Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Apartheid Type Laws of Africa Were In... Liberia.

When it comes to the old Apartheid laws: most people in the West erroneously presume that the said laws were initiated in Southern Africa & often presume were enacted from the late 1940s on. This is demonstrably incorrect on numerous fronts. Not only was Apartheid originated by the British Colonial regimes during the 19th cent but even they were not the first regime in Africa to institute Apartheid type laws. Few people appear to be aware that the first Apartheid type laws ever enacted on a grand scale on the African continent were in fact implemented by the Americo-Liberians of Liberia during the mid 19th cent.

As early as the middle of the 19th century, long before [ed: Grand] apartheid was instituted in southern Africa by the Afrikaners, it had been invented and made flesh by the rulers of Liberia - descendants of black slaves. In the small, bigoted world of Monrovia, an ordinance was instituted forbidding close contacts with the local population, particularly intermarriage. To this end, the government in Monrovia allocated to each tribe (there are 16 of them) a territory where they were allowed to live - not unlike the typical "homelands" created for Africans decades later by the white racists from Pretoria. All who spoke out against this were severely punished. The chiefs of unsubmissive tribes were eliminated on the spot, the rebellious population murdered or imprisoned, its villages destroyed, its crops set afire.

The full article is here at: Slaves of Freedom.

The Americo-Liberians were the descendents of American slaves whose ancestors were originally from West Africa who later went back to Africa & were the founders of Liberia of which as a minority they ruled over & segregated themselves from the larger native population.

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