas like freedom and self-determination. But as the Minister has now pointed out, freedom must be jealously guarded so we should not share it with anyone. It’s far too dangerous! What next? Before we know it people will be agitating for the independence of Rhodesia and South West Africa (Oops, too late to stop that, I suppose.)

I am so proud of my Minister of Finance. He really knows his right from his wrong. Besides what is wrong with shooting Bambi? I never liked those big innocent eyes and always thought Bambi was a terrorist in Disney Drag. I am sure Trevor, on reflection, will agree that shooting one’s enemies - as the Chinese often do - is the way to go. Let’s start with Zille and Lekota. That will teach them a lesson and will show how freedom loving we really are. You go girl!

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Buzzd said...

Well said, Pirerre. Two things, though:-

How is it that your post is dated Monday 30 March at 3:49? What ST are you on? I am on CAT (GMT+2).

Remind me again who this Trevor is. Is he the same glib, sarcastic adulterer who role-plays as the FM of SAfrica?

The same one whose government's mouths can't even say 'Dalai Lama', saying 'Di Lemma' instead?

Buzzd said...

My apologies - I should have asked Doberman about the ST. Now I know that Doberman could be in Brisbane, which is 8 hours ahead of SAfrica.

But my post got dated Brisbane time. Could it be that bloggerdotcom is down under?

Anonymous said...

"If only I knew that the Dalai Lama opposed the annexation of his country by the Chinese"

You mean like the Boers opposed (and many still do) the annexation of their countries by the British! (and subsequently by the Bantu)...
and anyone who speaks of seperation these days, is considered a terrorist trying to drum up support for an illegal secession!

The TRUTH is that almost every country in the world, esp. China and South Africa, should be split into many smaller countries, as they originally were, especially considering the size of the modern populations. However it's far easier for those in control of the "wealth" to keep us all in these super-countries without leaders real to us, so most don't even notice when they put a puppet in charge!


Anonymous said...

BTW "Trevor" works for George, who works for the guys who own the ECB, BOE and the Fed!

Anonymous said...

Trevor you scum!

Joe King said...

Trevor is just another example of a self enriching ANC idiot. These fools obviosly beleive that South Africa only consists of people with an IQ lower than theirs. Average 66.6 "Dolly who?"

Anonymous said...

The other night I was watching cable TV and saw a programme on death row. Anyway this black guy got a "stay of execution", the first of its kind based on mental retardation. His IQ was measured between 67 - 74. WTF? Higher than sub-Saharan Africans I thought. Well the guy sounded about as intelligent as JZ. Anybody else see the show?

Liezel said...

Got to agree with the job theory. When the boss (ANC) says jump, what do you do?
You ask: How high boss?

Trevor is working hard on his retirement savings.