Monday, January 26, 2009

ANC leaders credo: If it moves, shag it

What is it with ANC top brass keeping their pants zipped? Zuma laid into a house friend, has just married his sixth wife(?) no doubt in addition to the many girlfriends on the side. Now Motley the puppet prez himself has got two affairs going simultaneously, impregnating one.

Hey you dimwit fu*kers, there is a country to run and your attentions should be focused on overcoming (pun intended) the mountain of shit you created. The last thing you should be worried about is your next shag!

Claims this weekend by the Sunday Independent that President Kgalema Motlanthe is conducting two affairs, one of them with a 24-year-old who is pregnant with his child have shocked South Africa.

The question that arises is: Should the private life of a politician be subject to this sort of public scrutiny? The ANC doesn’t think so, stating that it is a “private matter” not worthy of comment.

The argument for privacy is an interesting one. It suggests that public officials be scrutinised only on the performance of their public duties.

This argument is not convincing. Public office is much more than the performance of a set of duties.

It is also about providing leadership and providing an example to the nation of the sort of behaviour that is appropriate for this country to heal and move forward.

Multiple partners, relationships with those half your age and the like - should they be proved true - set a very bad example for a country struggling to find some kind of moral centre, never mind one fighting Aids.

Motlanthe should come clean about this affairs and offer the nation an explanation.

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