Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cops caught drinking at pub

Here's what will happen to them: nothing. See some previous posts about police misconduct that involved far more serious crimes where most offenders were just let off with warnings and returned to work. Now had that been you and I...

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Pretoria - While the shortage of police vehicles regularly makes the news, three police officers in uniform apparently arrived at a pub in the east of Pretoria over the weekend in their police vehicle, and spent several hours drinking there.

A Daily Sun reader from Nellmapius in the east of Pretoria, took a cellphone picture of the policemen and their police vehicle and sent it to the newspaper.

Director Thabo Mokoena, station commander at Sunnyside police station, confirmed that the three policemen on the photograph - two inspectors and a constable - worked at the station. The police station is several kilometres away from the pub.

It is not known if they were on duty at the time of the alleged drinking session, but they were in uniform.

"We are currently busy with our own investigation," he said.

The three policemen and their immediate superiors still have to make statements about the case.

"We will decide after the investigation what to do about them. We were only informed about the matter on Monday morning, but we can't rely only on the photographs that we saw in the newspaper."

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Anonymous said...

So murder and corruption both get the same slap on the wrist.

Unknown said...

Sunnyside is such a minute area and yet the police is failing the residents of Sunnyside due to bribes. It is a competition at the station, to be taking bribes from offenders and criminals in Sunnyside Pretoria. There are numerous illegal pubs operating in the City of Tshwane's houses on Gerald Moodyk Street, who make noise all night with very loud music that keeps us up in our bought homes. We are a victim of this ignored harmful act to society. Drugs are being sold on the street like tomatoes, All police do is to take bribes and next thing these people are back selling on the streets especially Inez and kotze streets, just behing Gerald Moodyk street, where all the noise and illegal dealings happen. When we try to see the Station Commander to allert him of this he is never available. The Superindendant is hopeless as well as helpless, she can's even write an email address of her own Station Commander. i guess these guys are under resourced and there are much more challenges at the station which needs to be addressed at a higher level within the law keeping sectors. Perhaps this matter should be taken up to the Police Commissioner, please kindly advise as these actions are having severe negative implications and impacts on my children who do not sleep due to the noise and this affects their schooling performance.
thank you
Elizabeth Gordon Dudu