Saturday, December 20, 2008

Woman shot in botched hijacking

I hate these headlines, "botched hijacking", wtf does that mean? That a hijacking that goes ok is a job well done? That if it goes wrong then it is a 'mistake', a bad 'job', 'botched'? Are we grading hijackings now?

Hijacking is a heinous crime, whether people are hurt or not, whether a car is stolen or not. Say it as so. My headline would have read, "Hijack hell that is South Africa claims another victim".

Johannesburg - A 49-year-old woman sustained multiple gunshot wounds during an attempted hijacking in Roodepoort on Thursday, paramedics said.

ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak said the woman was shot at, when she stopped at a traffic light on the corner of Hendrick Portgieter and Peter Road at around 22:20.

"She said they [hijackers] tried to hijack her Mercedes. They fired shots into the right hand side window, she sustained multiple gunshot wounds in the chest."

Vermaak said the woman sped off. She was found by the paramedics in the car, two kilometres away from Krugersdorp.

"She was stabilised and taken to a nearby hospital." The woman was with two children in the vehicle at the time of the attack but they were unharmed, Vermaak said.

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Grumbleguts said...

I know it might stretch your knowledge to the limit, but try and get a darkie that's not so ugly. Might be tuff, I know, but please try. You're scaring the children.

Anonymous said...

Whadyamean..? That was the good looking darkie...

Grumbleguts said...

Is he the missing link??
My cat's hair stood on end!!!