Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Retired prof set alight while alive

We did a story yesterday about a 85-year old man brutally murdered in his own home in Cape Town. This post is about another retired old man also savagely tortured and killed in his own home. This is a society on the verge of collapse.

When we have killers roaming the streets seemingly at will, with no compunction about raping, torturing and killing anyone regardless of age for as little as a microwave or cellphone, then we will have achieved a complete breakdown in law and order. How long can we let this go on?

6 arrested for prof's murder (well done to the police)

Read also; Gran, girl found raped, murdered A 70-year-old woman and her 13-year-old granddaughter have been found raped and murdered in their home in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape.

Murdered KZN prof also tortured

Pietermaritzburg - Retired KwaZulu-Natal professor Samuel Jotham Zondi, 71, was tortured and killed in his Pietermaritzburg flat on Wednesday last week.

His body - gagged, with hands bound behind him and burnt - was found in his flat at Moyra mansions, Alexandra Road, on Friday evening.

His family had since Wednesday evening made several unsuccessful attempts to contact him.

The body was decomposing and his face and upper body were badly burnt.

"We were shocked at what we saw, a clear result of ruthless torture; he was set alight while both his hands and legs were tied. What kind of a person does something like that to an old man like my father?" said Zondi's daughter, Phindi Masondo.

Zondi had a house in kwaMashu and a flat in Pietermaritzburg where he lived by himself during the week, returning home on weekends.

Shopping spree with credit card
Suspicions about his disappearance were confirmed when the family received a call from a Durban shop assistant who inquired about Zondi's credit card being used in the shop.

Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Henry Budhram said the suspects left a trail during their shopping spree with Zondi's credit card.

"His credit card was being used at stores in Durban on Wednesday and Thursday." Purchases were made at restaurants, linen shops and department stores in Durban.

Zondi last spoke to his wife, Sbongile, at midday on Wednesday, and the family were concerned when he remained out of contact for more than one day.

The family drove from his house in kwaMashu to Pietermaritzburg on Friday after numerous messages left on his cellphone were not returned.

"When we saw his car was missing from the parking garage and the door to his flat was locked, but the burglar gate unlocked, we thought he had been kidnapped.

"However, a mechanic who had been servicing the car came to the complex looking for him. He had also tried to call him on his cell," said Masondo.

She said a locksmith was called to open the flat. Police arrived at the flat at 20:40 on Friday, but were unable to remove the body and take forensic evidence that evening because it was dark.

On Saturday morning, Saps forensic experts arrived at the complex to remove the body and examine the scene. They were followed by undertakers, family members and a priest. Zondi's widow wept when the body was removed from the second-floor flat to a mortuary vehicle in the grounds.

A strong smell hovered over the hushed complex, forcing residents to shut doors and windows.

Zondi had lived in the complex for more than 10 years and residents knew him as a wise and friendly old man.

Great wisdom
Neighbour Makhosi Mthembu said Zondi was a good friend of her family.

"When we arrived here in 2003 he was already staying here and he became my husband's friend. Every now and then we would invite him to our house for dinner. He was a kind and generous man."

A retired professor of commerce, Zondi had developed a hobby in video recording and he did all his editing in his flat.

"His flat was his office. He enjoyed his hobby of recording weddings and traditional functions," Morya Mansions committee member Henry Sterley said.

"We were both retired old men and every time we met, we wouldn't just greet each other but we would engage in a conversation. We are devastated as a committee and residents, we always consulted with him on decisions about flat levies and other matters because he was a man of great wisdom."

A long-time friend and colleague, Chris Mkhize, said he was crushed by the news of Zondi's death.

"I was destroyed by the news, we were very close, and I've known him since the early 1970s. We had just finished a book about financial management and planning - it is due to be published in two weeks."

'People with no respect for the elderly'
Mkhize said South Africa was robbed of one of its greatest sons. "He was a top-quality educationist, very analytical, a mathematical thinker. Zondi was rated as one of the country's real successes.

"It's a pity we have people who have no respect for elderly people in South Africa, and if nothing is done about this our country will be destroyed."

Mkhize and Zondi were tennis partners, playing regularly to keep fit. Zondi's opponents said he was a strong player.

"I met him (for the second time) in 2007 at a friendly tennis tournament in Pietermaritzburg and he was a very powerful player," Ndondo Pewa said.

He said he first met Zondi in 1970 at Ongoye. "He taught me jazz; he had a good collection of jazz albums."

During a long and varied career, Zondi became vice chancellor at the Natal Technikon Pietermaritzburg campus before his retirement in 2004.

Sources close to the investigation said the police are following leads in Durban and are closing in on the suspects.

4 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

I think it was Greg or the editor of KillAllWhitey (who could be the same person) who correctly pointed out that blacks are also severely affected by violent crime but incorrently said that violent crime is the legacy of apartheid.

No, it's the legacy of ANC terrorism. Remember Winnie Madikizela-Mandela with her little boxes of matches and tyres? South African criminals have climbed onto the bandwagon because hey, if their "liberators" could resort to such brutality, then so can they.

And now we have a totally corrupt president coming into power who is much more interested in making more money out of yet more arms deals than running the country. So we can all just blow each other up.

Texson said...

Living In Texas USA I realize that I am somewhat speaking out of turn. It seems clear to me that it is open season on Whites in the whole of Africa. I have to think if I had a Wife and or young Children I would be looking for a way to get the hell out of Dodge.

Are Whites allowed to own Guns in SA? Here in Texas we have something called the Casle Law. Basically it says if a person breaks into your Home you have a right to kill them no questions asked. Sounds like ya'll could benefit from such a law.

Anonymous said...

Hi Texson. No-one is allowed to own guns except in special circumstances. The govt in SA has been disarming the citizenry at the behest of the leftwing/ liberal lobby group Gun Free SA that live in liberal la la land that if you remove the tools (guns) then there will be no shootings. Well, it works if criminals hand in their guns as well which of course they do not.

So basically homeowners are defenceless in many instances and robbers know it so attack, rob and kill with impunity. Coupled to this situation is another 'progressive' thought that people may not shoot someone unless they are basically being attacked or being shot at, and even then most homeowners are still charged with murder.

In SA, you may not shoot at a gang of murdering thugs fully armed in your property until they are literally on top of you. It is that ridiculous. Yes, that's why we have 50+ murders EVERY SINGLE DAY in South Africa for the past 15 years. That's why this blog exists. To turn it around by telling people like you the truth of what is happening in South Africa. The mainstream media in your country or ours won't otherwise.

Anonymous said...

@Texson: It is extremely difficult for a white person to get a gun licence. Blacks, on the other hand, are free to run around with unlicensed firearms. If you kill a person breaking into your home you will be had up for homicide and go to jail for 10-12 years, 7 years if you are lucky. However, you won't even survive a year because you will be gang raped to death in short time.

Blacks don't just "break into your home" here, by the way. They come armed and are willing to rape, torture and kill just to steal a cellphone. In fact, it's practically the norm.

The only thing a white person can do is get hold of an illegal firearm and if they shoot someone on their premises, stuff the dead body in the boot of a car and dump it in a ditch far away. The police won't do anything about it. Just make sure there are no black maids or gardeners around to see you doing this. You shouldn't have a maid or gardener in the first place, because they are involved in 70% of attacks on whites in their homes.