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ANC puts corrupt MPs back into parliament

Cape Town - The chief whip of the Democratic Alliance, Ian Davidson, is protesting about the ANC decision to return to Parliament MPs who have been convicted of offences connected to the Travelgate scandal.

Davidson also said on Thursday that the nomination of an "ethically - tainted individual such as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela" - who was given a three and half year sentence, suspended for a period for five years, for 43 counts of fraud in 2004 - goes against the spirit of the Constitution.

He added that his party is preparing legislation to submit to the constitutional review committee to change section 47 of the Constitution to prevent anyone who has been found guilty of corruption by a court of law from becoming a public representative.

"This will send a clear message to individuals who seek to abuse their public office for personal gain that we are serious about rooting out corruption in government," he said.

"We believe that the ANC's decision to nominate individuals who have been found guilty of corruption to serve as its public representatives undermines the country's efforts to promote and uphold principles of good governance."

He said that the ANC's decision to return at least five individuals who were all found guilty of misusing taxpayers' money in the Travelgate scandal underscores the governing party's contempt for Parliament.

The five are Bathabile Dlamini, Beauty Dludlane, Duma Ndleleni, Angie Molebatsi and Ruth Bhengu.

"These individuals betrayed the public yet the ANC sees fit to 'deploy' them to the same institution which they defrauded," he said.

"The ANC's tendency to elevate its corrupt loyalists to senior positions in the public service creates the impression that it believes its leaders are somehow above the law of the country."

Bottomless money pit reaches bottom

It had to happen. Eish, hau, iz no more muney.. Expect the same from all the provincial 'governments'.

Free State MEC: There is no money

Bloemfontein - The Free State government has no money reserves and would therefore not be able to help if departments overspend, MEC for finance Tate Makgoe said on Friday.

"Do not come and ask for more money. There is no money. We do not have many reserves," Makgoe said, while delivering his budget speech in the Bloemfontein Town Hall.

He tabled a budget of R18.4bn for the 2009/10 financial year.

Makgoe urged provincial managers to "dig deep" and to re-evaluate and reprioritise everything in their departments during this coming financial year and to cut "things that do not work".

"Let us re-look at everything. If it works keep it, if it does not work get rid of it."

Makgoe said due to South Africa's downward revision in economic growth projections, the Free State would have to do with R123m less this year.

It is expected that this would total half a billion rand over the next three years.

Makgoe said if economic conditions did not change for the better, the national and provincial government would have to find innovative ways of delivering more and better quality services with fewer resources.
(innovative..? as in raising taxes..?)

He urged a re-look of conditional grants from the national government.

"They make government look bad," he said.

Referring to the Free State health departments' recent steps to limit the intake of new patients into its antiretroviral (ARV) programmes, Makgoe said there was money within the department but it was linked to conditional grants.

"Why do we make government look bad? Conditional grants do not work. They create more problems," Makgoe said.

He said the provincial government would have to focus more on its own revenue collection efforts this financial year.
(hmm, yes, that would be nice. You may lose a few voters but then again, you may get to keep the company car)

Education in the Free State would get the biggest slice of the budget for this coming year of R7.38bn, while health will get R5.19bn.

Cops caught drinking at pub

Here's what will happen to them: nothing. See some previous posts about police misconduct that involved far more serious crimes where most offenders were just let off with warnings and returned to work. Now had that been you and I...

Rape cops still on the job
ANC wants cops immune from law

Corrupt cops are taking an extra R30 000 a week

Good cops, bad cops

And yet another criminal becomes police chief

Cop held for R4m stolen goods

Dishonest cop still at work after blatant and absurd lie
Sex assault cop back on the beat

Pretoria - While the shortage of police vehicles regularly makes the news, three police officers in uniform apparently arrived at a pub in the east of Pretoria over the weekend in their police vehicle, and spent several hours drinking there.

A Daily Sun reader from Nellmapius in the east of Pretoria, took a cellphone picture of the policemen and their police vehicle and sent it to the newspaper.

Director Thabo Mokoena, station commander at Sunnyside police station, confirmed that the three policemen on the photograph - two inspectors and a constable - worked at the station. The police station is several kilometres away from the pub.

It is not known if they were on duty at the time of the alleged drinking session, but they were in uniform.

"We are currently busy with our own investigation," he said.

The three policemen and their immediate superiors still have to make statements about the case.

"We will decide after the investigation what to do about them. We were only informed about the matter on Monday morning, but we can't rely only on the photographs that we saw in the newspaper."

ANC record of woe rules out my vote

I am dismayed that there seem to be many who still intend to cast a vote in favour of the ANC. Consider their achievements over the last 15 years in those aspects of life that affect each of us daily.

Education: teachers trying to teach have to cope with the legendary incompetence of local officials. Schools that are still functional only remain so because they employ a large proportion of their staff with monies paid by parents. Employers or university lecturers will tell you that the graduates of our school system are in many cases only semi-literate, whilst international surveys of mathematics literacy tell the unvarnished truth.

Health care: A generation ago the sickest of the sick in our country, black or white, would head towards State institutions for outstanding care. Now the staff has gone – perhaps unwilling to participate in the systematic destruction of centres of excellence. But primary healthcare suffers, too. Incompetence and maladministration ensure that clinics run out of essential medicines: even basic primary care is not afforded to the majority of our population. Not content with having nearly destroyed State health facilities, the ruling party is now turning its attention to the private sector.

Infrastructure: Our roads are falling apart. The money is there, but no one can spend it. It will take billions and many years to recover from 15 years of neglect. Rolling blackouts threaten development and investment, not because of a loose bolt at Koeberg, but because of a nut in charge, lack of foresight and planning, and mismanagement. Many municipalities can no longer provide clean and safe drinking water.

Civil service: 15 years of affirmative action, jobs for pals, and the employment of legions of incompetents have left us where we are now. Fraud is endemic. Drivers licences are fraudulent while the road carnage is terrifying. Every long trip is laced with trepidation. As for passports, ask UK officials why we now need visas. ID books are yours for the asking, unless you happen to be a desperate, honest SA citizen. Then you’ll wait months.

Housing: Our politicians have not yet found a way to spend the money that gets thrown at them to build houses, and will again return vast quantities to Treasury unspent. They cannot deliver on this recurrent election promise. The housing waiting lists remain endless and the houses that are built are frequently so bad that real contractors must be brought in to make them habitable.

Emigration: the ANC has been unable to convince many skilled people to stay in South Africa and contribute. Reasons to flee usually include fear for physical safety, discontent regarding the application of affirmative action , the quality and availability of education and quiet desperation as good people observe the rise of incompetence. Who would not be frightened when people of the ilk of Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema are considered leaders of stature and revered?

Crime: Under the ANC, crime has been glamorised. The police chief has embarrassed us internationally, and awaits trial at home. Politicians are criminals, too, but that doesn’t stop the ANC redeploying them. Commitment to fighting crime is a joke. If the prosecuting authorities are too effective they are fired. Non-governmental criminals are having a field day, too. Murder, robbery and rape make daily headlines, and make for very scared citizens.

Morals, morale, and reputation are apparently not concepts understood in the ANC. We wish, as President, to have a man who has five or so wives at last count, but finds that number insufficient to cater for his needs, and so will resort to the “use” of youngsters half his age. This is not sufficiently frowned upon as to disqualify a man from high office. He wants, but desperately does not want, his day in court. And the ANC has the temerity to offer this man as a candidate for President. This is a slap in the face of every right thinking South African. And an international embarrassment.

If you were a property owner, (and not trying to feather your own nest), would you want to rent your property to one of our politicians?

I doubt our country has the resources and resolve to survive another five years of ANC rule. Fortunately, we do have a vote. Things must change. Right Now. We can do it!

Mark Levin Tears A Liberal to Pieces

The Mark Levin Show is a radio talk show in the US, a serious show discussing real issues. Listen to how he debates a liberal calling in to his show. You've got to listen to this. Hilarious.

Highlight: ““Let’s dance along Larry…”

Violence and Race: A Lecture to the Politically Correct

I am directing this post squarely in the face of all of the Marxists, Liberals, Race-Baiters, Politically Correct, and the Misguided; to be used by the intelligent of any race, creed, or colour that chooses to do so.

It is my hope that the era of "White Guilt", "Liberal Guilt", and "Black Victimhood" will END sometime in the near future.

Note: All statistics taken from the US Census Bureau and the Department of Justice.

As of 2005 in the "White/Black" paradigm there was a total of:

72% of population = White, 12.9% of population = Black
Total population in US in 2005 = 295,160,302

212,515,418 = White
38,075,679 = Black
44,569,205 = Other

Victims of Violent Crime:
3,201,320 reported victims who were White. (1.5% of White population)
507,210 reported victims who were Black. (1.3% of Black population)

Per Capita, the numbers are pretty much the same regardless of race.

In those cases of violence, if you take out the "attempts" and leave only the completed crime there was a total of:

916,130 victims who were White (.04% of White population)
192,040 victims who were Black (.05% of Black population)

...again, Per Capita, the numbers are pretty much the same regardless of race.

Of those victims of a completed violent crime:

Black committing the crime against White: 18% [+ 11.5% (Other Race)]
White committing the crime against Black: 4.7%

Here is the first disparity... it seems Blacks are 3.8 times more likely to be the perpetrator against someone of another race than Whites are.

White committing the crime against White: 66%
Black committing the crime against Black: 78.9%

Here it shows that there is a higher predatory rate with Blacks among their own race.

Of the Black victims of violent crime:
100% of rapes were Black vs Black
100% of robberies with injuries were Black vs Black
The percentages of the other key crimes are in the 80 percentile Black vs Black

This shows that when there is a Black victim of a violent crime, there is an overwhelmingly high chance the perpetrator was also Black.

Of the White victims of violent crime:
53.2% were raped by non-whites (33.6% of total attackers were Black)
54.5% were robbed by non-whites (36.3% of total attackers were Black)
57.8% were injured during theft by a Black attacker
The percentages of the other key crimes are in the 50 to 70 percentile committed by Non-White (Blacks being at least half that total)

This shows that when there is a White victim of violent crime, there is a majority chance the perpetrator is Non-White... with the odds in favor of the perpetrator being Black.

Of all the murders in the US, 50.9% of the victims are White, 46.9% of the victims are Black

Blacks are 7 times more likely to be murdered than Whites

94% of the Black victims of murder were killed by Blacks.

These statistics show a high propensity of violent crime being perpetrated by Blacks, with Blacks being the most likely to cross racial lines.

"What is the point of all this?" you may be asking... the answer is simple.

The next time you hear someone whining about how a majority of the prison population is "non-white"; or how the racist Whites go around committing "Hate Crimes", etc. just pull out these stats and tell them:

1. The reason why 35.4% of the prison population is comprised of Black males is because there is a disproportionate amount of crime committed by Black males.

2. White's are almost 4 times more likely to be the victim of a Black criminal than the other way around, even though White's outnumber Blacks 6 to 1.

3. If you truly want to do something for the "so-called" Black Community, you can start by stop enabling their victimisation; tell them to pull the Government IV out of their arm; stop listening to the race-baiting prostitutes that try to herd them; and to understand that educating yourself, speaking clearly and intelligently, wearing clothes that fit, and not acting like an animal are NOT signs of being "too White"... they are signs you are a Human Being. Act like one.

If anyone thinks that these statements of fact are racist, then by all means think so... as for the Intelligent, they know better.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor white South Africans

The real South Africa.

To some extent, the economic playing field has been levelled since the end of apartheid 15 years ago. But that has had another impact — white poverty has doubled since 1994.

Worldfocus special correspondent Martin Seemungal explores the rising poverty in South Africa’s white community.

Celebrity-hungry airline pilots to land planes in rivers across globe

Rescue services are bracing for a surge in emergency landings as celebrity-hungry airline pilots try to emulate Hudson River hero Chesley Sullenberger by ditching aircraft in rivers across the globe.

Meanwhile Russian and former Soviet Bloc airline pilots have ridiculed the trend, saying that they have been landing Aeroflot aircraft in rivers for decades.

Captain Sullenberger has become an international celebrity since landing Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in January, and as airlines around the world continue to cut costs, demoralized pilots say their only option is to start emulated Sullenberger in the hope of scoring a lucrative book deal.

According to a spokeswoman from the International Air Transport Association, rescue services and air-traffic controllers are now preparing for a major uptick in river landings.

"It's a bit of an ultimatum," said spokeswoman Sabena Stuka. "The flying crews have made it clear that either we pay them more or they're going to try to belly-land on the New York Times bestseller list by banging down on any trickle they see.

However the threat has been dismissed by Russian and former Soviet bloc pilots, who say Western pilots are "girls". Speaking to the media at the Aeroflot Academy of Excellence outside Minsk, where pilots are taught how to repair disintegrating airliners mid-flight using a Leatherman and a potato, veteran pilot Yevgeny Krashkors said river landings have been standard practice for the Russian carrier for decades.

"Rivers, canals, streams, millponds, sewerage treatment plants, you name it," said Krashkors. "We've done it all. "In fact we haven't landed an Aeroflot flight on a runway since 1983." But not all national carriers have joined the move towards river landings.

This morning South African Airways confirmed that it had forbidden its pilots from ditching in any body of
water in case consignments of drugs in the hold got soggy, while Air Zimbabwe has guaranteed passengers' safety, thanks to its policy of not taking off.

The policy was introduced in 2006 when the last of Zimbabwe's jet fuel was auctioned to pay for Grace Mugabe's hormone replacement therapy. Since then all inter-city flights in Zimbabwe have been towed by combine harvesters confiscated from counterrevolutionary farmers.

Air Congo said that while the Congo River offered plenty of scope for dramatic landings, the carrier would "probably not" attempt any landings on the river as it had run out of aircraft.

Air Congo spokesman Hercules Bamako said that the airline had landed its last Airbus landed on the Congo River in 2003.

"And when I say 'landed on', I really mean 'crashed into nose first'," he said. "So no drama here.

Just long hot summer days sitting behind a desk, watching the fan go round and round, and waiting for someone to sweep up the wreckage out on Runway Three."

'They shot the driver and then the conductor'

Shocked passengers watched in horror on Thursday as two men shot and killed a Durban bus driver and a conductor.

A Nu-Line bus was en route to Newlands when the men, allegedly posing as passengers, confronted the bus driver.

A witness, Kyle Ramlugan, who was returning home from the city, said: "The men shot the driver first and then shot the conductor while he was trying to run away.

"As he fell down, they stole all the money from his pockets and ran across the road."

Hysterical passengers ran to the back of the bus as it jerked to a halt when the driver was killed, said Ramlugan.

The suspects sat quietly in the bus during the trip from town and they made their move when the bus reached Inanda Road, he said.
ER24 spokesperson Derrick Banks said the bus driver and the conductor died at the scene. Inconsolable relatives and friends of the dead men had to be restrained by police as they tried to make their way to the bodies.

The co-owner of the bus, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said neither the company nor its drivers had received any threats before the shooting.
"This is the first time any of our buses or employees have been targeted.

The driver had only been working for us for about five days and the conductor had been working for us on and off for a while."
He added that it was "a very sad thing that happened, but it was a reflection of crime in our country".

Police spokesperson Superintendent Muzi Mngomezulu said the Greenwood Park police were investigating a case of armed robbery and murder.

Beauty's take on the Presidential Horse Race

Beauty's take on the 2009 South African elections. Audio only. Hilarious.

Hat tip: Denise and Anthony

Zuma's wives and spawn

I received this in the mail and cannot vouch for the veracity of the claims but nonetheless rumours like this are bound to do the rounds unless the man himself puts out accurate details of his marital status. No doubt, we are bound to find out anyway when the man takes the presidency because he will be claiming state handouts for each of his wives and children.

Number one
Sizakele Khumalo - whom he met in 1959. She lives at his rural R1,5-million home at Nkandla in northern KwaZulu- Natal and they have no children.

Number two - Ex-wife
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - Foreign Affairs Minister - with whom he had 4 children - Msholozi, 24, Gugu, 22, Thuli, 21 and Thuthi, 19. They divorced in June 1998 due to "irreconcilable differences."

Number three - Late wife
Kate Zuma - with whom he had 5 children - Saady, 29, twins Duduzile and Duduzane both 25, Phumzile, 20 and Vusi. She committed suicide on December 8, 2000 after apparent strained relations with Zuma.

Number four - Still on honeymoon
Nompumelelo Mantuli Zuma - whom he married in January. She has 2 children Thandiswe, 7 and 8 month old Sinquobile.

Number five - Waiting in the wings
Thobeka Stacey Mabhija - with whom he has two children, including a 5 month old baby

Mrs Jacob Zuma number six?
Bongi Ngema - from Umlazi, has a 7 month old son

"The significant others"

Old flame
Minah Shongwe - who is Zuma's old flame. Shongwe, the sister of Judge Jeremiah Shongwe has a 30 year old son, Edward with Zuma.

Left at the altar
Zuma also paid half lobolo for Swazi Princess Sebentile Dlamini, 38, the granddaughter of King Sobhuza III, in 2002 but nothing has come out of it.

4 Marriages, 1 Lobola, 3 partners and 15 Children...??

Check the age differences between the children from different mothers. An 8-month old baby, a 7-month old baby and a 5-month old baby. A very busy man!

And in the.."Can you friggin believe it?" ..section of this Utopia

3-yr-old beaten to death

Johannesburg - A three-year-old girl was allegedly beaten to death by two brothers, aged five and seven, in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape police said on Friday.

"The toddler was left in the care of a childminder, who is the neighbour of the two brothers," said Superintendent Priscilla Naidu.

"She was left by her sister Lucretia Smit, 14, on Thursday, as she had to go to school."

She said the childminder had to go to a local clinic and left the toddler next door with the brothers who were alone at home as their parents were at work.

"It is alleged that the boys began beating the toddler with sticks while they were inside the house.

"Lucretia finished school at 14:00 and was on her way to fetch her sister... she then noticed her [sister's] lifeless body, with the two little brothers, waiting at the side of their house."

Naidu said that numerous attempts to wake the child were not successful.

The toddler was taken inside the house and Lucretia called her parents.

Naidu said the toddler died from severe head and facial injuries.

"The boys were not arrested, but police are taking them and their parents to a social worker for questioning and evaluation."

A murder case was opened, Naidu said.

New survey: ANC members think Zuma is guilty

If his own people think he is guilty, why then is the ANC clique insisting on putting LaZooma forward as their candidate? The only answer can be that Zuma is easily manipulated, that with his many skeletons, those in the know and particularly the Communist Party and Cosatu will be able to blackmail him and get their hands on power - in effect become Zuma's puppet masters.

Motlanthe, the caretaker president who is a far more palatable candidate has seen first-hand what it means to go against the wishes of those pulling the strings. Motlanthe was the recent recipient of sex rumours which many believed derived from within the ANC intended to discredit Motlanthe and put him off challenging Zuma. It probably also explains why he's bailing out of politics less than a year after he had reached the pinnacle of his political career. He obviously does not like what he's seeing.

Slowly they fall..Cosatu calls for Manuel's head. See the plan in motion? "Cosatu ...
saying his recent budget allocation was not in line with the ruling party's new policies."

A new survey shows less than half of African National Congress supporters think party president Jacob Zuma is innocent of corruption.

When the survey was conducted in October last year, just after Thabo Mbeki was recalled, both Mbeki and Zuma were equally popular among ANC supporters.

The Ipsos Markinor survey, conducted five months ago, shows white and coloured South Africans have little confidence in Zuma.

Around 40 percent of ANC supporters believe their president is innocent of corruption charges; the same number is convinced that he is a victim of a political conspiracy.

At the time of the survey the former president received the highest popularity ratings amongst eligible voters.

Amongst ANC supporters, Mbeki and Zuma were neck and neck with no statistical differences in their scores.

The findings also show that the country’s two highest ranking state officials, Kgalema Motlanthe and Baleka Mbete, did not enjoy high public profiles

Former deputy president Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka received higher ratings than Zuma among the white, coloured and Indian communities - an important consideration should she join Congress of the People as speculated.

COPE as an alternative to ANC

From time to time, we'll put forward views on behalf of other parties that you may or may not agree with. In an election year, it is imperative that you be informed and know what you are voting for.

By Lindikhaya Maqasha

South African politics have reached a stage where they demand a mind-shift from an era of political revolution to that of civil service; from democratic transition to human civility and dignity for all. The new political narrative requires political activist who have moved away from personality cults and empty rhetoric to efficient civic institutions for efficient service delivery, otherwise our future will soon be that of civic strife, and masses rising up to take what’s rightfully theirs.

The political rigidness and inability to read the mood of the people, together with social dynamics and trends of the times will only lead us to climax of the presently failing revolution. Hence the Congress of the People has come as the formation from the ANC’s failures and abuses. Even without Terror Lekota a change in the South African political landscape was bound to happen; it would have been just a matter of time. Sam Shilowa and Lekota furrowed on irrigated ground.

It doesn’t need an intelligent scholar / or sophisticated revolutionary to unpack the present scenario. One needs not to consult books on historical and dialectical materialism lessons as the enabling tools of analysis of our political problems are accessible even to a common man. It is the plurality of views that is presently redefining the South African politics for a new change.

The issue of firing Mbeki was not a major propelling reason for the formation of COPE, but just an event which triggered the momentum. In actual fact, it made a significant impact in strengthening demand for the formation of a new party. Deception and corruption cannot fool everybody all the time.

The option of reforming the ANC by continued search for unity and cohesion from within expired at its 52nd National Conference at Polokwane. It there became apparent that the division were too deep-rooted and involved different mindset. Later it also emerged that the causes of divisions were disappointingly about the control of state resources. Some COPE members must share the blame with those of the ANC on this issue, but it is an argument of another day.

The Post-Polokwane new leadership failed to bring about unity within the ranks of the ANC, instead it instigated divisions whose sharp contradictions have since been multiplied visibly in the public domain. It became obvious that the movement had deviated from the aspirations of the Freedom Charter and violated the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa by recalling a seating president without the sanctions of Parliament or Constitutional Court.

It is the combination of all of these that derailed the ANC from the project of alleviating abject poverty of the toiling masses. The free South African society was also tremendously undermined by the growing arrogance of the Tripartite Alliance (TA) secondary partners, the SACP and COSATU.

The first error of the ANC was in thinking that it patented the freedom of South Africans by being the prominent member of the Liberation Movement, to an extant of feeling within its rights to ignore their rights of South Africans under the pressures of survival for its party. Alexandra Spirkin says “… self-consciousness implies that, before taking decisions or formulating and articulating organisational positions, political leaders must factor in the demands of the society.” There’s also the issue of laws of the society which guide the conduct of leaders and society at large that the TA lately has been feeling absolved from obeying.

It is undisputed that ANC the image has been severely dented in many ways because its political consciousness has diminished. Putting the interests of the people first above those of individuals and the party carries the ability of a seasoned cadre to see the linkages and the interconnections between the society and its leadership. COPE aims at restoring the confidence of the public on politics.

What is consciousness? It is self-awareness, meaning - “knowing and perceiving; having awareness of surroundings and sensations and thoughts, self-conscious awareness, self-conscious about their roles as guardians of the social values” (D.M. Potter). This consciousness is absent in the higher ranks of the ANC at this moment. Social values and laws that govern society are the basis to which one has to learn and grasp before tendering services to society, and it is how one is judged on his or her capabilities to handle such issues. The disregard of these social mores by the ANC leadership is abhorrent.

COPE emerged from the initiative of men and women whose self-consciousness made them aware that they are “guardians of social values”. Who are aware that we no longer live in a society where members of the public are not aware of their rights. That no political party can just do as it wishes no matter how big it following.

Self-consciousness should serve as a guiding tool in social conduct. Not only does COPE come with self-consciousness, it derives it from social and political realities of our society and times. COPE’s strength of formation was in the failures of the ANC, the deviation and violation of our culture, traditions, norms, practices, value system, ethical conduct and revolutionary morality which used to attract and inspire many in all respect.

In an a way COPE came as a saviour also of the ANC by reminding it what it is betraying, hence you find the ANC leaders at their rallies mentioning as the party’s way forward issues raised by COPE; like respect of law, service delivery and fighting corruption, etc.

The ANC has been reduced to spiral reactionary politics by the emergence of COPE. Someone who didn’t know would think COPE was in government and the ANC an opposition with all its reactionary politics. The central issue with the ANC is not even its corruption, but ideological petrifaction and visionary bankruptcy. Its demise is that of weak leadership and power mongers who are clueless about the real issues of the day. And it has been tremendously weakened by its Alliance partners whose only strategy is to highjack the programme of the ANC from the present ignorant leadership of the ANC.

Since the 1994 democratic breakthrough the think-tank of the ANC has been a black-box that fails to pre-empt the consequences of the continuity of the South African democratic process. Instead it developed the tendency of arrogance, labelling those who thought out of its box as counter-revolutionaries and promoters of pro-capitalist designs, influenced by the imperialist agenda who want to end the overwhelming homogeneity of the Alliance power. COPE has liberated most of us from those tendencies by allowing respect and contention one’s point of view. Out of the ANC you feel free to explore more progressive thought.

The ANC fought for this democracy and led the process of drafting the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. It fought for the rights of individual members of society to choose their political affiliation on merit as they wish. It is ironic that it should recognise these things only when under the banner of its own alliance. When other parties fulfil this mandate they are striving to destroy ANC aims and objectives.

Why is the TA afraid of a robust debate if it is so certain of being on the right side of history? The truth of the matter is that when the ANC aborted Nation Building project it fell into the Mobuthofication style of leadership drive with war talks against COPE, which is very divisive and will never build a non-racial nation. For instance, the ANCYL’s leadership crudeness and lumpen radicalism tolerated and indirectly endorsed by the ANC top leadership is a very dangerous course to take in SA’s still immature democracy.

That the ANC has up to now not reviewed the relevance of its Alliance in the current conjuncture of our revolution as we are faced with global realities is one of its crucial failures since the fall of the Berlin-Wall (West and East Block) and collapse of the Soviet Bloc. The reality is that the paradigm shift in the global politics changed and left the TA behind with obsolete ideologies. Many political commentators in SA believe the formation of Congress of the People has led to the introduction of a vibrant non-racial opposition into South Africa’s democratic system. Only the TA believe COPE to be counter-revolutionaries.

Unfortunately the ANC and its Alliance partners have since shifted from the culture of political tolerance, engagement, critical analysis and introspection. Gone are the days when it used to be a school of political discussion and constructive engagement. Towards the establishment of COPE it lost its moorings.

The reality is that TA leaders refuse to accept the reality of COPE’s existence, its attractive political dynamics, change and mind-shift to accommodate the timely demands of the society. It doesn’t need sophisticated judgement, or unique revolutionary intelligentsia to use correct with right measures and tools of analysis for the solutions to the challenges of our times. The ANC has chosen to descend into anti-intellectualism and ideological incoherence because of dearth of vision, and absence of strategic thinking and direction.

Gone are the days when the ANC was a contesting terrain for progressive ideas of all social classes in shaping political agenda and direction for SA. It has shifted to the interests of the elites, only now the elites happen to wear the banner for the interests of the poor. It has lost its unifying factor and tolerance for opportunism, cronyism, nepotism and corruption. The ANC wheel tyres have run flat. The party is now moving on rims, grooving the road of our democratic achievements. It hugely suffers from denialsm and lack of introspection that is making it sink with our rich history and good heritage. The major problem is bankruptcy of vision and lack of proper leadership.

The ANC should begin to accept that COPE has occupied the abundant vacuum the ANC created in opting for prioritising its party interest over those of the country. COPE exist, and grow, mostly by capitalising on the failures of the ANC as it defines its identity. It’s aim is to introduce politics of Progressive Democratic Revolution (PDR) agenda free of politics of opportunism, nepotism, and cronyism.

COPE’s progressive modernism will be hollow if it doesn’t take into cognisance the African Knowledge Base System which is flavoured by the life outlook of Ubuntu, and nurtured with African cultural and traditional doctrine.

Romeo and Julius

This may help explain why the great unwashed will continue to support the ANC, like lemmings to their fall. The ANC has managed to portray their failings as the fault of everything prior to 1994 and everyone else since - and therein lies the twisted genius of their tactic. It also explains why they allow Julius to keep spewing excrement at will. The masses are gullible and ready to believe conspiracy theories as to why their lives are a misery 15 years into the new era. It may literally take getting to a Zimbabwe situation before they come around but by then it may be too late.

Julius Malema has pulled it off. He has achieved that most prized of all things, the status of one-man news generator. He has produced a media loop that runs like this: He talks, it gets reported, people respond with strong emotions, his party shuts him up, he talks, …

There are those who grumble about the coverage of Julius Malema, saying there are “more important things” to be reported on and that he is a buffoon.

That is most probably true, but for one thing: Malema is not on the fringes of political life.
No, he represents a growing voice within the ANC, a voice against “academics”, against people with “American accents”, against, “sophisticated politicians” and, dare it be said, against “white colonialists”.

Jacob Zuma [Romeo] has sown the seed of populism. Julius Malema is the harvest. And the ANC’s response to Malema confirms this love/hate relationship: To them he is a rough diamond. But a diamond nonetheless, one that will be cut to fit its purpose.

The secret of Malema’s success is that he feeds on two powerful apartheid-inspired psychological states: Victimhood and fear.

He allows those who really no longer have any excuse for ongoing misery after fifteen years of democratic rule to still believe they are the victims of a grand conspiracy against them. In this powerful world view, it is not the three successive governments that have failed to deliver, it is the old establishment, using puppets, operating unseen through empty shells such as Cope, the DA, even Thabo Mbeki and Naledi Pandor, that are bedevilling transformation.

And, to those who have made it in the new South Africa, Malema provides that missing ingredient that successive apartheid governments manufactured and distributed so well: Fear.

The politicians in government, the ANC’s leaders and the business world might say what they want, but Malema’s camp threats and verbosity represent to them the “truth” about what the ANC believes and wants to do.

And, because he is censured and then let off the leash each time he oversteps the mark, it is hard to dismiss this fear.

Working both sides of the street, Malema simultaneously stirs anger in the masses and fear in the elite. He may not be a great intellect, but he has enough raw political instinct to know that he is onto something.

And what could be easier than just keeping on doing what you are doing. Call a press conference, say something outrageous. Then wait for the reaction.

Will the country eventually tire of Malema and allow his words of wisdom to vanish in the breeze? Probably. Because at some point, Malema, like his predecessors Peter Mokaba, like Malusi Gigaba, like Fikile Mbalula, will hunger for the establishment. And somewhere in the youth league, there are other wanna-be demagogues awaiting their turn.

They will push, government will pull and with a loud pop, Malema will escape the bottle of populism to find himself in the ranks of the establishment. Until then, though, the South African psyche is in for a rough ride.

Only in SA

One can only shake one's head in wonder at the antics these simian bipeds get up to. What next? As it is, most violent crimes are committed with firearms obtained from the police...

The Durban organised crime unit was preparing to work 24-hour shifts to find two men who stole 15 guns after holding up two police officers at a satellite police station in the city on Thursday morning.

The robbery has prompted calls for a thorough investigation of the police's procedures at the joint operations centre in Durban.

Police Superintendent Muzi Mngomezulu said two men had entered the station at Boscombe Terrace, near the beachfront, about 5.30am on Thursday. The SA Police Service and the metro police both have satellite stations at the centre.

"Two police reservists were on duty. A man walked into the station and asked how he could open a case. While the constable was busy with this man, a second man walked in. This man pointed a firearm at both reservists and asked for guns."

Mngomezulu said the reservists had not told the man where the guns were, but he had walked into another cubicle in the station and had found the guns in a bag.

"The reservists had been preparing the guns to load them away in a trunk in the offices. The guns were all loaded. The robbers also took a cellphone from one of the reservists. They ran away."

He said the reservists had reported the incident after the robbers had fled. The organised crime unit would investigate the case.

KZN violence monitor Mary de Haas said the incident should be viewed seriously.

"Heads should roll. Yeah, right..... Whoever is responsible for that station should be taken to task. Guns should be properly stored away at all times. It is against the law to have guns that are not properly secured. It is disgraceful for the police to behave in this way," she said.

"These guns will be used by criminals and will be used against the police."

DA safety and security spokeswoman Diane Kohler-Barnard said the commanding officer at the station should be suspended.

"It is basic police protocol that weapons should be stored in a safe place. Action must be taken against the officers responsible, as well as their supervisors. We cannot allow criminals to simply walk into police stations and take firearms. All weapons should be stored in secure places when not being used."

Kohler-Barnard said there had been gross negligence by the officers at the station.

"That 15 weapons should be left around in a bag, as the reports indicate, is clearly an act of gross negligence at the station in question. As a direct consequence of this, 15 more weapons are now in the hands of criminals, and will almost certainly be used in incidents of crime."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Africans brutally bash a white kid at a Melbourne train station

It seems wherever they go, whatever they do has to involve criminality. Where's the outrage?!! Where's our Al Sharpton?

Warning: Very graphic.

Hat tip: Loony iPodtoon

South Africa The good news?

Well, you've got to love the ANC spin doctors.

Here is a press release about our water being almost OK, while we are in the midst of a cholera outbreak with no plan of action to actually address the cause.

Let’s just say everything is fine, have an indaba, mix our Scotch with Perrier ice cubes and hope no one keeps score of the body count.

Not always up to scratch, but it‘s safe to drink. Source

Johannesburg – South Africa‘s water might not always be up to standard, but it is safe to drink, the department of water affairs and forestry said yesterday.

“The department acknowledges that the water might at times not meet the required technical standard, according to our management systems (electronic water quality management and drinking water quality regulation),” it said.

“However, we must clarify that this in no way means the water in these towns is not safe for human consumption.” Sometimes, only one of 14 samples from a water source failed to meet the standards, said the department‘s drinking water quality regulation manager Leonardo Manus.

This did not mean the entire town was affected, he said. Where a sample failed and the determinant for this did not have a health impact, the water would also not be rendered unsafe.

Cholera in South Africa spreads Source

Five of South Africa's nine provinces have now reported cases of cholera.

The country's department of health announced on Friday that there have been 64 deaths and nearly 18,000 infections since the outbreak began last August.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research suspends researcher Source

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has suspended a leading water researcher over a presentation he was to deliver about South Africa's water crisis this week.

The council executive of the CSIR on Friday suspended Dr Anthony Turton, an acclaimed political scientist, with immediate effect, charging him with insubordination and bringing the CSIR into disrepute.

In his presentation, Turton was to have said that South Africa had run out of surplus water, with 98 percent of it already allocated. And because most rivers and dams were highly polluted, they had lost the ability to dilute effluents.

Poor water quality was threatening economic growth, he added.

The pollution ranges from acidic mine pollution from coal and gold mining, levels of eutrophication [characterised by an abundant accumulation of nutrients that support a dense growth of algae and other organisms, the decay of which depletes the shallow waters of oxygen in summer] "unprecedented globally" in rivers and dams, and radio-nuclide and heavy-metal contamination from a century of largely unregulated gold mining that had left residents of Soweto, Ekurhuleni and the West Rand living on "contaminated land".

Impending Water Quality Crisis in South Africa? CSIR Suspends Whistleblower Dr. Tony Turton Source

I just learned from colleague Aaron Wolf that Dr. Anthony “Tony” Turton, one of the world’s top experts on hydropolitics and transboundary water resources and one of the movers in the Universities Partnership for Transboundary Waters, has been suspended by the Council on Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) after he sounded the alarm on an impending water crisis in South Africa.

CSIR has no real equivalent agency in the USA but this situation is analogous to the EPA or USGS suspending a top water researcher for whistleblowing. Turton is a Dir
ector of AWRA’s “sister” organization the International Water Resources Organization (IWRA). He also co-edits its journal, Water International.

A leading South African scientist has warned that gross underinvestment in water management has left it at risk of a cholera outbreak. Source

His report said:

• Investment in South Africa's water quality has fallen sharply since the 1980s
• Decades of mining for gold and other minerals has left much of the water supply heavily polluted with heavy metals and other pollutants
• Many municipalities across South Africa have no qualified engineers