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Afrikaners: ruling party destroys South Africa with their greed, malice...

Afrikaners across the entire political spectrum, from famous left-wing dissident author Breyten Breytenbach to the only parliamentarian of the conservative Freedom Front opposition party, warn that the ruling ANC is plunging South Africa into civil war.

Under ANC-governance, they all say, the ANC-party leadersship has descended into habitual human rights violations, self-enrichment, racist hate-speech -- and have even drawn up laws to block the country's small while minority from accessing the labour market, plunging one-third of the Afrikaner nation into homelessless, hunger and poverty. Its failing hegemony is leading to civil war. Breytenbach warns his fellow South Africans to leave the country. The Freedom Front warns that the entire electorate is facing unprecedented hunger, massive unemployment, a polluted environment and two killer diseases South Africans refer to as 'Turbo-Aids" - the co-infection of AIDS and Extremely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis which has already infected at least 6-million working-age young people, mostly blacks.

The ANC leadership, concluded the left-wing dissident poet Breytenbach and the right-wing parliamentarian Pieter Mulder, the first speaking in New York, the other in Pretoria, have over the past 15 years done nothing to uplift the population. Instead, the ANC-leadership engaged in an grotesque orgy of self-enrichment and have totally ignored the needs of their electorate. A similar warning was also issued last week by the country's last Afrikaner president, Nobel Peace laureate Frederick de Klerk.

Within 15 years of ANC-hegemony, the Afrikaner minority warns, their country has been plunged in very rapid impoverishment for all races, unprecedented widespread hunger which is affecting many millions according to Operation Hunger, the SA Red Cross and Solidarity Trade Union, including 1-million whites.

Leave the country, Breytenbach warns
The internationally celebrated dissident author Breyten Breytenbach -- who was imprisoned by the apartheid-regime -- this week wrote a scathing article in Harper's Magazine advising fellow South Africans to leave the country - it's just become too dangerous. Breytenbach now divides his time between New York, where he teaches creative writing at New York University and the Goree Institute in Senegal.

Relentless, mindless hatespeech and violence; self-enrichment by senior ANC's
He chose the -- to Afrikaners - historically important date of December 16 to launch a scathing attack on ANC-hegemony in his hard-hitting article and in a radio interview on the same day this was published with "Democracy Now' in New York - warning that the current black-majority government had totally failed all of the country's citizens. He writes in his article, "Mandela's Smile: notes on South Africa's failed revolution," see that 'the relentless, mindless violence, nepotism and corruption are the sources of South Africa's shame.'

Breytenbach was born in Bonnievale, about 180km outside of Cape Town, and his work includes the book, The True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist, in which he describes aspects of his imprisonment by the apartheid state. And even though his brother Jan Breytenbach headed up the country's anti-terrorism unit at the time, the majority of the close-knit Afrikaners, often referred to as the White Tribe of Africa, are not overly fond of their most celebrated poet, many viewing him as a sellout of his nation for siding with the exiled ANC during apartheid.

More houses were built for the poor under apartheid than now...
In his radio interview, listen to it here he said: 'Critical institutions have practically imploded under our national health system, to some extent our educational system, certainly our security system. "... more houses were built for the poor under apartheid than by the new government ... and a lot of this failure must be brought to the door of responsibility of those in power within the ANC. There's been a very rapid self-promotion and self-enrichment, quite obscenely so, by a handful of black senior leaders, while millions of poor blacks were excluded and their misery ignored.'

"Rural areas are war zones..."

Breytenbach was particularly appalled by South Africa's violent crime rate - the world's highest.

"The situation is that we have an average of 55 murders (and 35 culpible homicides) a day. We have something like 150 women being raped each day. "Rural areas (mostly populated by Afrikaner farmers and their workers) have become war zones, as have urban areas, with organised hijacking and widespread police repression."

3,025 white farmers murdered since 1994...More than 3,025 white farmers have already been murdered in attacks on their homestead by heavily-armed youth militias - see some of their names here.

This in turn is creating the famine now steadily spreading across South Africa, because the countryside is becoming too unsafe to farm and the ANC has also launched a relentless programme to seperate Afrikaner farmers from their traditional land-ownership. Since only 6 percent of the entire country's total land-surface has ever been suitable for food-production - the farmers now are only able to raise crops on less than one percent of the total land surface. Thus the commercial local food production has also dropped by more than 70% since 1994, and food prices more than tripled over the past two years, food-aid agencies warn. The ANC-government already feeds more than 1,2-million schoolchildren countrywide in their classrooms -- because their parents can now only afford to buy them one meal a week.

The Afrikaner farmers also warn that things will get even worse because the country also is being overrun by millions of desperately hungry refugees from the rest of Africa. More than half the Zimbabwean and Mozambiquan populations, and several hundred-thousand Somalian refugees, have already moved into South Africa, setting up thousands of unhealthy, crime-ridden, impromptu squatter camps. Due to the lack of reticulated sewerage services, this in turn is also causing dangerous fecal pollution of all the waterways, top water-scientists recently warned. see

'My bitter advice ...would be to leave the country...'
While the Harper's article is accessible to subscribers only, news reports on the internet quote Breytenbach suggesting: 'If a young South African were to ask me whether he or she should stay or leave, my bitter advice would be to go. For the foreseeable future now, if you want to live your life to the full, and with some satisfaction and usefulness, and you can stand the loss - then go!"

And the conservative Afrikaners were equally scathing. The Calvinist Afrikaners on the whole are not easily moved into massive public displays of dissent against the State as this is against their religion -- however they show their dissent in other ways except by withholding their vote: this week tens of thousands of Afrikaner families were voting with their feet against the ANC-government, travelling from across the country to commemorate the 170th anniversary of the Blood River at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.

The ANC has renamed this to Afrikaners so important national holiday the day of 'national unity'. The Afrikaners have ignored their dictate this year -- preferring to spend this - to them important -- day at the Voortrekker monument instead. One group also defiantly planted a gigantic Transvaal Boer-Republican flag in the African landscape and issued the warning that they were not as easy to dislodge from the country of their birth as the ANC-regime might believe.

The Afrikaners' conservative parliamentary representative, Dr Piet Mulder of the Freedom Front opposition party, also published their annual report card of ANC-governance a few days earlier.Mulder said the ruling party's governance of the country was even more disastrous than the years before.

The Freedom Front warned the ANC to 'stop dividing the country', pointing out that South Africa was being plunged into widespread political violence which would lead to all-out civil war while the party's fat-cats were fighting over top jobs and threatening to launch a full scale war in its dispute with its break-away faction, which on December 16 also founded a new political party, COPE under the leadership of former ANC freedom fighter Terror Lekota. In protest, the widely read black newspaper Sowetan ran a front-page showing how bitter these leadership rows are now becoming. And other political commentators are also warning that the country is close to civil war, see

Meanwhile the Afrikaners all feel so politically and financially disenfranchised and discriminated against - also with the removal of their language rights in schools, their removal of land-ownership rights and their being barred from the labour market only because they are whites -- that they have joined the Unrepresented Nations' and Peoples' organisation, UNPO in The Hague, The Netherlands.

They became UNPO's 188th members this year. One other southern African minorities have also joined: the Rehoboth Basters of Namibia. UNPO lobbies for the rights of suppressed minorities worldwide --the only requirement for membership is that such minorities do not use violence to reach their political goals (usually this goal is territorial autonomy).

The Freedom Front - as indeed do the Boer-Republican groupings -- all want an autonomous Afrikaner homeland inside South Africa. The Freedom Front is closely alligned with the Afrikaner town Orania in the Northern Cape, which even has its own monetary system and radio station.

ANC score: 22 out of 100 - a dismal failure...
The two Afrikaner leaders who introduced their lastest report card, Dr. Pieter Mulder and Mr Willie Spies, said at their press conference that its membership from all nine provinces had helped draw up the report card for the way the present government was performing. Dr Mulder said these results -- the ANC scored 22 out of 100, a dismal failure -- 'once again emphasize how the present government is failing to serve South Africa'.

The ANC's biggest failure is their near-total failure to combat the out-of-control violent crime epidemic and government-fraud, which together are plunging the once thriving African country into socio-economic chaos and famine. The Afrikaners gave the ANC a score of 1 out of 10, the lowest rating and also scored them lower on education with two out of ten points. On average, the ANC received a very low average of only 22% on their report card this year.

Dr Mulder said the FF Plus remains committed to South Africa which offers a place for all - but Afrikaners feel increasingly threatened and besieged in the country of their birth.
"The ANC has been governing South Africa for nearly 15 years. In this time the party has gone out of its way to further divide South Africans in all possible ways rather than uniting them.

The main problem is the ANC's inability to combat the world's highest violent crime epidemic, Mulder warned.
"Combating crime is the core function of a government. If a government fails in this regard, the state fails.

The latest official government crime statistics -- which are poorly maintained -- indicate that the figure for murder is stands at 38,6 per 100,000 of the population -- whereas the world average is 5 per 100,000.

Dr Mulder: "In South Africa the statistics for murder is nearly eight times higher than the world average.

"Armed attacks against families inside their homes have increased by a whopping 38.9%; car-jackings by 4.4%.'

"These types of crimes directly threaten the public's lives and all the families and their breadwinners are unsafe inside their own homes, enroute to work and even at school.
"The public can feel at first-hand that this violent crime is still increasing more each year-- and in fact is getting totally out of control, with police now even refusing to assist citizens when they send them distress calls during armed attacks by large, armed militia groups.']

And racism, especially black-against-white (usually Afrikaner-) police officers by black members of the SA Police Service also is a growing source of concern., he warned. Two Afrikaner police officers were even publicly placed on a local ANC-government official's death list in the rural town of Badplaas and their cadres were called upon publicly to go and kill these officers. Black police officers also increasingly act in a racist and prejudiced manner against 'white' people - often refusing to open criminal investigation cases, members tell us.

"The most recent example is where a black police officer had told an Afrikaner victim of a very violent car high-jacking that 'it was time for you whites to f''k off out of the country” (Beeld 7 November 2008).

"Afrikaner police officers, often more experienced and better educated, also are denied promotion within the service based only on their paler skin colour - not on their competency levels. "Increasing racism against white, mostly Afrikaner members of the SAPS lead to these people not being able to function properly and being over-loaded with work of other colleagues who are incompetent," Mulder noted in the report card."

Former Minister Nqakula's refusal to answer several questions of the FF Plus in Parliament, such as for example, how many members of the police were themselves involved in crime, raises the eyebrows and destroys any trust which the public could still have had in the Police. The most controversial and unforgivable policy decision of the ANC with regards to crime was probably the scrapping of the Scorpions special directorate.

The Scorpions were the country's most successful crime fighting unit, responsible for the investigation of the ANC president, Jacob Zuma, as well as the Police Commissioner, Jackie Selebi.

And racism against white parliamentarians have reached a disgraceful level, Mulder pointed out. ANC-parliamentarian Dinkie Doreko even threatened a white opposition parliamentarian with this death-threat gesture photographed in parliament , targetting a member of the Democratic Alliance party -- a gesture for which she was rapped over the fingers by the SA Human Rights Commission, but not by her own leaders. see

By Adriana Stuijt

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Anonymous said...

The sad reality is that the leadership waiting in the wings, are going to be even worse.

Oupa Grysbaard said...

The total black leadership think that whites are a spent entity in South Africa, and pose no problem to their despotic behavior. They are wrong! When patience runs out completely, and it is running out fast, the alternative will come as a very rude awakening for them. There are many of us that are quite prepared to fight to the very death for our white heritage, and history shows that we can do so and very efficiently too. So let me say that these murderers need to beware their time is here!

Anonymous said...

The attempt to break the world record with a huge Vierkleur flag occurred on the week before Geloftedag in December of 2007. Listen to the broadcast of the then starting event as done by the Right Perspective shortwave / internet radio program. The Boers gathered at the event also displayed a number of their other 19th cent era flags.

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll succeed in getting your own autonomy in the future. Be strong, guys! Merry Christnas and happy New Year! Your Czech reader Radek.

Grumbleguts said...

@ Oupa Grysbaard 12:21-
..many of us that are quite prepared to fight to the very death..
Yip, I have said the same thing for some time now. When the White people in SA realise that it's a genocide thing for them, and a leader arises to unite the whole lot, things will change. Right now, it's still too fragmented. When things get into military mode, people will go back to SA to take up arms. No matter that we are middle aged with a fat gut. Someone has to drive the vehicles. Someone has to order supplies. The over 40's all have military training.

Adriana Stuijt said...

Mr Leenman tells me another attempt was again made on december 16. He sent me the photographs. The rain blew away parts of the flag, and it got too heavy.

Anonymous said...

@ Oupa Grysbaard

So there are some guys that are prepared to fight to the very death .... ( the AWB in reverse gear mode comes to mind )

What's required here are guys that fight for their life - and the death of the enemy !

Quite a difference in philosophy I would think ?

FishEagle said...

There are days that I just want to kill with my bare hands when I get frustrated. But I will not fight any war unless whites know what they did wrong in the past. I think it should be compulsory for every white South African to study apartheid in depth to see was wrong with the system.

Whites have too much baggage from the past and that is why they are confused. Anger or revenge for all the discrimination against whites in the new SA is not a good motivation to start a fight. The fight will only be driven by the white’s desire to feel less helpless. That is simply not good enough. You need solid ideals – something to be gained. Something that is a New! Improved! Apartheid!

Only when whites are no longer confused will I have reasonable confidence that the fight will be well planned and executed. Only then will whites be well motivated.

Whiteadder, I have appreciation for Oupa Grysbaard’s pledge to fight to the death. There is no fight unless you are willing to make sacrifices. In the context of this conversation it could very well mean having to die. I think we share the sentiments that something must be gained by such sacrifices.