Friday, February 27, 2009

Only in SA

One can only shake one's head in wonder at the antics these simian bipeds get up to. What next? As it is, most violent crimes are committed with firearms obtained from the police...

The Durban organised crime unit was preparing to work 24-hour shifts to find two men who stole 15 guns after holding up two police officers at a satellite police station in the city on Thursday morning.

The robbery has prompted calls for a thorough investigation of the police's procedures at the joint operations centre in Durban.

Police Superintendent Muzi Mngomezulu said two men had entered the station at Boscombe Terrace, near the beachfront, about 5.30am on Thursday. The SA Police Service and the metro police both have satellite stations at the centre.

"Two police reservists were on duty. A man walked into the station and asked how he could open a case. While the constable was busy with this man, a second man walked in. This man pointed a firearm at both reservists and asked for guns."

Mngomezulu said the reservists had not told the man where the guns were, but he had walked into another cubicle in the station and had found the guns in a bag.

"The reservists had been preparing the guns to load them away in a trunk in the offices. The guns were all loaded. The robbers also took a cellphone from one of the reservists. They ran away."

He said the reservists had reported the incident after the robbers had fled. The organised crime unit would investigate the case.

KZN violence monitor Mary de Haas said the incident should be viewed seriously.

"Heads should roll. Yeah, right..... Whoever is responsible for that station should be taken to task. Guns should be properly stored away at all times. It is against the law to have guns that are not properly secured. It is disgraceful for the police to behave in this way," she said.

"These guns will be used by criminals and will be used against the police."

DA safety and security spokeswoman Diane Kohler-Barnard said the commanding officer at the station should be suspended.

"It is basic police protocol that weapons should be stored in a safe place. Action must be taken against the officers responsible, as well as their supervisors. We cannot allow criminals to simply walk into police stations and take firearms. All weapons should be stored in secure places when not being used."

Kohler-Barnard said there had been gross negligence by the officers at the station.

"That 15 weapons should be left around in a bag, as the reports indicate, is clearly an act of gross negligence at the station in question. As a direct consequence of this, 15 more weapons are now in the hands of criminals, and will almost certainly be used in incidents of crime."

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Anonymous said...

Reeks of inside job. Cops moonlighting as gangsters - or is it the other way round ?

Anonymous said...


There is an area with a high carrying capacity that owns the sources of its rivers, is easily defendable and is very sparsely populated. Not only this but the Boer People have more of an historical right to this part of SA than any other people (bar the true Southern San who are now extinct)! However I'm worried about making this public as the last two occasions I've done this - putting my thoughts known on sites like praag and boerevryheid, the anc has quickly moved people into these areas in large numbers, thereby making any UDI very difficult indeed!

Any ideas?

We need UDI of at least part of SA NOW! It recently worked for Kosovo and Lichtenstein. It must work for us! The "Kosovans" had an ethnic homeland already (Albania) and a religous homeland (in the form of Bosnia), yet they were granted Independence against the will of the majority (and the government)of Serbia! We have neither an ethnic NOR religous homeland in close proximity to SA. If we fail on either ground, it will show the world who really runs "the West" (those who hate the Christians and those who hate the ethnic Gallileans)!

Pleas, any ideas on getting this info. out to Boers (any white african Christians) without the ANC getting wind of it! We need this area and there are others we need to approach BEFORE any of the foreign controlled parties (ANC, Cope, DA, ID) get wind of it!

Many Thanks
I Care

Anonymous said...

Maybe they need to disarm the cops as well as the public. That way the criminals won't be able to get guns.

Oh. Wait...