Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crisis, crisis and more crisis

Kevin, a News24 reader has his say.

Around 1994, things were looking up. It was the end of Apartheid and our biggest challenge was rebuilding the nation. The ANC took on the responsibility of transformation, reducing unemployment and providing access to basis services for all, amongst other things. And the ANC had to achieve this in very favourable conditions.

The economy was growing, we had a huge wealth of skills, experience and resources. They have now renewed their promises in their manifesto, but now the conditions for meeting these promises have changed as follows:

1. Global Economic Crisis
Businesses have gone under, industries are retrenching people in huge numbers, people have defaulted on loans, falling prices in our commodities are decreasing exports. All this leads to unemployment. Luckily for us we had and still do have a strong banking system which has cushioned us somewhat. The professionals in these banks, and many other skilled people, is what we need to handle this crisis, but this brings me to crisis number two.

2. Skills shortage
Once upon a time we had some of the highest skilled workers in the world. Our engineers, accountants, doctors and other professionals were and still are in high demand around the world. Sadly however, many of these professionals have left the country and now occupy top positions all over the world. So in order to replace these people we need to raise large numbers of skilled youngsters, but this brings me to crisis number three.

3. Education crisis
A 62.5% matric pass rate was announced for 2008 matriculants. However, 36.2% of standard 9 pupils in 2007 went on to pass the matric exams in 2008. This on top of the lowering of the standard of exams is very worrying. Children without a proper education are limiting their chances of employment and reducing our already diminishing skilled workforce. Without, education and skills, other problems arise and this leads me to crisis number four.

4. Crime
Although many would say that crime occurs everywhere, they cannot deny that we have the highest murder and rape rate in the world.

Along with these crises we also have climate change, a water crisis, an electricity crisis and an Aids crisis. My question is, how is any government, yet alone the ANC, going to be able to deliver when we are faced with so many enormous challenges? I doubt the ANC can deliver, as their only worries right now seem to be about pursuing power, eliminating detractors and getting fraud and corruption charges swept under the rug.

What we need is more than a one party government and more than just a strong opposition party. We need to put the right people in charge, ones with clean sheets, ones with morals and ones with brains to come up with plans. We need to forget the past and overcome racism in order to come together like we did in 1994 and to implement plans put in place by our leaders.

In the end it is not about what colour we are, we are all human, it's about building a better South Africa for all.

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Anonymous said...

"Luckily for us we had and still do have a strong banking"

No we don't. South Africa's banking system is under pressure due to defaulting loans.

At the moment ABSA is trying to recover a R1 Billion loan from 1 customer. They are as exposed as they can be. It is just a matter of time before the card house caves in!

Anonymous said...

That's what Trevor Manuel also said. I wonder how long he will last.

Coincidence that Maria Ramos now heads ABSA?

He of difficult days said...

what the fuck is thsi Kevin talking about?

SA was ALREADY built up in 1994

Anonymous said...

Ditto HODD. He got off on the wrong foot in his letter but finished off strong though. What we had in 1994 was a BUILT country. What we have in 2009 is a country in desperate need of rebuilding.

Joe King said...

Russian saying " That, that has been taken away little by little will not return in one go!"