Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Race Terrorism

Racist! The most powerful word of the day, nothing can shut down opposition so fast or rob one of credibility as efficiently as the word 'racist'. At least when it is wielded in opposition against one of European decent. For it would seem that this is the only person who could ever be guilty of such a heinous crime. And though no one would ever want to be called a racist, maybe it is time to re-evaluate just what that word means.

Webster's Dictionary states that racism, is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. By this definition it is not racist, to appreciate ones heritage and people, and want the best for them.

Race terrorism exists when one belligerently calls the other a racist, the latter most commonly being of European decent. This is without uncertainty, as terrible as using the most nasty, racially explicit names in existence. To call a decent and upstanding person a racist would be to associate that person with the bucktoothed and inbred. Something that quite clearly the majority of European decent people are not.

Race terrorism is running rampant in many stages of public life, and it is high time that Americans put a stop to this callous and savage practice. The corporate media and its leftist goons use race terrorism to what end, who knows. There are many speculative reasons for why the media is a bunch of left wing apologists and childless femi-nazis, but they are nothing more than conjecture.

It may be time to legislate new laws into place to make the major talking heads elected officials or something, because these people have too much power. Power that can wind up in the wrong hands, as it is in our beloved America. The bottom line is that they use this hateful idea like a baton to further their own ends, unknowing the true havoc they would unleash if they had their way.

But gay rights activists and Starbucks human resources division aren't the only people guilty of race terrorism. There are others who use race terrorism because they are ignorant. These people are easily distinguished by calling anyone who is European and concerned about the path we are on as a people, "ignorant", or "kooky". They use these words because in others they see themselves. They have not grown beyond they point that they were cultivated by modern pop culture. These poor fools don't understand that every indigenous group has the right to self determination, and sometimes that includes participating in difficult discussions. They do not fail to see the relevance of tribes but are blind to the existence of their own. It is difficult for some to see the forest from the trees, but this person more than likely, is ignorant of communism, its implications, and what it looks like in practice. Alas, most Americans fall into this category, and they allow race terrorism to control them, no one wants to be a heretic. Nevertheless, this person is guilty as charged of race terrorism and it's up to the offended to decide how to react in such a case. Personally I begin to froth at the mouth but patience and a little re-education might be just the medicine.

My favorite race terrorists have been the demographic of people that also fall in line with the classic archetype of terrorism. The Americanized middle eastern immigrants, who listen to rap, and wear American Eagle. These people will vehemently attack a European American for using the word American wrong, or saying that anything is black. They hate cowboy hats and really don't have a thing to do with the racial strife in American History. While I do hope for peace in their homelands, and mine, these people have no business calling anyone racist. Anyone from this group who resorts to race terrorism is only exploiting an unnatural system that they recognize with sober lucidity, making them even more dubious than the previous mentioned groups of useful idiots.

Race Terror groups have sprung up all across the southwest as Mexican illegals put up billboards calling American states part of Mexico. These people will use the word racist until it no longer sounds like a word anymore. They advocate giving American tax dollars to foreign nationals but cry racist when they are bored of Chupacabra or the Virgin Mary. They claim that the Southwest United States was stolen by whites, and they want the land back. They call it Aztlan, and hope for a day to come when they will slaughter every white male over the age of 16. You think I am kidding, but there are some Mexican radicals out there who feel this way, and at least some of them are LaRaza members, which means The Race. If that's not racism in its purist form under Webster's then I really don't know what is. When Texas won her independence, she didn't get it from a bunch of rock throwing gnomes. The Mexican Army was professional, and Santa Anna considered himself the Napoleon of this hemisphere. These illegal, and legal, Mexicans that call European Americans racist for being concerned for the future of their children are nothing more than race terror brigands.

Some of the biggest Race Terrorists are Blacks. I will never be black and I will never pretend to understand what it's like to be black. There are dangerous people in the world and some of them are black as night. Even if they were white as snow, they would still be wicked. That does not mean there aren't good blacks in the world but the racial realists in this community are few and far between. And this simple fact alone is key when trying to discuss race terrorism. A black is not judged solely because his skin is dark, or because his facial features are different. Albeit these are things nature has done so that we may distinguish ourselves from one another. A thirty-year-old man with tattoos on his face and his pants below his ass, isn't up to any good. I don't care what anybody says.

These black pseudo intellectuals, who write essays, poetry and comic books, about lynchings, and other white on black crimes, never have anything to say about the radical truth of black on white crime that is kept so hidden from the world spotlight. The times when I have had discussions with black intellectuals, I like to ask them what their opinion is of farm murders in South Africa. If they answer, that they think it isn't a big deal because of the history of South Africa and that the whites deserve it, I know this person is a bigot and that any further discussion would only give this person the opportunity to try and use race terrorism on me.

For all this talk of Race Terror, maybe we should spend a brief moment on the origin of the word racism as we know it today. The ancient Greeks felt that other races were inferior, as well as the Hebrews, who referred to non-Hebrews as Gentiles, yet as far as we know there was no advocating the rights of other cultures before one's own in either of these ancient societies. The contemporary form of the word first started to rear its ugly head in Russia, before world war one, and then in Germany before world war two. Communist provocateurs in both these countries, sought to incite civil unrest and control through this method.

Today, if one barely skims the surface on these times, they begin to connect the dots relatively quickly. These issues we face today, have come up before and it boils down to the mind game war that Marxists have imposed on us. To expand any further would be a digression but it is important to shed light on the communist assault Europeans across the world are under, wherever it rears its ugly head.

While it may or may not be easy to identify possible Muslim terrorists, it is quite simple to locate a communist race terrorist. They simply use the word racist in a manner deemed unworthy of Webster's own dictionary. Race terror will only continue to oppress us and control our lives as long as we let it.

Race terrorism will come to an end once it has been confronted, and identified for all the world to see. I do not appreciate any form of race terrorism, and it is my belief that the sooner this is addressed, the quicker we can start to resolve key issues and work towards finding harmony for all of mankind. This harmony will never come, as long as Race Terror is alive and well.

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BenitoAmericanus said...

Extremely insighful posting, I hope you don't have a problem with my FAWKING opinion.

Anonymous said...

The real point of race terrorism is used to destabilize societies in order for them to be better manipulated & ordered by the ruling elite as first outlined about four decades ago by Myron Fagan among others of which the results are apparent now.

BenitoAmericanus said...

Exceptional BLOG, truly OUTSTANDING.
Was Myron Fagan a Righteous Edomite or a true Israelite?
I'm truly ignorant of his existence.

Anonymous said...

Well I am not sure how to answer your question. He was a Jewish American who was among the first to expose the machinations of the now often named New World Order. Similar to G Edward Griffin. Here is a short video clip of Fagan explaining how the racial game was & is played out in America. What this article touches on & calls: race terrorists.