Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'We are a violent society'

Evidence of a sick, lawless society on the precipice of an abyss from which there may be no return. A beast unleashed since 1994.

One statistic stands out in particular for me - 49 children raped - all of this during the first 18 days of December in Kwazulu-Natal, just one of nine provinces. These are not 'career' criminals necessarily committing these acts but 'ordinary' people who seize opportunities simply because they are there.

Criminal acts committed with the same concern as squashing a bug. They give no thought to the victim or the consequences of their actions on society. They live for now, for instant gratification, bugger building a peaceful country for themselves and their children and passing that behaviour on. What they show instead is that it is a jungle out there, where to take, to steal, to kill is acceptable if the opportunity presents itself.

What is meant to separate us from animals is missing in this culture. We are supposed to act with more reason than animals, we are meant to contemplate our actions but this 'trigger', the 'conscience button' which stops reasonable people from committing acts of violence is simply not there in this culture.

It is the culture of these people to take that which is not theirs, to violate, to behave barbarically, conduct that people in a civilised country just would not do because those people understand that actions have repercussions that diminish a society's ability to function properly - that will at some time or other come back to affect them.

But understand that with this culture, and let's be clear, this is black South African culture we are speaking about here, no thought is given to tomorrow. It is with these people that South Africa must try to carve a peaceful future?

Durban - A total of 1722 people were assaulted in KwaZulu-Natal and 111 people sustained gunshot wounds over the first 18 days of December, the provincial health department said.

Another 493 people had been stabbed, and 282 raped (49 being child victims).

Provincial health MEC Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni said she was extremely concerned about these figures, which had been incurred over the festive season.

"These statistics indicate a violent society that continues to violate women and girls. The department also notes with concern the role of alcohol and drugs in promoting these unsocial behaviours."

She said violence could not only lead to death but had effects on health - including brain injuries, bruises and scalds, chronic pain syndromes, and irritable bowel syndrome.

"Injuries and violence are threats to health in every country of the world. While violence and road traffic injuries account for the greatest proportion, other injuries such as drowning, burns, rape and suicides make up nearly 50% of all fatal injuries."

The figures for December showed 118 suicide cases, 1008 vehicle accidents, 17 drownings and 139 burn victims.

"Although the greatest cost of injury is in human suffering and loss, the financial costs are far from trivial. The burden of injuries is greatest amongst the poor," said Nkonyeni. She urged holidaymakers and residents to be safe and vigilant and not to indulge in drugs.

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me but we do NOT live in a violent society - by saying "we" and "society" implies that EVERYONE is violent - blacks AND whites AND coloureds AND indians AND orientals. Rubbish.

It is the BASTARD BANTU CULTURE which is inherently violent.

Adriana Stuijt said...

Dr Victor Prinsloo is making a miraculous recovery after a bullet was removed from his spine and got out of hospital before Christmas. His wife Laetitia, who was murdered while the couple were asleep in their beds on their farm north of Pretoria, was farm murder victim Nr. 3024. Three days ago, another unarmed farm wife was murdered in the same region - but not before she was tortured extensively while she was tied up like an animal, bring the total recorded number of 'farm murders' targetting sonamed 'white' farmers for a secret genocide, according to the world's top genocide expert, dr Gregory Stanton.

See the report here - and do feel free to copy it with the video -- I wrote it:

Grumbleguts said...

Anonymous 11:10
Yip, we all get painted with the same brush in SA. What the general population want is to isolated from the Savage BLACK animals, who want to impose on the WHITE culture, generally speaking. Very few white people, if any, attack, rob, rape, murder, mutilate the black population. It's them. They are the problem!!! We just want to be left alone and be left to ourselves. They are like fleas on a dog. Can't get rid of them at all, serve no purpose, and won't leave you alone.