Friday, February 27, 2009

New survey: ANC members think Zuma is guilty

If his own people think he is guilty, why then is the ANC clique insisting on putting LaZooma forward as their candidate? The only answer can be that Zuma is easily manipulated, that with his many skeletons, those in the know and particularly the Communist Party and Cosatu will be able to blackmail him and get their hands on power - in effect become Zuma's puppet masters.

Motlanthe, the caretaker president who is a far more palatable candidate has seen first-hand what it means to go against the wishes of those pulling the strings. Motlanthe was the recent recipient of sex rumours which many believed derived from within the ANC intended to discredit Motlanthe and put him off challenging Zuma. It probably also explains why he's bailing out of politics less than a year after he had reached the pinnacle of his political career. He obviously does not like what he's seeing.

Slowly they fall..Cosatu calls for Manuel's head. See the plan in motion? "Cosatu ...
saying his recent budget allocation was not in line with the ruling party's new policies."

A new survey shows less than half of African National Congress supporters think party president Jacob Zuma is innocent of corruption.

When the survey was conducted in October last year, just after Thabo Mbeki was recalled, both Mbeki and Zuma were equally popular among ANC supporters.

The Ipsos Markinor survey, conducted five months ago, shows white and coloured South Africans have little confidence in Zuma.

Around 40 percent of ANC supporters believe their president is innocent of corruption charges; the same number is convinced that he is a victim of a political conspiracy.

At the time of the survey the former president received the highest popularity ratings amongst eligible voters.

Amongst ANC supporters, Mbeki and Zuma were neck and neck with no statistical differences in their scores.

The findings also show that the country’s two highest ranking state officials, Kgalema Motlanthe and Baleka Mbete, did not enjoy high public profiles

Former deputy president Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka received higher ratings than Zuma among the white, coloured and Indian communities - an important consideration should she join Congress of the People as speculated.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

So 60% of the ANC supporters see no problem with the country being run by a common criminal.

Anonymous said...

Most ANC voters would behave in the same thieving, corrupt manner as their political heroes given the opportunity. They therefore can identify perfectly well with their criminal and totally incompetent leadership. The inept performance we are seeing from government is on the level of the mindless ones that vote for this gang.

Anonymous said...

@WHITEADDER: It's not just the mindless "uneducated" ones that'll vote for this gang. The co-called middle classes, with their gleeful BEE and AA ("I just LOVE being an African; it must so terrible to be WHITE"), will also vote for this lot. It's only when economic reality kicks in that the slow realisation will begin to penetrate that not all the reverse racism in the world will save them.

But let them have their temporary Utopia.