Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Teacher drags dog 1.5km as ‘punishment’

Seven charges of cruelty to animals have been laid against a Mount Ayliff teacher for tying a dog to his car and dragging it along the road for about 1.5km.

The bloodied and broken male cross-breed dog was later put down by SPCA officials, who described the incident as a “pre-meditated, malicious and calculated crime”.

Kokstad SPCA Inspector Douglas Wolhuter on Tuesday said members of the SPCA were still in shock by what they described as a “horrific incident” to the animal.

Wolhuter said the incident happened last Saturday and the SPCA was alerted by eyewitnesses who saw the teacher dragging the dog to the side of the road before throwing it into the bush. “We immediately rushed to the scene,” said Wolhuter.

He said they spent about 40 minutes searching the bushes along the road and eventually found the severely injured dog. Wolhuter said the dog showed no aggression towards him or the trainee inspector who helped him despite being in great pain. “We took the dog to the vet and he advised that the only humane option was to put the dog to sleep as it had severe injuries,” he said.

The teacher allegedly told officials that the dog had tried to bite his child and this was the “punishment” he decided to dish out to the dog. Kokstad police did not comment but it is understood no arrests have been made as the police were still gathering information that could lead to the man’s arrest.

The Dispatch is in possession of pictures of the animal after the incident, but have decided not to publish them as they are too disturbing.

Anger over dog dragging case

Animal lovers are appalled that police have yet to arrest the Mount Ayliff teacher who dragged a dog behind his car for 1.5km last weekend.

Despite already having seven charges of animal cruelty laid against the teacher, Kokstad police spokesperson Zandra Wiid told the Daily Dispatch that they were still gathering evidence, and confirmed that the teacher was still a free man. Source

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