Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby thrown from 6th floor window

Johannesburg - A 21-year old Zimbabwean woman has been arrested for allegedly throwing her newborn baby boy from a 6th floor window in Hillbrow, Johannesburg police said on Thursday.

The woman's motive for killing the infant was simply "hunger and poverty", said Captain Bhekizizwe Mavundla.

"She was unable to provide for the child."

The woman had initially claimed to have been in the toilet at the time of the infant boy's fall from the building, around 08:00 on Wednesday morning.

"She was then detained and taken for physical examination today [Thursday]. It was confirmed that indeed she gave birth recently," he said.

The woman then allegedly confessed to throwing her infant, who's birth she'd kept a secret, from the window.

Residents in the building said she'd arrived in the country pregnant.
"She did not go to the clinic or hospital, but she gave birth in the house, in the same place where she stays,"

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