Friday, December 26, 2008

COPE “More Of The Same”: Boervolk

Yesterday's post "ANC calls Afrikaners counter-revolutionaries" put forward one COPE member's view with regard to Whites and their place in South Africa while simultaneously doing an 'Obama' - talking without providing substance - and it seems many of you are not sold on COPE. And so you should not.

COPE, while a welcome distraction and addition to the political landscape - even if only to serve as a means of diminishing the ANC's grip on power - must be met with scepticism. We've heard it all before and seeing truly is believing. COPE is, after all comprised of mainly ex-ANC members that stood by and allowed racist AA and BEE policies to flourish and White heritage to be destroyed so for them to suddenly become enlightened to the errors of those policies requires more than just nice words.

The international community should be cautiously optimistic about any “change” coming about from the creation of ANC-breakaway political party COPE, say Boer activists Dr. Lets Pretorius and Henry Pinkham.

In an exclusive interview with The Right Perspective, the two Boervolk Freedom Foundation leaders point out that COPE leader Patrick Lekota played a vital role in The Church Street Bombing of 1983. Carried out by the “military” wing of the ANC, the terrorist attack left “dozens of people killed, mutilated, and he [Lekota] did not give a damn about the worth of their lives,” Dr. Lets said.

“You’ve got to remember that Lekota’s nickname has always been “terror” and he is not known as that for nothing,” said Mr. Pinkham. “He’s always been a terrorist and a guy who terrorizes even his own people”. (the nickname 'terror' was given to Lekota during his youth where he was a 'terror' as a soccer player - Ed.)

“Afterward he [Lekota] became the minister of defense in [South Africa] and he made a total flop about this. Some of the senior officers actually took him on in the press and said he made it a total disaster of the department. Now [the media] is making him out as the new hero, and all he is at this stage is just another politician. And nothing more,” Dr. Lets concluded.

Dr. Lets believes the COPE media frenzy may be the result of inside politics. Just before Mbeki abdicated the presidency, he re-appointed the board of the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC), which supervises radio and television, to another five-year term. Mbeki put all his men in charge. This has turned the ANC against the SABC. “So you can see all these news bulletins trying to bring Zuma down and raise the profile of Lekota and this COPE Party”, notes Dr. Lets.

Dr. Lets does not believe COPE will succeed in taking the reins of power away from the ANC but will make a significant dent in their ability to govern without check. “The ANC will not be able to have a two-thirds majority, they will probably have a majority closer to 55-65 percent,” he said, adding that opposition parties overall could benefit from the political change.

Dr. Lets also draws a distinction between an “Afrikaner” and a “Boer”, liking the soci-political outlooks of the two white South African ethnicities to that of liberals and conservatives - Afrikaners being centered around the more metropolitan Cape and Boer consisting mostly of farmers in the heartland of the Orange Freestate. The Afrikaners think that because Lekota can speak Afrikaans reasonably well, they “are running behind him like The Pied Piper,” he said. “The same way the Afrikaner ran after DeKlerk, the Afrikaner are running after Lekota”.

South African political analysts tend to be Afrikaner and allow their overly-liberal mindset to view African politics as if it were European politics. “You cannot judge this Dark Continent of Africa from a Western perspective. Because in Africa, politics are driven in an African way,” Dr. Lets said.

“The fact that there is even a split in the ANC at this stage might just be window dressing for all we know,” notes Mr. Pinkham. “Because we know that they will still have more or less the same policy. They sound different at this stage but they might just be an eye blind. We are not quite sure as what is going to happen, but we know that they do not think like the Westerners. ”

“I am convinced that the last part of the (ANC) revolution is taking place in this country,” concluded Dr. Lets. “What happened in every country throughout Africa, their motivation is to kill white people. They don’t want us here, they hate us”.

“If we don’t form a lager like we did at Blood River, we will be going the way they went in Zimbabwe;” concluded Dr. Lets.

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Ron. said...

Pretorius is right in his assertion of Boers having to get into a metaphorical laager for their protection. For those who are interested in learning more about the Boer distinction he noted: I posted an article on my own blog a few months ago showing the documented distinction [of which he featured in the first excerpt ] of Boer from Afrikaner at: The Noted Distinction of Boers From Afrikaners. The confusion is important to clarity as the Boers have a distinct trekking frontier & later republican history apart from the bulk of the Afrikaners & as such - considering this independence oriented past - are much more in favour of reacquiring some form of self determination.